Chapter 3

I had been home for three days after my marathon sex trip, arriving back late in the afternoon after a long morning spent in bed with the lovely Anne. That morning will remain in my thoughts for years to come. It was a sensual and deeply intimate experience. As the first rays of the morning sun touched the illicit hotel bed that caressed me, an older man with grey chest hairs and she a lithe young woman with soft supple tits. I slid my arm under her back as she lay next to me. We were not practiced sleeping partners this was the first (and probably) only) night we had ever spent in bed together. Both of us naked in bed, warmed by the cloaking covers from the lusty sex of the night before, we were now relaxed and calm, except my cock was long and hard.

As I slipped my arm under her; instinctively she moved closer to me lying on her side against me with her head on my shoulder placing her arm on my chest. I lowered my face to the top of her head to smell her hair; I love the smell of women’s hair, both on their heads and in the warm concealment of their panties. Her hair held the scent of lavender with a spicy under scent that was her. There was also the musky scent of her semen filled sex drifting up to my nose from under the covers. All of these odors from her stirred my arousal to the point that I was now fully awake. I held her and buried my nose in her hair; this was no longer our much loved baby sitter this was a woman that I knew well and I had feelings for, I knew her well. We were sharing something that was extremely intimate and erotic to me, bathing skin to skin in each others sexual heat. Feeling her large full tits against my skin and hr leg raised over my thigh so that the downy fluff of her pubic hair tickled the skin on my leg.

I dozed on and off, only to be awoken by the startling and very pleasant sensation of my nipple being toyed with. Ever since rewiring my nipples have become hyper erogenous; they can launch Super O’s and this moment that was what was happening. My prostate began to tighten and erect in response to the teasing toggling she was doing to my teat. Just as I understood what was happening I felt her warm soft lips descend of my nipple as her hand dropped to between my thighs to caress my balls. Her embrace of my most sensitive part of my anatomy was done with the lightness of a swan caressing newborn hatchlings. The warmth of her hand made my balls drop into her palm and relax as her tongue began to suckle my nipple. In seconds I was in full blown prostate orgasm contractions. The echoing chimes of anal orgasm were reverberating in my pelvis. My iron cock was dancing as it drooled its passion. I held her around her back as she worked her magic on my body. It was as if she knew he erogenous landscape of my body from years of sex. I held her to my body like a drowning man holds a life ring. The pounding ecstasy in my anal canal was intense, rhythmic and relentless.

I whispered to her : “Oh my God I am orgasming …. Don’t ssssstop”. With her merciless tongue pushing on my nipple She coaxed my spasming anus up huge hills building up a huge wave of pleasure and then with her tongue she pushed me over the edge of the wave holding my balls gently as my anus flailed in machine gun spasms of excruciating euphoria. I was wallowing in a steaming pit of sexual sensation that was seeping into every orifice of my body. I was hearing, smelling and feeling orgasm and nothing else for what seemed like hours although I suspected it was only 15 or 20 minutes.

Suddenly I was jerked from my orgasmic reverie by her body pulling away from me and abandoning my throbbing nipple. I opened my eyes to witness her sodden vagina hovering momentarily over my face and then lowering to meet my mouth. Like the space shuttle docking with the space station in the darkness of space to supply the needs of astronauts her vagina was aligning with my mouth to have my tongue slake the deep hunger that was aching in the pit of her canal. As her musky flower lowered to my mouth I felt her lips locking around my cockhead. I muttered to her : “just leave it in your mouth don’t suck and make me cum”. I heard the ummm hmmm from what I knew was a mouth full of my cock.

So as I probed her female slot with my tongue I gathered her nectar and imbibed it as it was an aged cognac. Intoxicated I latched on to the rigid pearl in her feminine cleft and I sucked it into my mouth flicking it and rubbing it with the tip of my tongue. My entreaty of her clit elicited a throaty groan from her mouth around my swollen cock head. My MMO was in full hard pumping swing again my anus opening and closing gasping to swallow the pleasure that was flooding into it. She began to hump my mouth and grunt in vulgar gasps as she pushed her clit again the protagonist that was inflicting sweet agony on it. Then she stilled momentarily as her vagina began to spasm with the arrival of her release. Her mouth opened on my cock as her grunts became staccato in time to the orgasmic spasms that were twisting the inside of her pussy and making her dripping opening suck in and out.

We rolled onto our sides holding each others hips tightly as orgasm after orgasm detonated in each of us. Through all the thrusting of her pelvis I never let up on her sweet pink nub. I was rewarded with chains of her orgasms which in turn inspired mine. When I thought my balls would burst from the need to ejaculate I began to mouth fuck her parrying my thrusts in her mouth with her grinded against mine.

The lurid dance we were doing culminated when my ejaculation arrived. Pushing my lust swollen cock down her throat I released. Frozen in the rapture of ejaculation I pissed a steaming rope of cum into her mouth. She gulped as fast as she could but she gagged as my last thrust squirted my last wad of semen.

What started out as a tender moment of intimacy turned into a man and a woman both turned on to the max rutting ending with them fucking each other’s mouths like crazed weasels . Her orgasms along the path to my ejaculation in her were many and they were intense. I have never seen a woman have the capacity for multiple orgasms that she had. The sex created a bond between us unlike anything I had ever experienced before. When we parted I felt a real sense of loss.

The drive back was uneventful as was the afternoon and evening that night. The next three days were spent in the normal hub bub of work, house chores and errands. As I went through the motions of the days those three days of sex lingered in my mind, stirring a deeply arousing response that would not go away. My cock and anus seemed to be in hyper drive.

The days spent in my first trip to certify a new member of the fraternity proved to be more than I really could have ever expected. In all it turned into three days of torrid sex, with both genders. The experiences realized in those three days provided a storehouse of memories that would be enough to fuel MMO sessions over the next months or years.

As I pondered my experiences over the last few days those memories steeled my cock and made it drip. The arousal was a sweet reward for my erotic psyche; sharing erotic intimacy is an important part of my sexuality. Those three days were torrid real life experiences. They involved sharing intimacy with both sexes something that itself is very different. Being sexual with a woman is very different than being sexual with a man. The erotic pleasure intrinsically involves an outward orientation to feed my inward pleasure. But self love either anally or with my cock brings an inwardly focused experience that opens the door to a laser like intensity of pleasure; the result of MMO or extreme masturbation is an intensely euphoric, mind – body experience.

I have come to realize that my most euphoric, deep and resonant sessions occur when just the right combination of things come together in a “perfect orgasmic storm” so to speak.

Those conditions seemed to be gathering around me in the days after my return from Boston.
Since my rewiring when I am aroused, my arousal does not manifest itself in lustful need for fucking and ejaculation, as it did in my past. Now when I am extremely aroused I am cloaked in a mental state of feeling extremely sexual and I savor that mental state. There is no urgency or desperation to the arousal and it is not cock centered or orgasm driven. Rather it is a state of mindful sensual connection that pervades my body. It dwells in my nipples, penis, anus, anal canal, prostate, perineum and balls. My cock will shift from semi erection to erection and it will leak precum indiscriminately. My cock root will be enervated and my anus will tingle and twitch spontaneously. I will feel a deep sexual hunger that is more mentally focused than physically directed. This hunger manifests itself in a craving for sexual intimacy.

All of the above came together for me last night as I readied for bed at 11:30 PM. When I shut the lights out and I cuddled my lady as we fell asleep I knew that the early morning would witness me in an extremely pleasurable session. I knew it and I needed it.

It did not surprise me when I woke at 3 AM in the deep dark quiet of the night with a stone hard cock and the feeling deep in my anal canal of my prostate swelling in sympathy with my cock. My wife was on her side facing away from me with her knees bent. She was unconsciously offering me her body for docking. Ever so deftly I slipped my erection between her warm ass cheeks. The response from my prostate was immediate. My anus began to convulse in rhythmic involuntary contractions from the warm pressure of her soft skin caressing my frenular cleft under my cockhead. I breathed deeply and quietly willing my breaths to fuel the ongoing anal spasms that were starting. It did. Slowly the extent of the spasms of my anus began to intensify. As they did they extended their influence up my anal tract. As my anal canal became engaged in the growing contractions the pleasure that resulted from them increased. The rhythmic contractions took a life of their own, I had no control or influence over them. I became a spectator do my breathing and relaxing, almost removing my body from the experience I was having but keeping my mind focused on the pleasure that was glowing in my canal from what was going on.

I backed away from my wife; it had been less than 10 minutes. I uncovered myself and moved to the far side of our king sized bed. Rolling onto my stomach I gently pressed my cockhead against the mattress sandwiching it between my belly and the smooth cool sheets underneath me. I turned my upper body a little to raise my left nipple off the bed and allow my finger to have access to it. Ever so gently I used my middle finger to touch my erect nipple and toggle it ever minute or so. My nipples are direct wired to my prostate. The touch of my finger on my hypersensitive nipple electrified the orgasm. The rhythmic contraction of my anal tract went from a 1,2,3,4 beat to a quicker 1,2 1,2, 1,2 beat. My prostate began to tingle and then slowly and gently it began to convulse in time to the anal contractions, growing more intense with each spasm of my anus. My prostate was now engaged in the dance in my anal tract; the pleasure that resulted took on a chiming resonance.

The anal convulsions were now orgasms, each one with a depth and richness to it that gave the chain of them a mellow sensation of euphoria. As waves of orgasmic euphoria swept into my anal canal my cock root began to lurch underneath me sending its own waves of elegantly erotic sensation back and forth between my cock root and my cockhead. My orgasmic fire was ignited. It was orgasmic ping pong on my rigid cock

With the flames of multiple orgasm fully engulfing my penis, groin and anal tract as they were I breathed and surrendered myself to what I have come to call MMO rapture. I was there, drinking in big gulps of orgasmic pleasure, slaking the orgasmic thirst that had captured my thoughts earlier before I took my clothes off and got in to bed to offer myself to mistress MMO.

I was sailing into open water of orgasmic waves now riding up each successive orgasmic swell and down the other side of the next one; each one carried me further and further out towards the place where time and reality has no meaning. There was no interval in these pleasure waves, as each one faded the next one caressed my body and picked me up a lifted me to mind numbing rapture of the next one.

I looked at the clock. It was a quarter to four. I had been at this for 45 minutes and I was already at a higher level of orgasmic sensation than I had been in for several weeks. By cock was semi erect and drooling precum in profusion.

The point that I was at was the ideal position to be in, as the orgasm that held me in her arms did not require anything from me to sustain the agonizing pleasure that was flowing into me. All I needed to do was keep a clear undistracted mind and not think of anything but the pleasure that had control of my body and savor the ecstasy in the wave that was carrying me. When I am where I was just before 4 AM I have the ability to guide the session using various tools that I have learned over the years. The hard part was to maintain the mental focus to control my body and not allow my mind to drift; close mind – body connection was necessary to keep orgasmic ecstasy pulsing in my anal canal and squeezing my prostate as it did.

Rising above the orgasmic din that was squeezing everything below my chest and creating euphoric orgasmic cacophony inside my head, I decided to add erotic imagery to the cocktail that my orgasm was drinking. The more powerful the brew was that I fed it the more intoxicated the pleasure became and deeper I was pulled into this blissful rapture that I sought.

I projected myself into the fantasy that has lingered in my mind almost every time I am in the depth of an intense session. The setting is a campsite in a bucolic and beautiful setting overlooking a lake at sunset. It is remote and totally private. I am naked having just come out of the crystal clear lake adjacent to the campsite. I am there with a male companion who also has just emerged from the lake. We do not dry off, but rather we allow the cooling early evening air to chill our skin and erect our nipples. We gaze at each other’s nude forms, gliding our eyes over the sensual male landscape that we will soon be offering to each other for visceral enjoyment. I get a rush from standing before him vulnerably naked as I was. I did not hide my stiffening cock from him, in fact I relished the opportunity to share visually with him the response I felt to seeing his own long thick penis growing for me.

We have an unspoken previously agreed erotic liaison planned for that evening but we did not think about how it would start it. We did not need a script, our mutual nudity and our growing arousal provided all the inspiration we needed. Coming together in slow deliberate steps we embraced, the sensation of my cock pressed against the warn rigidity of his cock cemented our intent. Any reticence to a kiss evaporated, kissing him became a hunger that needed to be satisfied. As our lips joined we both began to grind our cocks against each other’s abdomens. As we pressed our cocks against each other seeking the pleasure of erotic friction it became a lewd dance between two naked men, each trying to lead the other in a dance move that men have choreographed for centuries but rarely performed out of fear or ridicule.

I thought of how sexy he was and sensual I felt to be sharing this erotic experience. Overwhelmed with the sexual intimacy of the moment, I imagined drawing him down onto a blanket next to a warming campfire. He kisses my neck and trails his lips down to my nipples suckling them and swelling my prostate in the process. As he sucks and nibbles my nipples they begin the ache with desire. There agonizing pleasure I feel in my nipples radiates to my prostate and makes it begin to pulse rhythmically as sensations of blissful orgasm begin to squeeze it. I feel an MMO being set up to launch.

I want him and I need him but I also want to nurture him and share true intimacy with him. I want to feed him my “devils nectar”, my pre cum. I shift my body up on the blanket so that his face passes my belly button and is adjacent to my groin. I lie on my side and bend and part my legs so that one is on the ground and the other is almost at a right angle to it. I place my hands on his temples and bring his head to my inner thigh and rest it on my thigh as if it were a pillow. With one hand I grasp my cock at its base and direct it towards his mouth. I shift my other hand to the back of his head and slide his head towards my cock so that my swollen cockhead leaking the clear sweet nectar of the devil touches his warm lips.

Softly I murmur to him: “let me feed you, drink my warm juice and suckle on me gently”. He needs no instruction as his lips wrap around my shaft and he tenderly sucks on it as if it was an udder. He does not perform oral sex on me, instead he tenderly sucks the precum from me and uses my cock to provide the mental succor that he once enjoyed from his mothers tit or from sucking his own thumb, but it is my cock. The fact that he is nursing on my cock inflames his arousal as the act itself calms him creating this sensual dilemma in him. It doesn’t matter as his is feeling deep bliss and is rewarded every few sucks with a load of my precum dribbling onto his tongue.

I stroke the side of his head with the tender attention of an intimate provider as he enjoys the sensation of my warm smooth cockhead on his tongue. The wet heat of his mouth makes my cock ache and my perineum throb. Soon the MMO ignites in my deep in my anus and the flow of my precum becomes copious. He lies on my thigh and drinks hungrily as I sail into spasms of orgasmic pulsing bliss. As I stroke his temple and run my fingers through his hair I realizing I am MMOing in his mouth.

The impact of this erotic fantasy in my mind throws gasoline on the fire of my MMO as I lay in bed. It was almost 4:30 AM and the pleasure that was impaling my anus was making my prostate pump hard and fast. The pleasure was excruciating. My anus which had been flexing in response to each internal anal contraction suddenly froze, immobilized at the pinnacle of an exquisitely intense pleasure spasm. My prostate was screaming in agony as it rapid fired gripping convulsive waves of white hot ecstasy suspended. Images of that loving mouth intimately nursing from my rigid cock and drinking the clear sweet nectar of the devil from deep inside of me inflamed the MMO to climb higher and higher and not pulse.

I focus my mind on the words “nectar of the devil” and his warm mouth drinking from my cock. The image swirls in my head and pushes the orgasmic waves to become a series of orgasmic tsunamis that wash away everything in their path.

So as I breathed deeply, and laid absolutely still on my back I placed the tip of the middle finger of my right hand on my frenular cleft, on the underside of my cockhead; the ultrasensitive little valley beneath my slit and my helmet like cockhead responded immediately by sending a wave of exquisite sensation that enshrouded my cock and wrapped around my balls. As I was fully erect the cleft was extremely responsive to my touch. The cleft was slippery and firm under my fingertip; it was coated with the slimy precum that was oozing from my cock slit. I thought about the warm slippery sensuality of my precum. I settled my finger tip in the cleft and pressed gently. The sensation was divine; my cock responded to the pressure instantly, the muscles deep inside in my cock root and the muscles around my asshole contracted simultaneously effective tugging at my cock as they tensed. The sensation around my asshole was exquisitely erotic. The contraction around my anus tugged at the base of my cock making it lurch in a lurid dance.

Then taking the tip of my middle finger of my left hand and dipping it in the pool of precum that was on my belly, I spread the precum on the areola of my left nipple. Then carefully avoiding my erect nipple, as to tease it I painted a circle around the nipple. Replenishing the tip of my finger in the pool of warm precum I continue to paint a circular pattern on the brown crinkled skin of my areola. Every few minutes I put the precum wetted tip of my finger in my tongue to savor the sweet mellow taste of my own sexual syrup.

Then as my arousal was winding up deep inside my asshole like a steel spring, I made contact between my hardened nipple and my finger tip. It was like a lightning bolt hit me. I felt the erotic circuit get completed as the sexual energy of my torrid arousal that was collecting in my nipple, coursed through me to connect to the parched head of my cock. My cocks thirst for pleasure was deep; the energy that was now flowing into my cock head through my finger was a welcomed ecstatic gift. My cock seemed to gulp at the pleasure as it felt the sensual touch of my finger tip. I imagined a pulsing pumping gas pump; only instead of filling a gas tank my finger tip was filling my prostate with sexual energy. Just as a gas filler hose pulses as the gas is being pumped into a gas tank my cockshaft was pulsing as the sexual energy was being pumped into my prostate.

The pulsing of my cockshaft reasserted its contact with my anus, my puckered hole began to pulse in time with the rhythmic pulsing of my shaft. As I tweaked my nipple the sparks of sexual energy ignited my whole body. My skin was tingling and I could feel the ecstasy rushing into every hole in my body. As the tension of imminent prostate orgasm rushed into me, the involuntary contractions deep inside me began. Mild at first but growing in intensity as they spasmed over and over again, I struggled to lie perfectly still.

This process of MMOing is 100 percent mind driven, it is most complete and intensely euphoric when I am relaxed aroused and laying perfectly still.

So I lay there with my anus flexing, releasing and throbbing in extremely pleasurable contractions. Those contractions were synchronous to the contractions that were squeezing the base of my cock and pressing rhythmically on my cockhead and on my perineum. But most of all I could feel them squeezing my prostate. It was erect and swollen with my passion. In my minds eyes I envisioned my swollen prostate as a ripe fruit and the exquisitely sex feminine hand of this MMO was relentlessly squeezing, milking it and massaging it making the rich warm sweet precum of this orgasm dribble between her fingers, run down her arm and drool from my cockhead opening.

As the pleasure waves repeated over and over again, the intensity of the MMO grew. My legs were now trembling and my skin crackled with the raw energy of passion rewarded. Seemingly relentless orgasmic spasm squeezed me pushing me deeper and deeper into a hazy euphoric place in my mind as a I lay haplessly still on the bed. I lost tract of everything around me. My body was wrapped in a thick blanket of erotic sensuality but I was exposed to imaginary eyes. I was tempest tossed in a sea of orgasmic waves that had every pore of my body open and every opening in my body dilated trying to absorb the intensely sexual pleasure that surrounded me. Desperately I tried to drink in as much of this orgasmic bliss as I could.

As I continued to envision the erotic imagery and sustain deep breathing and focus on the sweet stimulating connection of my cockhead to my nipples I reached the pinnacle of the MMO. I had collected and savored hundreds of orgasmic spasms to get to this point, my chest was heaving, my nipples and cock were pulsing stone hard and my heart was pounding. The orgasms had been going on for almost an hour and they were now incredibly intense. I was at the pinnacle, the apex of this MMO. As my whole body was quivering and my anus was trembling in apprehension of an intense completion, the MMO delivered me to the the edge of a precipice of orgasmic bliss.

In a cacophony of sensation and with orgasmic spasms crowding one into the next in seemingly endless erotic sensation, the MMO cast me over the edge into a rapturous chasm of sensation. I felt the divine flood of the most intense and pleasurable orgasmic waves my body was capable of creating. I struggled to savor the rich, sweet reward of this sensation as I fell freefall into the arms of orgasmic euphoria. The pleasure was almost impossible to describe. Rapture, bliss and nirvana don’t do it justice. I was falling thru a space that had no air, just thick tantalizing sexual sensation that was blowing through my skin as I fell deeper and deeper. The thundering in my ears was replaced by peace and pure sensual pleasure. I saw cocks, pussies, tits, lush flowers, and everything sexual that I love flash through my consciousness in a glorious kaleidoscope of sensation that I could feel, taste see and smell as the orgasmic muscles in my body all contracted in glorious unison.

The crescendo shook me and made me shudder like a bridge that vibrated under the thundering weight of a heavy train going over it. The precum streamed from my twitching cock as the weight of the orgasm bore down on me and made me groan under the agonizing burden of white hot pleasure. Then after an hour long build up the crescendo began to wane. Then as I tried to grasp at the threads of exquisite sensation it began to dissipate and like leaves in the fall breeze it was over.

My anus and cock were tingling as the last twinges of the MMO exited me. My mind was exhausted but my cock was hard and poised for sex. However aroused my body was my mind won out. Sleep slowly wrapped its calming arms around me. I felt as if I was being lulled to surrender by a surreally sensual woman. Her warm hands closed my eyes as her hot breath whispered numbing assurances of pleasure and admiration of my masculinity attractiveness in my ear. I succumbed and fell asleep drifting into a series of erotic dreams that furthered my arousal when I woke up a couple of hours later. I was still intensely aroused. I savored the passion that gripped my cock as I rose from bed and began the day.

It was the week end, this particular one was one that my wife and I had been looking forward to for quite a while. We were scheduled to go off to a retreat at a meditation center in the mountains a few hours from our home. This particular center was one that focused on the healing power of nature and the bringing together of sensual, sexual and natural environments through a process called forest bathing.

Forest bathing was invented in Japan. It is called Shinrin Yoku there. Studies in Japan demonstrate that exposure to nature positively creates calming neuro-psychological effects through changes in the nervous system. In addition, the level of a hormone serum that induces relaxation is also increased. Every study conducted so far has demonstrated reductions in stress, anger, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness amongst the subjects who have participated. In Japan, there are now 44 accredited Shinrin Yoku forests.

With this in mind a group of sexologists and psychologists came together in the US to develop a unique American approach to forest bathing combining it with a sexual dimension. The place we were enrolled in is the first of what is envisioned to be several of these retreats in the US. We were happy to be among the first to participate in this new venture.

The drive to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where this facility was located was a pleasant one; I knew the route well from years of visiting that part of New England. We made record time cruising through towns I knew well, each one stirring fond memories. Pulling into the front gate of the retreat at 7pm Saturday, the sun was just starting to recede behind the trees; the yellow light gave a mellow aura to the air that hung over us. It was a very pleasant mellow natural welcome. We pulled in front of the main building, shut the motor and got out of the car. Stretching my legs and back I looked around feeling very positive at how attractive the campus was, it was a zen park. Modest almost Shaker – like cedar buildings were the theme for the “campus”. The buildings were all arranged in a maze like matrix of crisscrossed sidewalks and paths, with stone zen gardens and trees placed strategically to the gardens.

We went in and checked in. The check in procedure was quick and efficient mirroring the normal credit card protocol for checking into a hotel The only thing that was different was the required signing of consent and release forms. The forms were a bit of a surprise to me, even though they really shouldn’t have been. They advised the signer that this was a sexual exploration venue and that sexual intercourse and sexual participation with individuals other than your partner was implicit in the program. The last form was a release to absolve the center from responsibility for pregnancy that results from activity during our visit if proper birth control was not being used. We signed all the paper work looking at each other and smirking as we did. I had a vasectomy 10 years earlier and my wife was 5 years post menopause. We had nothing to worry about.

The person at the desk advised us to have a seat to await our “guides”. She gave us a folder that explained that the entire process at the retreat was carried out with the support of a guide. The guide was a sex expert assigned to each person, one on one while you were there. The brochure went on to say that if you came with a spouse or significant other that your partner would be assigned their own guide and that partners would not be together during the stay. It advised that sex with your assigned guides was part and parcel of the experience here and that partners needed to understand that or chose to withdraw.

We looked at each other with raised brows as we finished reading about the same time. We expected this retreat to be sexy and edgy but not quite as overtly open as it was. Again we shouldn’t have been surprised. As we were both open minded individuals it was not a problem.

Our silent interchange was interrupted when a striking looking muscular young man of about 30 wearing a blue form fitting leotard and tee shirt walked into the room. He was stunning. I was sure at the first site of him my wife’s pussy was starting to drip. We stood and shook hands and introduced ourselves. His greeting was pleasant but short; he then took Cindy’s hand and escorted her out the door that he entered in. My cock hardened at the thought that he would be fucking my wife.

I waited another ten minutes staring out the window waiting for my guide to come. It took a while but she did stride in after 15 minutes or so. She apologized for keeping me waiting. I was not disappointed on meeting her. She was in her late 30’s, trim with a beautiful figure and a very attractive face. She was tall at 6 feet at least and I judged her figure to be at least a 38 on top. She was a woman who was incredibly sexy in a mature confident way. She smiled broadly when she came in and saw me. I stood and extended my hand, as I did she held it and pulled me in for a hug. She felt exquisite in that hug. Her hand patted my back at the end of the hug and lingered on my arm as she led me from the room.

We walked along a path that was lined by cedars and aromatic balsams. The air was growing cool and still as the sun was getting lower and lower. There was a serene peace to this place that embraced you immediately. We walked to a cottage that was a couple hundred feet from the main building. There on the front façade there were two doors to the cottage, one that she explained was my room the other was hers. She used a key to open the door to my room; she beckoned me to go in and she followed. Once inside she showed me a door inside that was access to her room. I noticed that there was no knob on my side of the door, only a circular plate where the knob would have been. Obviously she could access my room at any time but not the other way around. The room was well appointed but simple, the bathroom was as big as the sleeping area was. It had an enormous Jacuzzi and a commodious shower.

She explained that she would give me 30 minutes to get settled in and then she would knock on the door to escort me to an orientation site and session. She also gave me three green soft cotton robes that matched her uniform; this color coding denoted me as he charge. The uniform she wore was a female version of the one that Cindy’s guide had on except hers was green. She explained that from this point on the robe was my only attire while I was in the facility. It provided ease of removal for activities. She then excused herself and said she would return in 30 minutes.

When she returned I was in my robe waiting to be escorted to “orientation”. I wondered what that might mean. Although everyone here was very warmly friendly this was a place of few words. Whatever words were used they were used sparingly and with purpose. We departed the cottage following a granite paved path into the forest. It was a balsam forest with the unmistakable sweet and spicy scent that fir trees exude. We only walked along the granite stone slabs through the forest for quite a distance to an ornate greenhouse like structure in a clearing. There were dim lights on poles surrounding a very Victorian structure. It was very out of character with the rest of the development. She opened the door and I stepped in ahead of her into an orangerie that was full of blossoming flowers and exotic plants; it had a very sensually exotic citrus scent.

As out of place as this was in Northern New England I was not about to argue, it was sensual and very enticing. The aroma inside was intoxicating. As I entered deeper and deeper into it I felt the aroma working on my mind, disarming me and assuring me. It was pleasantly warm and humid, I would not be unhappy to lose my robe. We went further into the space to be totally surrounded by plants obscuring the view either inside out or outside in. In the middle of the room was a massage table surround by 4 six foot tall candle stands each with a large candle set on top of it. The karma of the space was exotic and surreal.

There in the center of the space was a massage table draped in a sheet. New Age erotic music was playing in the background completing the mood. There was little doubt in my mind now what the orientation was. I needed little guidance from my guide.
Exhibitionism has most definitely been a significant contributor to my erotic arousal for my entire life. Doing videos of my masturbation sessions, stroking in front of a mirror and putting on strip shows for my wife or parthers as I masturbate for them have all been part of my sexual repertoire. But of all the things I have done, the prospect of stripping and exposing myself in this setting for this woman was immensely arousing.
I turned to her and asked if if should be face up or face down. She smiled and responded: “face up”.
There was something about laying there exposing my semi erect penis to her eyes that seemed at that moment to be one of the most arousing things I have ever done. I could feel my prostate throbbing and my cock throbbing and creeping up my belly as it lengthened and stiffened. A fat drop of pre cum welled at my cock slit, a sight that was not lost on her.

She knew men’s bodies so well she knew that when an erect penis is dripping with syrup there is plenty more where that came from. To that end she grasped my cock and jelked it from base to tip, expressing several large drops of precum, which dripped onto my belly.

She pushed my knees up and parted my legs. Then with one hand she caressed my balls and firmly held them, causing me to flinch a bit, she then began a gentle massage which felt sublime. With the other hand she dipped her middle finger into the small pool of pre cum that was sitting on my belly and parted my ass cheeks. Then with the skill of a painter composing an impressionistic romantic painting she applied my warm precum to my asshole with her finger tip and began to paint her version of anal pleasure. It was a picture of such erotic sensuality and pleasure it made my anus quiver.
She painted my opening making tantalizing circles around the rim with her slippery pre cum coated finger; I could feel the tip of her finger teasing the tender wrinkled skin that folded into the mystery of my anal pleasure. Occasionally she covered my anal opening, dipping into the opening ever so slightly with the tip of her finger; the intrusion sent shivers up my anal canal. As she massaged the puckered hole and hypersensitive skin that folded inward to my canal she became less reserved in her touch, which only served to deepen the waves of pleasure that were rippling up into my man cunt and making my cock jump. Her massage of my balls continued.

Slowly I was getting drawn into a warm erotic place where nothing existed but this exquisite sensation that was glowing on my anus and echoing deep inside of me. I was being immobilized by mysterious bonds of euphoria that were wrapping around me, robbing me of any control that I had over my body or my will. I held up my knees and held them up with my stomach muscles as I placed my hands on my ass cheeks and pulled them apart to give her an unobstructed view and easy access to my pleasure hole.

Her finger drifted of my anus and rose up to that exquisite spot on my perineum halfway between my balls and my anus. She began to massage my “golden spot” with much firmer pressure than she applied to my anus. My prostate responded immediately by assertively pulsing; each pulse caused the pleasure to intensify incrementally making my anus start to twitch open and flex shut in time to the pulsing pleasure. With the pad of her right thumb she stroked and massaged that miraculous spot and with her left hand she teased and tickled my ball sac.

The pulsing of my prostate reached a fevered pitch as the pleasure reached an intolerable level. Then as if she had reached the crescendo at the end of the 1812 Overture, the orgasmic cannons deep inside of me began to fire. Salvo after slavo of pumping rapture started to thump inside of me causing waves of ecstasy rhythmically to roll through me. My nipples hardened and goose bumps rose on my skin.

Then as the rapture weighed down on me, holding me in its blissful grip it rendered me unable to move. My brain was scrambling to cope with the sweet sensations that were echoing inside of me. Then from the quiet blissful place where I hid and savored the orgasmic pleasure that was detonating over and over again inside of me, I felt something new that startled me.

I suddenly became aware of the alluring warmth of her sucking mouth engulfing my cockhead. At the same time I realized the perineum massage had ended; instead of the tantalizing stroking of my golden spot I felt the breath taking sensation of an object as the opening of my anus. In my erotic oblivion I missed her reaching for an Aneros Tempo. She was now slowly pressing the well lubed tip of the Tempo into my anal opening. My anus parted to admit the device hungrily, it was still empassioned from my A Less session the night before.

The sudden penetration was so gratifying and arousing I literally gasped. As the cold steel probe sank into me I could feel it touch my prostate; she stroked the area around my anus tenderly after the Tempo was fully seated. The spasms of pleasure started convulsing in my anus instantly. As waves of delirious pleasure washed into my anal canal and made it grasp and release the Tempo as if my anus was sucking on a much desired intruder. The sensation of the Aneros deep inside me, combined with the sucking warmth of her mouth on my cock head opened a flood gate of sensations in my brain. As the Tempo auto fucked me coaxing my prostate to shudder and convulse in hard orgasms, excruciating pleasure rushed into my asshole and accelerated the pumping of my prostate. I felt dimensions of orgasmic euphoria that pervaded every inch of my body.

In the development of my MMO ability I learned that as long as my cockhead received intermittant friction and there was steady pressure on my frenulum I would not cum regardless of the peaks and intensity of the MMO spasms. So as my cockhead pulsed and swelled and pumped synchronously with my prostate she used her tongue to press against the underside of my crown. I was bewitched and spellbound as she pressed on my cockhead and prostate at the same time.

Suddenly I was violently sucked down a vortex of white hot rapture into a place that was silent and dark; it was void of light, sound and thought. Instead this place was filled with the presence of an orgasm here to for unknown to me. This mysterious orgasm was not a physical being but it was there and it was alone in this sultry room with this exotic beauty. I was helpless to resist it. I did not fear its power, I wanted it. As I lay collapsed on my back in this muffled safe and warm place the orgasm took form from the darkness and became warm streams of surreal mist that swirled around me as I lay there. The enraptured miasma inspected and searched my body from head to toe. I felt its heat; breathing on me, I heard it softly blow in my ears silently promising me unimaginable ecstasy. It sensually teased my nipples and tantalized my drooling cock slit as it teased me.

When it was satisfied it knew the landscape of my naked form and it had discovered every available orifice in me, the sensual mist thickened into glowing red plasma. With choreographed precision the red fire of passion that swirled around me divided into dozens of smaller streams. Then as if they knew my body from years of penetration and invasion they dove at my body and entered me. They entered my ears, my cock slit, my anus, my nose, and my mouth. I could not do anything but feel myself being filled to bursting by orgasm; it flooded into me in a torrent holding me in limbo as it swelled inside me. When there were no more holes it sought out the pores of my skin and soaked into me.

My body was saturated with orgasmic bliss. I was like a thick blanket that was soaked, saturated and heavy with thickened pleasure. The weight of the pumping bliss hardened my nipples and made my cock stream precum into her mouth with rhythmic swelling and shrinking of my cockhead.

The roaring pumping pleasure twisted my body and made me mewl and whine as it tortured me with sensations that seemed unearthly. Time and space lost all meaning replaced only by the sweet agony of pure unadulterated sexual ecstasy. In reality J sucked and stroked me for almost twenty minutes as I writing at the mercy of her finger and her warm mouth.

My pulsing cock fed my sweet syrup of my life into her warm mouth; it was milked from me with the firm coaxing of her tongue and the delightful pumping ejaculation with an Aneros deep inside me.