Chapter 5

This forest bathing retreat was taking a decidedly different turn than I had expected. It was now going on the third day. I had seen my wife only for an hour or two on the second day. In those brief hours she informed me that the activities during her time so far had been equally a surprise to her. She was receiving pleasure from men and women and indeed she had been fucked intensely by her guide who was now engaged with me.

This next chapter in this retreat was about to be written. After a full day of hiking, meditating and reflecting in writing, John ( the guide) informed me that I would be spending the night at his suite on the other side of the campus where I would be with he and Wayne, another guide. So at the appointed hour I walked to his cabin, knocked on the door and entered. He opened it and welcomed me graciously, smiling and holding his arm extended into the room like a concierge ushering me in.

After I was inside I looked around. It was spacious suite of rooms. I thought to myself that he must have been senior in the facility to get such elaborate accommodations. He closed the door and locked it placing a do not disturb sign on the outside before he clicked it and secured it. He directed me to the bathroom and suggested I take a shower and that he would be in the bedroom waiting for me. As he advised me he pointed to a door on the other side of the room that was partially open and illuminated.

With his instruction, I went into the bathroom as he turned and went toward the door that he had just pointed out. I got in the shower and scrubbed meticulously. I wanted my body to be spotless and carefully manicured. I had come to realize how self conscious I was being naked in front of a man who had such a beautifully sculpted body as he had. So after soaping and rinsing I shaved my penis and balls and perineum and as best I could, the skin around my anus. When I finished I inspected myself in a full length mirror in the bathroom, gave myself an nod of approval, wrapped my myself in a towel and walked into the great room naked with an erection that was shamelessly showing my interest and intentions. The darkness of the great room masked my nudity temporarily extinguishing my nervousness.

The guest bedroom off the great room was illuminated casting a glowing beam of light into the darkness of the room I was in. It was like a lighthouse beacon marking the channel for me to follow. So in a trance of lust I was drawn to the light like a moth to a flame, a flame that would warm my erotic temperament and make my hormones bubble and steam.

What I saw as I entered the room made my cock lurch. Both men were naked and clearly weren’t waiting for me. John was lying resplendent on his back as Wayne straddled his hips. They were kissing as Wayne held their cockheads together in his grip as they frotted.

There is no skin on a man’s body more delicate and sensitive than the skin on his penis. So when arousal transforms his penis it becomes a rigid cock. In erection a cock assumes the shape of an alabaster column with a crown that gracefully shows Mother Nature’s grand design for it: penetration. The skin on Wayne’s cock cloaked his alabaster column as wet silk slings to a stone. In my sexual menu the act of frotting is one of the most torrid acts that two men can do. Maybe it is the fact that it is two like body parts touching that were not meant to touch. Maybe it is the fact that a penis represents the very essence of manhood and two men engaging their cocks and rubbing them together for pleasure is the penultimate mark of self love. Or maybe it is the pure pleasure of silken skin sensing the silken skin of another man’s cock. For me I think it is the intimacy of the act; it exposes our vulnerability as men and connects us in the most intimate way possible by bringing the very essence of one man’s manhood to touch another man’s manhood.

So it was as I witnessed Wayne thrusting his pelvis in a humping motion causing his cock to draw back and forth over John’s smaller erection my heart skipped a beat. To my eyes the image was that John was a cello lying between Wayne’s legs passively as Wayne was drawing his male bow across John’s instrument. The ensuing music filled the room with the silent song of shared male lust. Although this mysterious alluring music was silent I could clearly hear it. It mesmerized me and enchanted me. My nervousness melted as the music beckoned me to their illicit bed.

I have frotted a few times myself in the past but this was a first for me; witnessing two men dancing this lurid sexual dance in bed cock to cock. The room was brightly illuminated. There were no blankets or pillows on the bed only crisp white sheets. It was not equipped for sleeping it was a stage for sex. In this case it was the stage for a lurid performance of the tender intimacy of three men engaged in the sharing of their passionate sexuality. The exhibition that was taking place on that bed made the threesome even more vulgarly erotic. The silent erotic music that these two sexy men were making held my mind in its hand and grasped my cock with its other hand. It tugged me, guiding me to these two men in bed as they savored each other’s sexuality. With a muted voice the music quietly urged me to participate. The bed became an altar for the sacred experience of homoerotic lust and I was an innocent initiate who was about to be confirmed. Although I had no instruction of protocol in a male threesome, I didn’t care. I just entered the tryst.

So as Wayne drew his large cockhead against John’s shaft I came up behind him and parted his tight ass cheeks to expose his puckered hole to my view. I had never thought of men’s anuses as erotic in years past. Now a warm male anus was a sex object. The sight of his anus made my cock ache and my own anus throb. With the delicacy of a butterfly landing on a flower I kissed it causing it to retreat tenderly like a shy girl being kissed the first time. It had a pungent sweet scent that was not at all objectionable. As my lips touched his man pussy his ardent humping stilled to accommodate my continued tormenting. With the distraction of frotting John eliminated Wayne’s ardent kissing intensified. My kissing of Wayne’s anus turned to licking and sucking. I heard Wayne moan as he kissed John, succumbing to and acknowledging the anal probing of my tongue.

After a few minutes I abandoned my target and crept to the front of the bed. I pondered how I might engage in this highly erotic tag team match without awkward interrupting the flow erotic energy and spoiling this alluring moment. After some thought I put my hand on Wayne’s shoulder urging him to lift his mouth away from John’s lips and let me in front of him. I then urged John to raise his shoulders off the bed to allow me to slide my butt under his shoulders so that his head was on my thigh with my now dripping erection next to his face.

Wayne was now kneeling over John’s hips, facing me as he held their cocks together. Resuming his cock to cock humping Wayne then leaned forward and instead of kissing John he locked his lips on one of my aching nipples. The sensation of his sucking hot mouth and merciless tongue flicking my man teat sent waves of white hot erotic electricity to my prostate. In response my gland hardened and made my anus twitch sending its own lustful pleasure waves to my cock root. Precum was now flowing freely from my cock slit, an event that was not lost on John as my precum was drooling onto his cheek. Inspired by the dripping of my sap, John turned his head to my shaft and began to suck on me hungrily. Due to his position he couldn’t engulf my cockhead but rather was only able to tongue my cleft from the side, as he held my cock head from the side leaving the tip of my cock exposed above his lips. It looked really sexy.

So as the three of us played a trio sharing our flesh instruments in blended music that was so silently erotic I felt myself drifting away in a warm sea of male sensuality. Safe and warm I savored the reassuring erotic energy that seemed to surround us and flow through us, lulling me to relish the gift we were sharing. It was a celebration of the aroused male penis and the sweet anguish that men experience when exploring each others erotic needs and expressing male intimacy. We became a sinuous single male being; a vortex of sexual energy and sacred passion. As we savored the human male sexuality of our bodies, our erected penises rose like lightning rods to attract the electrical energy of our deepest needs and desires.

As my heart raced in the entanglement of intimate sexual expression, my mind was stilled. My amplified arousal held me still for my two younger lovers allowing them to savor my body as each sought his own orgasmic pleasure. Spurred on by John’s warm tongue tantalizing my cockhead and Wayne’s tongue torturing my nipples I felt the semen rising to collect in my penile bulb. As the sap of my arousal rose inside me the skin around my cockhead was electrified in the desperate tension of imminent ejaculation.

The vision of the passion play being performed on my lap and the divine sensation of suckling this sexy man on my nipple launched me into a state of rapture that blended the pulsing and steaming sexual response that was building deep in my anus and on my cock with a quiet euphoria that was soothing my mind. Soon they came together as my penile bulb convulsed in the agonizing ecstasy of ejaculation. My cock root contracted sending waves of white hot bliss to my prostate making it contract and send a pulse of steaming hot cum up the core of my cock. The syrup of my passion sought the relief of release a wave of orgasmic torment accompanied it as it made its way to my slit. As the rope of syrupy semen approached its pink exit my cockhead swelled and contracted as it was seized in the grip of the most excruciating pleasure I have ever experienced.

In a fountain like form, my hot thick flow of my thickened hot opaque sex cocktail rose a few inches into the air and arched in a stream to splash on John’s cheek. I am not sure if either of them had ever witnessed a man piss cum before but they did that moment. They watched fascinated as I peed a steady stream of semen for several seconds unloading in on Johns face as he held my pumping cockhead between his lips.

I whined as I released my load for their enjoyment and my deep satisfaction.

As the cum was sucked from my body by the intense arousal that consumed me, my energy was drained in equal measure. As my passion unwound I was left leaning in a relaxed stupor my back against the headboard with Johns cum covered face in my lap. Oblivious to the eruption I spilled all over his face, John laid passively on my lap as Wayne frotted his cock. No longer distracted by the sweet task of pleasuring my penis, John closed his eyes and turned his face to nuzzle my flaccid penis, kissing it tenderly. Then succumbing to the friction of their rubbing penises Wayne was the first to yield and release. He groaned the resonant acknowledgement that men groan when ejaculation was imminent. Then as he grimaced in response to the excruciating pleasure that grasped his cock and squeezed his prostate he pumped a thick steaming load of cum on John’s captive cock glazing it with his lusty syrup; the volume of his emission was so large that it glazed John’s receiving penis and drizzled over it to pool on his abdomen.

Feeling his cock getting cloaked by a stream of searing hot semen delivered from Wayne’s pulsing cock slit right before his eyes was so erotic John could not resist anymore; he succumbed to his own release, pumping his opaque white syrup to mingle with Wayne’s on his own body. Mingling cum to mix a sexual male cocktail from the contact of rubbing of rigidly aroused penises was exquisitely erotic. The eroticism of watching a rigid penis getting glazed by another man’s sexy icing and have the receiving penis reciprocate and contribute its own syrupy load to the cocktail was one of the most intensely spiritual erotic experiences I have ever had. The flow of cum was copious and thick and very psychologically gratifying.

We lay there in muted acknowledgement of the deeply moving ejaculations we shared. With hands caressing each other s spent penises we succumbed to the bliss of post orgasmic euphoria. However, age seemed to make its influence known as the two younger men were unwilling to lay still and savor the moment for too long. Both of them got up and wiped off with strategically placed wetted towels. They were practiced professionals in this business.

To my surprise and pleasure I suddenly became aware that I was the target of the next erotic enterprise. Wayne laid me back in the bed so I was on my back extended the full length of it. He then lay to one side of me leaving my full frontal nudity exposed. Having been made aware of the responsiveness of my nipples he resumed his oral attention to them. As he tugged and flicked my erected left nipple, the response of my prostate was immediate; it hardened and caused my anus to flinch. As my teat hardened under his assault my mind was becalmed allowing arousal to infiltrate it. My thoughts were colored in the kaleidoscopic vision of male erotic intimacy; in response the dominos of my sexual response tipped each other over. My cock began to harden and lengthen, erecting itself in acknowledgement of the arousal that was following into my anus to tantalize my prostate. I opened my legs in a virtual effort to expose my anus and allow the pleasure to enter me. As I revealed my vulgar orifice I felt the unexpected and very welcome sensation of a slippery finger massaging my anus and then that finger get replaced by a tongue. John then bent my rag doll legs and raised them exposing my asshole to his view and assault. With better access he lay between my thighs as he kissed and sucked my asshole.

There is something serenely magical and erotically sinister about the simultaneous act of having two men suckling my erect nipple and my anus. The combined acts connected through the core of my body electrifying my arousal and hypnotizing me. As my arousal built up it coaxed me to surrender to an intensely calming euphoria; that erotic rapture rendered me unable to move. As a man who loves giving pleasure the response my body had to the exquisite sensations that resulted from having two men suckle these two highly erogenous spots on my body melted me and rendered me unable to resist or even move.

I was the main course of this sex feast and I was allowing myself to be devoured. In the quiet refuge of this forest cabin in the darkness of night I surrendered to the skilled mouths of two sexy men. Laying there exposing my anus in vulgar abandon I begged John quietly to suck my asshole, as he did the waves of erotic energy from the touch of his tongue made my anus tremble and quiver. At the same time the suckling tugging of my nipple sent jolts of sexual energy to my prostate making it pulse with the rhythm of a metronome.

Then the coup de grace was inflicted on me. I felt Wayne’s hand wrap around my now turgid male member. The sensation of this three point assault was more than I could endure as shivers ran up my spine and made my entire body shudder. Then slowly like a great steam engine his hand began to piston on my shaft in an up and down motion. I whined in muted acknowledgement of the blissful torture that was being inflicted on me. I was a mature man I thought; I cannot cum this soon after ejaculating. But my thoughts were irrelevant I was feeding at this erotic through and I couldn’t get enough. I didn’t care about ejaculation I craved the nirvana of sexual pleasure.

The weight of my arousal was enormous; it held my arms down and my legs apart. Johns tongue penetrated my anus as Wayne bit my nipple and massaged my sulcus with a finger lubed by my own free flowing precum. The erotic orchestra in my head began to play the 1812 Overture. The music got louder and louder as the desperation of my arousal amplified in concert.

Without any action or effort on my part my flesh cannon was loaded and ready to fire as the music in my ears got insanely loud. The orchestration of my nipple, anus and cock getting played in perfect harmony rising to a crescendo ignited the fuse that granted me permission to fire my cannon at just the right moment. So as the pleasure rose to an excruciating level body willed a release. With a silently explosive retort my prostate seized and I fired my hot load. My penile bulb and prostate simultaneously contracted and pumped a thick white rope of my semen high into the air as I screamed like a little girl who saw a spider. The exquisite anguish of a second ecstatic release tore through me as these two men pushed my sexual response to the limits of my ability to endure pleasure. Indeed I experienced the fine line that divides pain and pleasure.

My performance was now done for the evening as the lethargy of two hard orgasms filled my head with the quiet balm of sweet soft sleep. So as she beckoned me to come to her and surrender my consciousness I went happily to her arms and let her embrace me as reality fell away.

Sleep was fast and deep. I lay naked in bed out cold as my two playmates lay next to me kissing and making out. I am not sure how much later it was but I awoke in the room that was now illuminated by candles. My two compatriots had spread a blanket on the floor and were totally engaged in the next act of our passion play. I looked sleepily down on them.

Wayne was kneeling over John’s face his elongated large tumescent cock hanging straight down like a cows udder. John’s head was on a pillow raising it to a height that allowed him to wrap his lips around the superior penise’s crown. John sucked the penile udder hungrily imploring it to release its milk for his consumption. I could see John’s cheeks and throat moving indicating he was massaging Wayne’s cockhead with his tongue. Wayne for his part remained perfectly still enjoying the oral milking he was receiving. He appeared to be very relaxed and unhurried as his mind drifted in the sweet abandon of being serviced by a man mouth. John hungrily sucked Wayne’s erect member, sliding his lips up and down his corona as he held Wayne’s ass cheeks. With determined lust in his mind I watched the end of Wayne’s enormous alabaster boner in John’s mouth. John was doing yeoman’s work assertively sucking Wayne’s elegantly vulgar boner silently coaxing him deeper into pre – orgasmic euphoria.

Suddenly Wayne grunted Oh My God I am gonna cum sensing that his release was imminent. Although Wayne warned him of his pending eruption in John’s mouth, John didn’t retreat. Just the opposite; raising his head John pushed Wayne’s ample cockhead deep down his throat and pushed his lips against Wayne’s groin at the base of his cock. As he sucked his lips to the larger man’s body like a remora attaches to a shark, John took the entirety of Wayne’s shaft down his throat in readiness for his spasming penis to pump his load. John then backed off the shaft a little so he could open his throat to breathe and at the same time reached his middle finger to Wayne’s anus and began to tease and torment the soft opening. I then watched in muted awe as I witnessed Wayne’s anus contract hard and clamp shut on the intruding finger and then release and then clamp down and release as his prostate pumped his semen down John’s throat. I heard the telltale muted gurgling, gulping and gasping from John as he endeavored to swallow the immense load of creamy syrup that was being pumped in his mouth.

To my pleasure and amazement the act of witnessing this highly erotic interchange re erected my own cock. I was now looking at a third ejaculation in less than 3 hours. The impact of this eroticism was overwhelming my normal sexual limitations.

Seeing me watching as Wayne retreated from John’s face I decided to provide an outlet for his arousal. So as John continued to lay on the floor I got off the bed and mounted him cowboy fashion straddling his hips facing him. Situating myself so I was sitting on his stone hard erection I positioned it so that the length of his shaft was along my perineum and his cockhead was resting against the back of my balls. I looked him in the eyes and held his hands and slowly began to rub his rigid cock on my perineum. I could feel my scrotum wrap softly over his cock cleft. Soon his precum wetted my scrotum making it slippery and clingy at the same time. I loved feeling the pressure of his cockhead on the back of my balls. The more slippery his precum made it the hotter it felt for me.

Matching my lurid lap dance on his cock to the sexy music playing on a cd in the background I held his hands and looked deep into his eyes urging him to release. I thrust my pelvis back and forth massaging his cockhead harder with my perineum and bumping it against the back of my balls with greater determination to coax him to release. The soft skin of my perineum massaging the underside of his cockhead drove him to distraction. As his arousal tightened like a steel spring being wound to its limits he grasped my arms and held me. I abandoned all propriety of maleness and thrust my hips like a woman milking a cock deep in her pussy. His eyes grew wild as I lost all inhibition and my movements became more sinuous and more and more lewd. My own penis was flailing as I swayed my pelvis and rubbed against his cock. As I ground my perineum on his cock; my own precum was drooling in a stream, I dribbled it all over him as my penis humped the air.

His precum was so profuse it slathered my perineum turning it into a hot slippery receptacle for his load. The more he was turned on by my lurid performance the more emboldened I became. I lost all sense of propriety becoming a whore slut bent on coaxing his load from him. I was doing a naked lap dance sitting on him, rubbing his cockhead preparing to accept his full load underneath my balls. Then in my final assault I leaned forward and pinched his nipples as I did something that I hadn’t done all night. I kissed him on the lips. The reaction of my lips touching his in the warm sweet intimacy of two men kissing I felt him release. With his cockhead buried behind the sensitive skin of my scrotum his cockhead swelled and shrank and swelled and shrank again as it pumped rhythmically. At the end of the second pumping contraction I felt the flow of his semen flood my perineum covering my scrotum with his hot syrup. He moaned as his hot cum bathed my balls.

As he spasmed and emptied I was inspired to provide the final performance of the evening. In shameless arousal I sat there on his softening cock tugging on my turgid penis with a rough vengeance. There was no more tenderness I wanted to just unload fast and hard. And I did. As John watched my lewd actions tugging on my cock as I grimaced and forced my will on my orgasm wracked body I released my last eruption on his belly. I had very little semen left to give. I experienced the anguished pleasure that results when empty balls struggle to regurgitate and have little to give. As my cock and prostate gripped and tensed they froze at the pinnacle of divine pleasure. I literally whined and burst into tears as I was torn apart by the intensity of my pleasure.

We all then climbed into bed and covered up with the blankets savoring the sweet heat of our shared male sexuality. When the sun rose the next morning we awoke from deep slumber with the pungent yet erotic scent of male sex enshrouding us under the covers. Wayne pressed his hot cock against my thigh and kissed me on the neck. What a way to wake up.