“Aneros Doubleheader”

It was a warm, steamy night and I retired early. I decided: what better thing to do than a Helix session? I was not aroused in any way but wanted to take the ride nonetheless. I got into my favorite right-side position and had my left knee raised more than usual. It is hard to describe what happened next only that I remember a distinct ‘auto-fuck’ sequence. I didn’t intend this to be a “do-nothing” session but the more I laid on my right side, the more ‘paralyzed’ and helpless I felt. I didn’t want to move a muscle and if I did, I would feel even more pleasurable ‘tickling’ from my lower groin. I should mention here that I began this session with a large quantity of audible moans almost bordering on silent screams. The pleasure emanating from my groin was growing with every auto-contraction. I remained paralyzed for fear of triggering an explosive ‘avalanche’ of feelings…….

Finally, I had the courage to move around on the bed but the pleasure followed-me wherever I went. After another 15 or 20 minutes, I decided to think about ending this session. But again, my body was telling me something else. Don’t ask why, but I began to start fairly rapid anal contractions with the Helix and I must have counted to 150 or so before I stopped! This session was over (or so I thought!)……

[About 4 hours later]

I am awakened with a rock-hard erection and feel very aroused. Since I have had a bout with hemorrhoids recently, I thought ‘why not do a quick Peridise session?’ What could be the harm? So I quickly lubed-up and decided to follow the instructions to the letter: I inserted only the ‘bulb’ end of the large Peridise and began to perform anal contractions to help pull the Peridise in. I felt it a while later as I continued to perform contractions and (not to my amazement) the Peridise had been pulled-in almost all the way!

I thought it would be a good idea to continue to ‘pump-away’ at performing anal contractions and they were not done in a haphazard manner. They were very deliberate and I felt every quiver throughout my anus and rectum. This second-feature of the ‘doubleheader’ lasted about 45 minutes and as I ended it and typing this, I am still feeling a nice ‘quivering’ down there! I should point out that with the Peridise session, I had an incredible amount of precum. I felt the head of my penis and it was wet. I actually thought I was headed for an ejaculation, the feeling was that strong. I turned on the light near the end of the session and could see clear lubricant dripping down onto the bed. Realize that my ejaculatory frequency has been greatly diminished lately so my body’s response during this session came as no surprise. I waited until I was flaccid again and slowly removed the Peridise.


This doubleheader was officially over. What was the score, you may ask? Aneros won both games! So it was Aneros 2, Me 0! Even though I lost, I actually “won”! I left the ‘park’ walking tall!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/aneros-doubleheader/