“A Do-Nothing Peridise Session?… You Must Be Kidding!”

Since I have abstained from solo masturbation for a while, I thought that a “do-nothing” Peridise (Large) session may be the ticket! I have had Peridise sessions before and I thought this time I would attempt an ENTIRELY “do-nothing’ session with it. This would be something new for me. (Down deep, though, I knew where this would be heading but it would be an interesting ride nonetheless.) So here goes……

I decided to lube-up with Boy Butter since I did not have to worry about re-lubing later on. I inserted the Peridise about half-way, got onto my right side and carefully positioned myself so as not to cause any pressure on my penis. There was one simple ground rule:

DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! What could be easier that that?

Well, things actually got off to a good start! I was able to lie perfectly still for about 15 minutes or so, when a few things began to happen. I had several unbelievably powerful abdominal contractions that I felt throughout my entire lower groin. I began to experience a slight “tickling” sensation in my anus and rectum that would not go away. My breathing became much deeper and more regular. At the same time, I began to feel an involuntary ‘quivering’ sensation throughout my rectum that would not stop. I just laid there and again attempted to DO NOTHING! I had the distinct sensation of anal male penetration.

At this point, ‘do-nothing’ was starting to sound like an oxymoron since I have been unable to keep my promise of a ‘do-nothing’ Peridise session! Anyway, the session continued……

I quickly felt-back for the Peridise (it started out about half-way in) and much to my surprise, It had been pulled-in ALL THE WAY! I turned over on my left side and again attempted a ‘do-nothing’ posture. But my efforts were futile. I began to feel a more regular and ‘automatic’ quivering coming from my anus and turned over again on my right side.

I glanced up at the clock and was surprised that about 35 minutes had passed! Where did the time go? I should point out that I was not attempting to ejaculate during this session but the deeper the Peridise went in, the more aroused I felt and my penis would not stay flaccid. I was very careful not to put too much direct pressure on it. It felt at one point, though, that I may be heading for a wet-orgasm! I didn’t want that to happen!

Finally, after about 50 minutes, things have somewhat settled-down although I still feel a ‘tickling’ sensation deep within my rectum. I decided that this Peridise session was over.

Upon removal of the Peridise, I felt the need for something still larger in my rectum so I pulled-out my silicone anal beads (there are three and the largest one is quite large) put on some additional lube and eased them all in. They all went in very easily since I was nicely lubed already. Normally, I would remove them at the PONR producing a mind-blowing E. However, this time, I knew I did not want to cum yet so I just savored the feeling for a minute or two and then removed them one by one. Ohhh! I could have cum with the snap of a finger but I knew I wanted to hold-off this ejaculation for a later time. I am now feeling sated and somewhat relaxed although I still feel a certain amount of tension in my lower groin. Since my attitude towards solo masturbation has changed, I feel I cannot take a step backward at this point! This ‘horny’ feeling has to become more like a ‘normal’ feeling for me, at least for the time being.

PS I may develop an anal orgasm from this session. I’ll update if I do.

PS Note that during this Peridise session, I did not have the EXTREME anal/rectal pleasure that I have had in the past. Since this was primarily a ‘do-nothing’ session, I reallly did not initiate nor maintain any steady anal contractions. But it still produced some amazingly pleasurable feelings!


Following day: Since I have not yet ejaculated, I felt that it was time. If I didn’t I’m sure I was headed for a wet-dream. I decided to look for some erotic hypnosis online and found one about 30 minutes long. I quickly fell-into the trance and was guided into the most amazing intercourse experience! The build-up was intense and I couldn’t wait to cum! (I cheated and it wasn’t hands-free!) Ohh! It feels so good! Technically, this was solo masturbation for me but the feeling wasn’t too far from the real thing! So it was a compromise! I am now into the refractory period and can finally relax!

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