Chapter 8

So after a few weeks of chat in which we goaded each other’s arousal by volleying lurid chat back and forth between us. By the end of five weeks parrying each other’s libidos to desperate passion we decided that a meet up was definitely in the cards. We set up the planned meeting to be in NYC where he lived. I needed to be in the city for work so I would have a hotel room for our tryst. I got the room mid town Manhattan where we could be anonymous in the crowd.

When the day finally came I was aroused beyond words at the prospect of getting together and experiencing the things we had had chatted about. After what seemed like an interminably long drive of 2 hours I arrived at the hotel and checked in; it was 7 PM. I was two hours early. Two hours seemed like forever to wait, but I had no choice so I did. After showering I settled in to watch TV while I waited.

Finally, after more time watching meaningless drivel on TV the time came and there was a gentle knock at the door of the hotel room. My heart pounded as I jumped up to open the door. As I swung the door into the room my eyes were greeted with the body of a genuine good looking guy. He was in his mid-30’s lean but well built. He was 5 or 6 inches shorter than me but that was no big deal, I had expected it as I am very tall. He extended his hand to me to shake my hand on finally meeting in person. I shook his hand thinking that it seemed so absurdly formal in light of what we were about to do. None the less I was not comfortable doing anything else until the door was close and we were hidden from the world.

As he stepped into the room I closed the door behind him and a sudden sense of relief and anticipation washed over me. We were now alone and anything was possible. There is something about welcoming another man into my hotel room with the the mutual intent to have sex that makes these meetings so incredibly arousing, especially in the moments before clothes are shed and our nude bodies were exposed to each other.

The typical small talk of two guys meeting for the first time followed. It was a little awkward again because we both knew that the formality belied our real intent. Even though sex was in the offing neither of us felt particularly comfortable openly admitting it. So the chat continued ultimately wound up getting thin and aimless. I laughed and suggested to him that we were both beating around the bush and that possibly getting down to the order of the evening was the best thing to do. He snickered and agreed. So with a level of comfort that was buoyed by my previous experiences I offered to get the ball rolling. So as he watched I began to unbutton my shirt at a deliberately measured pace. We needed no urging, but instead of starting with his shirt he began with his pants. My heart skipped a beat when his pants were off and he was standing there in a shirt and a thong. His thong revealed the bulge he was concealing without concealing it.

The next few minutes seemed to never exist or at least I don’t remember them as all I remember is that we found ourselves totally naked standing five or six feet apart. His eyes scanned my torso as I scanned his. His cock was a semi erect work of art. I had lost any sense of awkwardness or being ill at ease. Stepping forward I extended my right hand keeping it low, below his waist. When the distance between us was closed to less than a foot my palm engaged the warm softness of his balls, I lifted them so that they were totally supported by my hand. The The heat of my palm caused his sac to relax, allowing the full dimension of his gonads to rest in my caress. Although the warm embrace of my hand on his balls caused them to relax it had just the opposite impact on his cock.

The bishop head of his penis swelled and turned a dusky pink as his member began to thicken, lengthen and stiffen. In a matter of a few seconds it was erect and pointing upwards in anticipation. Like my own penis it had a gentle up curve in erection. The sight of his cock in erected arousal and having it resemble mine stirred my desire to fevered pitch. It was like looking in a mirror. The amplified arousal that erected his cock was my arousal; I felt it vicariously. This telegraphed arousal is perhaps the sexiest and most arousing thing about male – male sex; the realization that he was feeling exactly what I was feeling in exactly the same way in exactly the same places was profoundly hot. I released his balls and took his arm guiding him to the bed which was already open to receive us. Without words the choreography of our sexual interaction was understood; I became the protagonist and he became the receiver. So with passive interest he lay back and waited for my ovation.

He was on his back on the bed as I knelt next to him with my own erected cock hanging heavy between my thighs. Lowering my mouth to his left nipple and gently suckled on it eliciting a sigh from him as my tongue flicked his trapped nipple. His sigh turned to a low moan. I wasted no time and continued my sucking nibbling but I moved my mouth further down his body as I did, ultimately ending at his elegant penis. It was fully extended in curved erection stretching out like an awakened cat. A clear fat drop of precum gathered at his slit; it hung in anticipation of further arousal.

As my lips touched the sculpted cleft under his cock head, his cock twitched in acknowledgement of the erotic wave of bliss that ran up the core of his cock. Spurred on by the growing arousal that was tightening his perineum the drop of precum welled at his cockslit was augmented transforming itself to a clear drool . The weight of his passion formed a string of its own making and ultimately it stretched to fall onto his belly. I licked the small pool of precum from his belly and resumed my attention to his member by gently kissing the pink slit from which his passion was leaking. When my warm lips touched the pink tip of his penis his member lurched and contributed an additional drop of his precum to his opening.

I could not pass up the opportunity to gather this errant expression of his need, but this time I did it more assertively by lowering my mouth around his penis engulfing his entire cock head in my mouth. His entire shaft twitched yet again, hardening to renew its intent of experiencing intense pleasure. Not knowing his ability to resist a release, I decided to cut my oral attention to his penis and focus on extending our foreplay. So I lay next to him and grasped his hip turning his body to face mine. I then grasped my cock and held it out facing him directing my cock head to touch his.

The exquisite sensation of our two wetted cock slits kissing each other, sharing our precum made my anus twitch. The copious slippery expression of our mutual lust sucked the slippery passion from our balls with intense power; in a matter of seconds our cockheads were coated with mingled precum. Inspired by the erotic fire that was roaring deep in my anal canal I laid down on him straddling his thighs laying my erection on his. As I put the weight of my body on his the most sensitive parts of our bodies touched; at the same time the most forbidden parts of two men’s bodies to touch touched. The warmth of his cock touching mine almost made me swoon with erotic bliss. My ball sack was resting on his as my weight forced our cocks to be pressed together. The sensual feeling of his cock skin on mine was so arousing it immediately brought me to the excruciatingly sweet precipice of imminent ejaculation. As I approached the edge of the abyss that would make me spill my jizz on him, the sensation of agonizing pleasure riveted itself in my cock and quickened my pulse and made breathing hard. Tense urgency enshrouded my cockhead; my corona was tingling with electrical pleasure as ecstasy was gathering around my cock slit.

Then with meticulous care the tingling wave of ecstasy entered my precum wetted cock slit and proceeded to inch into my erected penis leaving a sparkling trail of sexual desperation behind it. The itching ripples of erotic tension were now bubbling in the core of my cock. I could feel the desperate ache of pending orgasm gathering in the root of cock, swelling and throbbing with intent to realize the exquisite relief of release. My heart pounded as the sweet anguish of imminent orgasm seized my brain and forced me to gingerly rub my cock against his with slow measured erotic determination.

I looked down at the sexy body I was straddling particularly letting my eyes dwell on the erect penis that my own cock was pressing against as I rubbed against it. His cockhead was red and swollen in arousal as I cock humped him. I watched his face with rapt fascination; it was contorted with the growing arousal that my pressing cock was igniting in his trapped penis. I was savoring the growing orgasmic desperation from the lurid dance I was doing on his stimulated erection. My own need for release was gradually taking control of my body. At that inelegant moment when hard pumping orgasmic release was making it difficult for me to focus my awareness, I was suddenly jolted to reality when somehow he took the initiative to reach up with his mouth and suck on my left nipple. The resulting jolt of sexual electricity shot from my anguished nipple straight to my cock and prostate, surrendering them to vulgarly spill my cum on his penis. I stilled my thrusting in a position that held our two cockheads together between our crotches and I waited the rising tide of ejaculation.

In that flash of a second as the anguished desperation of imminent ejaculation was tensing up my prostate and preparing it to release its hot load, I forced my eyes open to look at his oozing penis held between us by my own member. It was as if my cock was holding his immobile awaiting the delivery of my semen.

My thoughts gathered in a storm of guilt and desire; there was something so forbidden and wrong about what was about to happen, but there was something so profoundly sexy about it. I absolved myself of all guilt and succumbed to the blinding ecstasy that was building in the prostate and cock root. Even though I had done it before I was profoundly turned on that I was about to spill my steaming hot semen on a guys erection from the wanton rubbing of our cockheads. Regardless of how many times I had done it in the past this illicit act was still vulgar and wrong yet it was so exquisitely erotic. There was an inappropriate elegance to ejaculating on his penis.

I looked down on our two reddened cocks pressed together, inflamed and hardened in lewd arousal, they were both glistening with the copious expression of our precum. The pressure in my prostate was like a dam pushed to its limits. Then when it surpassed its capacity to hold back my urgent need to piss my cum, I released. The divine pulsing pleasure of my prostate started to pump deep inside me. The resulting ecstasy exploded in the base of my cock making it convulse, sending waves of agonizing euphoria through my cock root to my anus as both contacted in sympathy. As I struggled to savor the ecstasy that now enveloping my penis and forcing my anus to spasm wildly I watched the very erotic result of my ecstatic travail. My cock head swelled and shrank and swelled and shrank again and then the thick flow of semen followed in a forceful stream. It was hot and white and very viscous coating his erect cockhead like honey glaze on a donut.

I watched in rapt fascination as orgasmic rapture stilled my mind and allowed ecstasy to flow into my anus and down my perineum and out my pumping cock with the torrent of euphoria that was flowing from my cock slit. Moaning quietly I pissed a thick stream of my white semen on his cock, coating it with my creamy hot cum

As the semen was pumped from my pulsing cock, I floated in the mesmerizing waves of orgasmic euphoria. The percussive resonance of sweet orgasm chimed again and again in a carillon deep inside my anal tract and all along my cock shaft. As I froze immobile I pumped an enormous load onto his cock. The ringing chills of orgasmic ecstasy were running up my spine and clouding my thoughts. His cock was a sloppy mess, covered in my semen. I did not move until the last meager contraction of my prostate was over and the last drop of my essence was dribbling from my cock slit. From deep in the haze of shuddering bliss I managed to maintain my mental focus. When I knew I was done I rolled off of him. He was still hard having not cum yet.

I gazed at his elegantly rigid penis; it was gently arched, and glazed with my cum in its full erection. One of the things that I admired about him from our earliest cam sessions is that he had a gorgeous cock. As a result of my rewiring I have become extremely attracted to male genitalia; my first sight of his erection on cam weeks earlier turned my own penis to steel. In spite of the fact that I just had ejaculated a full load on him, I was still aroused. Curiously, my spent penis no longer squelched my arousal.

I got up and went into the bathroom telling him to wait there while I went to get some towels to clean him up. Coming back with a warm facecloth and a dry hand towel I grasped that handsome cock tenderly, cradling with one hand as I gingerly swabbed it off with the warm washcloth. It twitched in my hand as I washed my semen from it. Wiping it dry with the hand towel I spent a little more time than was necessary rubbing the nubbly soft towel on his cock head.

When it was dry lowered my lips to his cleft; the warmth of my lips on his aching penis elicited a sigh from him as I kissed it. I slipped my hand under his balls and cradled them as I continued to lavish his member with kisses. As my lips savored the sensual heat of his steel cock the warm erotic desperation inside of him began to intensify. His stone penis began to throb and then pulse.

The feeling of his cock on my lips was enchanting. It was like a smooth marble pillar, shrouded with clinging taut silk. His cock skin was as smooth as polished stone. But unlike stone it was warm with his life force and the heat of his sexual need. I had promised myself that I would prolong this taunting foreplay before I coaxed him to climax, but the eroticism of that moment expunged all thoughts of teasing from my mind. I wanted his cock in my mouth, I needed to taste his semen.

So gently grasping the base of his shaft between my thumb and two fingers I directed it to stand upright perpendicular to his abdomen, point it at my mouth. I kissed his warm wetted slit one last time before I engulfed it and half of his cock shaft in the warm sucking caress of my mouth. I locked my lips around his shaft and rested it on my tongue inside my mouth. I could taste the telltale sweetness of his precum pooling on my tongue.

His cock became the most delicious confection to me, as such I began to rythmically suck on his member, pressing the top of his cockhead against the roof of my mouth and rubbing the underside of it with my tongue in a cadence that matched his pulse and caused his precum to flow profusely. I was in heaven savoring the sweet pungent drool of precum that I was milking from his penis. The sensation of a large hard well formed cock in my mouth revealing its arousal with the oozing of pre cum on the back of my tongue gave me a huge erotic thrill.

As I nursed on his man udder I placed my hand around his balls and cradled them with my pointer finger extended stroking the base of his ball sac. He was experiencing the exquisite sensation that I know and love so well, the sensation of having my genitalia held firmly as my climax and the subsequent pulsing of my jizz is slowly and firmly being coaxed from my cock slit. His cock and balls were in my possession as I caressed and sucked them and edged him to his crescendo.

The hot sucking entreaty of my mouth drawing his liquid passion from his now aching penis was too much for him to resist. His hands came to my head holding it at my temples. He did not want my mouth to go anywhere as he felt his climax building. So as he held my mouth on his cock he groaned with his package in my firm grasp. Clinging to the edge of the orgasmic abyss as I caressed his seminal delivery system his release began.

Continuing my cock suckling his cock head swelled in preparation for the delivery of his hot white syrup. Then his whole penis shuddered and lurched. I knew his flow was on its way. Grunting and holding head firmly his penis slit opened and a torrent of his semen flooded my mouth. Then his cock head swelled again, and another torrent followed. It was profusely filling my mouth. His spunk was thick and hot and pungent. I swallowed each load as assertively as I could following each pulsing delivery.

After 5 shots his penis stilled and began to shrink; a few trembling shudders expulsed the last of his cum on my tongue. I aided the emptying of his balls by continuing my tongue pressing sucking until his penis was flaccid and diminutive. Emptied and relaxed his balls dropped into my hand, having contributed their contents to the load.
Now that we were both emptied the urgency of the tryst took on a new dimension. The urgency was gone replaced by serene erotic need. Wiping his cum from my chin and lips with a tissue I lay back on the bed next to him and relaxed. He rolled onto his side and placed his hand on my chest toying with one of my nipples. I reached down to caress his elegant and sexy cock. He hoisted his leg over my thigh and we cuddled as we both savored the intimacy of the moment.

In post orgasmic bliss we both nodded off to sleep. The intense orgasms and the ball draining passion behind them left us both so exhausted that the next thing I knew it was 6 am. I am used to waking up with my early morning erection, but I was so wiped out I forgot where I was and who I was with. So when my hand brushed up against his iron boner next to me I had sudden memory recall. He had been awake and was waiting for me to stir. When I did, he got out of bed to start rummaging through his bag on the chair next to the bed. Watching quietly I waited to see what he would pull from the bag. His rummaging stopped indicating he found what he was looking for.

Standing up he held it out to me with a huge smile on his face. He had extricated a flesh colored double ended dildo from his bag and held it up to show it to me. I snickered and uttered wow. That’ll be a first for me. He responded saying nah it’s a piece of cake. Returning to the bag he took out a bottle of lube and generously applied some to both ends.

I threw off the covers as he turned back towards the bed wielding the flexible life like double dildo. I was lying on my back; instinctively I opened my legs assuming that he would start with me. It was a good guess as that is exactly what he did. Parting my ass cheeks he sought out my hole with his finger as he could not see it due to the angle of my torso. He then brought the head of the dildo to meet his finger and introduced the head to where his finger had been, at my opening. Then with deft gentle pressure he pushed the dildo against my anus. My sphincter could not resist the intrusion of the slippery rounded tip of the dildo and it lodged in me like a cork. As he applied greater pressure, the head of the dildo slowly parted my puckered hole and began to slide into me. With a little more gentle pressure and masterful maneuvering the head was totally inside me. A dildo was a new experience for me, particularly this one which was larger than any of my prostate massage toys. I inhaled sharply as he pushed it deeper. I could feel the fullness of the head opening my canal as it slide inside of me. It felt absolutely exquisite.

Then once it was deep inside me the familiar anal gagging reflex set in causing waves of sweet gentle pleasure to ripple around my opening and into my anal canal. I relaxed my anus and savored the very pleasing – stretching sensation of being impaled by a life sized penis. As I lay there swimming in sensation he laid on his back intertwining his legs around mine abutting our anuses. Then as he grasped the end towards him and scooted towards me, holding the opposite end of the dildo against his anus; with the head of the dildo against his opening he inched towards me and penetrated himself sighing wistfully as the head disappeared in him.

We were now joined anus to anus and balls to balls. The mating of our anuses and the telegraphing of movement of the dildo between us gave an aura of mystery to this penetrative act.

My anal opening began to spasm around the dildo making my cock pulse sending ripples of orgasmic delight to travel from my anus along my perineum and teasing my cock shaft with ringing chimes of pleasure. The bliss around the opening of my anus caused the puckered hole to rhythmically convulse. Soon I could feel the wave of throbbing delight from my cock root pulsing and reverberating deep inside of me and causing my cock shaft to spasm in sympathy. As the echoes of pleasure grew in intensity the first sensations of pending orgasm made themselves known in my anus; I could feel the orgasmic tension winding up deep inside my asshole as the resonating echoes rippled through me.

In a matter of moments the pleasure had reached the point that the base of my cock began to rhythmically contract causing my cock to repeatedly lurch as the explosive spasms exerted themselves. In syncopation my anus began to rhythmically clench and release around the dildo in involuntary contractions that formed a mellow and mesmerizing chorus with the awkward dance performance that my cock was making.

I could feel the pleasure inside of me growing as my cock was enveloped by desire and that desire was singing a song that the swollen gland deep in my rectum recognized the words to. My prostate began to sing in a chorus with my aching cock convulsing and pumping in agonizing ecstasy. The euphoria flowing in my pelvis was intoxicating.

The pleasure inside of me was getting very intense. As the sweet anguish of pending orgasm was tightening inside of me, my cock began to loose feeling in the same numbness that precedes ejaculation. But instead of hurling a warm pulsing rope of cum, instead I felt the orgasmic tension creep my asshole with furtive determination.

I lay there basking in the sensuality of his body. Breathing deeply I tried to relax and open myself to accept the sensations that were now flooding into my asshole. Each orgasmic he had caused the dildo to gently be tugged. His tugging orgasm rubbed the dildo on my prostate igniting my own prostate contraction I struggled to remain passive and accept the exquisite pleasure that was now rushing into my anal opening in a torrent. I focused on my breathing as the sensation of pure white hot orgasmic need forced my anus to involuntarily open and close as it attempted to gulp in the tantalizing desperation of erotic sensation. I was linked to him sexually in a way that I never experienced before, it felt so fucking hot I was losing my mind as orgasm after orgasm exploded in my anus. My hand was on his cock, inspiring the orgasmic sensation in me to increase. My mind was not engaged in the building orgasm, the sensation of his member seemed to be communicated right to my quivering prostate thru the dildo. It responded to the sexual message with highly pleasurable convulsive shudders.

I could feel my anal canal stiffening and releasing as the deliriously intense spasms were claiming more and more of my soul and my body. I was so tempted to clench my anus to squeeze the pleasure that was consuming my quivering pulsing sexual opening, but I relaxed and allowed the pleasure to consume me and wash thru me. I began to fantasize about being fucked by him, not by the dildo; I wanted to feel his penis in my anus and experiencehis penis pumping his load into me as I milked it with my sphincter. Now a dozen sexy men were penetrating me with hot hard cocks that begged to be squeezed by my anus. But I resisted the urge and rededicated myself to breathe quietly and deeply and relax my anus and let the pleasure express itself inside me as I attempted to almost ignore its presence.

Then like a willful child, the orgasmic tension became infuriated as I ignored it. It was like pouring gasoline on a fire. The orgasmic sensation grew in intensity to the point that my heart was racing and my mind was overwhelmed with the sensations that were now consuming my entire body. My nipples were vibrating and my insides seemed to be tightening in a pre orgasmic crouch, as if they were ready to spring at any moment.

As I lay there the desperation of pulsing throbbing orgasm suspended me in erotically charged rapture; it had control of my body. Combined with the languid warm sensuous visions in my mind the dildo in my anus transported me to a place far away from the bed I was in and the sexy man I was caressing. My entire body seem to be pulsing in orgasmic harmony with his.

As I felt myself climbing higher and higher through a hazy mist the agonizing pleasure inside of me approached the limits of my ability to cope with it.

Then in an instant I broke through the clouds in a rapturous explosion. My anal opening and my anal canal began to pump with ferocity that caused the base of my cock to tense and release oozing not precum but opaque prostatic fluid. The rhythm of the pumping was slow and even and showed no sign of stopping, instead it seemed to intensify as it continued. My body stiffened as I was filled from head to toe by waves of agonizing ecstasy. Over and over the waves washed through me. My anus was gulping as the hard orgasm relentlessly pumped erotic delirium through me. The pleasure was so riveting and intense I was immobilized.

Laying in passive euphoria as indescribable sensation was surging in my anal canal my cock was drooling a sexual cocktail on my belly. I lie perfectly still and let the orgasm drill into me as I focused on breathing and savoring what was happening to me.

The orgasmic spasms continued to intensify and amplify the pleasure that they brought. I had an image of surfing on an endless wave. I struggled to maintain mental focus balance erotic thoughts, breathing and be mindful of the sensations that were detonating throughout my body. As I savored the sensations the pumping pleasure expanded as I clung to the crest of the wave tenaciously.

The spasms accelerated as the divine anguish caused every part of my body to experience the creamy hot sweetness of orgasm. Over and over the waves squeezed me. My mind clouded over as the pleasure was so pervasive I lost control of the ability to think and perceive. I retreated to a hazy place where all there was, was the exquisite sensation of erotic pleasure. I was no longer in control, the orgasm was in control.

With a vengeance the pumping still intensified pushing my body to its limits. By that time I had experienced at least two hundred anguishing orgasmic spasms. I had been linked to his anus for almost an hour straight. Then the pumping spasms began to accelerate as they intensified until they were crashing into each other in a calamitous crescendo making me whine as each one drilled furiously into me.

Then with the resonating thunder of a Beethoven Symphony the orgasms culminated in a single resounding crescendo that made my penis quiver and my prostate shudder; my body could no longer sustain the rapture that the orgasm demanded. In a fluttering pulsing collapse the orgasm washed out of me, leaving me sweating and panting with a leaking cock. I lay there savoring the rapture that I just experienced. My cock was throbbing and twitching.