“Ultimate Aless Orgasm: Where Did This Come From? “

Happy Birthday Goldenboy!

I was awakened in the early AM with a (nocturnal) erection that was very strong and lasted at least 45 minutes. I decided to check-out some PC items like I usually do. Listening for a while to erotic music, binaurals, etc. but nothing seemed to be “clicking”. So after about 30 minutes or so, I decided to pack-it-up and return to bed. I thought perhaps I could do a few contractions and lure myself back to sleep. Wow! What happened next blew my mind! Let me explain…….


When I got back into bed, I decided to perform some light kegels and REVERSE kegels. I kept this up for a while and it felt so good. I continued to feel the waves of pleasure starting to build and I thought that I may experience something more….I feel paralyzed from the imminent pleasure and can’t move.

As I continued to perform the kegels, I began to feel an internal “quivering” perhaps the beginnings of an anal orgasm or even a rectal orgasm. Around the same time, I was also beginning to feel a strange tingling sensation from my fingertips. I didn’t know what was happening. I turned over from my right side onto my left side. And that is when it hit me! I am beginning to shake violently and uncontrollably in bed (believe me I am not making anything up here!)…What happened next I am not really clear but I distinctly remember convulsing VIOLENTLY on the bed and curling-up into a ball. I feel that my body is caught in a ‘snare’ and I am only able to extricate myself through a series of violent movements including shaking, twisting, and other gymnastics. I may have ‘left the bed’ briefly. All at the same time, I feel an intense quivering in my prostate. The anorectal orgasms are now continuing on top of the prostate orgasm and I am without a doubt experiencing the most powerful Super-O I have EVER experienced! I cannot stop this. I am caught in an orgasmic ‘snare’ and just have to shake and squirm until this passes…..And to think this is ALESS!


Well, I notice that it has been more than ONE HOUR since the beginning and I honestly don’t have a full recollection of all the events that occurred during this Super-O. [Toward the end, I distinctly felt an imminent BM coming on (which did later). Perhaps the extra pressure on my prostate helped with stimulation]. Somewhere in the middle of this mind-blowing orgasm, I was involved in a fantasy since I remember thrusting in bed as if I were being anally-pleasured. I honestly believe that I had an altered consciousness during at least a part of this “session” since I can’t account for all the time. My mind is blown from this experience! I am thankful that I was in bed when this hit me!


This is without a doubt the strongest Super-0 I have ever experienced (or will experience?). The combination of shaking, convulsing, deep rhythmic breathing, and multiple orgasms I have seen on videos but never expected this would happen to ME!

PS I am going back to bed after completing this entry. Perhaps I can experience an ‘after-shock’…..we’ll see…….


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/ultimate-aless-orgasm-where-did-this-come-from/