Chapter 6

Mid morning I left them as they showered and cleaned up from the nights activities. Compared to sexual activity with a woman, sex between three guys means three guys spewing cum. And then considering that each of us came several times, the bed was covered in semen. The opportunity to go back to my own room and clean up was very appealing. So after a soft relaxing shower I decided to go outside and spread a blanket on the grass and doze in the sun.

The intense session with the two guys left me wasted and drained. I was exhausted. After arriving back in my room I drank glass after glass of water, I was totally dehydrated from the cum spew I had done the night before. I spent the first hours after I got cleaned up drinking water and sleeping in the sun on that soft blanket spread on the lawn in the yard. Lying with the warm sun licking my body was mesmerizing, lulling me into peaceful serene slumber. I dozed on and off for the better part of the day.

Yet oddly enough while my body was exhausted and relaxed, my arousal was roaring like an inferno. My balls felt like they had run a marathon, yet in spite of my fatigue, my cock stiffened and lengthened as it was warmed by the cress of the suns warmth and sweet sexy memories. Drifting in and out of soft naps as I lay there, I was keenly aware that my cock was stone hard and my anus was tingling and quivering. An orgasmic knot had developed deep in my asshole from the extended sex of the last few days. My prostate was erect and buzzing. My libido had been ignited and would not be extinguished.

I was so fatigued it was hard to forestall the sleep that repeatedly assaulted me, the breeze blowing through the trees mad ea gentle rustling sound that relentless coaxed me to succumb and sleep. However, in counterpoint to the alluring relaxation of sleep the whine of my arousal was powerfully tugging on my erection. I love the erotic tension of arousal, and the sensuality of the moment laying there in the heated relaxation of the sun was feeding that arousal. So I savored the warm eroticism of the moment as my cock and anus reminded me of the arousal that simmered within me.

In the last three days I as distinctly unaware of what my wife was experiencing, although from time to time I fantasized about her and her experience. I thought about men mounting her and pumping her pussy full of cum. I envisioned her laying in bed with a young virile man suckling on his cock and teasing his balls tenderly as she sucked. I assumed that she was getting her fair share of cocks and that her pussy had probably gulped more semen than she had in a long time. C is still a very sexual woman. She takes more time to “warm up” now than she once did but once she does she is like a tigress. I wondered how the last few days had impacted her and how many cocks she had indulged in.

Fortunately for both of us we are a good sexual match, as I am a very sexually patient guy who doesn’t really care much about my own orgasm as long as I can MMO. Also, she has become very adept in the last two years at facilitating my MMOs. So many times after an evening of MMOs or intimate interchange between us she is very happy to fuck and have the gratifying feeling of sucking the cum from my balls, filling her pussy as we embrace and kiss. She is not typically a woman who requests oral; except the night of my oral MMO in her mouth. She wanted an orgasm.

It was mid afternoon when I was stirred from semi sleep by the pleasant surprise of her voice, projected from the end of the walkway next to the cottage. In her enthusiastic greeting she acknowledged the erotic sight of my naked sun bathing and in particular the flesh spike that had been coaxed to stiffen and protrude from my groin by the warmth of the sun.

I was totally surprised to hear her. I was totally disconnected from the plans for the day as I had been preoccupied. Now that she was joining me the reality of my life was settling in and displacing the surreal sexual escapades that had marked the last few days. I really missed C and I was glad to see her.

Without a word she dropped her robe to the ground and lowered her familiar naked body to lay next to me on the grass. She slid next to me with one leg raised over my groin, her thigh pressing my erection between my stomach and her thigh, expressing a fat drop of precum to drip from my cock slit onto my belly. Laying next to me she said that she really missed me. She then regaled me with the details of the last three days for her. As I thought she had been thoroughly drilled by several cocks and indeed had sucked some of those cocks to eruption swallowing large loads of semen. The more lurid her descriptions were the harder my own cock became and the more prodigious the flow of my precum became. It was hanging suspended in a long string that extendedfrom my cock slit to my belly.

So as her story continued I mentioned the session I had with the guys over the same time frame. That in turn led to my admission that I was craving penetration. Although she knew about my interest in Aneros driven orgasm and had participated in a few sessions in the past , we had never really talked in any detail about how anally orgasmic I have become. I further went on to tell her the deep need I have for anal orgasm and penetration. The more we talked the more interested and aroused she became. Now she was experiencing similar arousal to mine; she was getting fidgety and was showing little interest in continuing to sit there and have this conversation. She was much more interested in more “hands on” discussion of it.

Although she is an outwardly reserved and conservative person, her sexual proclivities are easily piqued, and thankfully my body is a great visual aid in the process. The conversation we were having had clearly ignited her interest and arousal. So at her suggestion we decided to continue the conversation in my cottage in bed. We abandoned the great outdoors and went into the cottage. Showers and normal bathroom prep followed with me in bed waiting as she was came out of the shower.

As she entered the bedroom she hung up her bathrobe to reveal her incredibly sexy body. For a middle aged woman transiting to senior citizen her body was still incredibly alluring and sensually erotic. As she approached the bed she commented in a very demur tone: “you know if you really crave penetration as much as you say you do …. I am happy to accommodate.” She added: “I would like to see what I can do to satisfy that urge”.

Laying there hearing her admission made my turgid cock twitch. I didn’t waste any time in throwing the sheet off my naked body to reveal myself to her eyes. I am not in perfect shape but I am in pretty good shape, or at least good enough shape that the sight of my nude form further inflamed her arousal. I am a bit of an exhibitionist; revealing the obvious impact that her suggestion had on my throbbing penis made my cock ache with renewed fervor.

In the last 40 years and especially in the last 17, I have come to realize and really appreciate the influence that sexual positions play in our sex roles and sexual personalities. Whoever is on their back or stomach on the bed while the other is standing is the receiver; the receiver assumes the passive role by virtue of position. The one who is standing becomes the provider or the assertive leader of the liaison. Her off handed comment to me was: on your back with your knees up”. There was little doubt in my mind what my role at that moment was to be.
The really nice thing about my new sexuality is that she and I switch roles all the time. In one evening of making love I might be the passive one, as I was being that night, while on another night I might be the erotic aggressor.

That particular night I was intrigued and turned on with the more dominant role she was assuming; I surrendered to her willingly. So laying on my back perpendicular to the edge of the bed I parted my legs, raised my knees to my chest and held them with my hands. She grasped a short step stool that was in the corner of the room and pulled it over to the edge of the bed and sat on it. She was seated a little above eye level with my cock and anus.

Vulgar exhibitionism has most definitely been a significant contributor to my erotic arousal for my entire life. Doing videos of my masturbation sessions, stroking in front of a mirror and putting on strip shows for men and her as I masturbated have all been part of my sexual repertoire. But of all the things I have done, laying there exposing my vulnerable asshole to her eyes inches from her seemed at that moment to be one of the most arousing things I have ever done. I could feel my prostate throbbing and my cock throbbing as the weighty ache of arousal stiffened it to iron. A fat drop of pre cum welled at my cockslit, a sight that was not lost on her.

She knows me well enough to know that if I am dripping there is plenty more where that came from. To that end she grasped my cock and jelked it from base to tip, expressing a long string of precum to hang from my swollen cockhead.

She dipped her middle finger into the small pool of pre cum that was sitting on my belly. Then she applied my warm precum to my now quivering puckered hole. Each touch of her slime wetted finger on my quivering anus, made it flinch and contract. Each contraction sending ripples of sweet bliss deep into my anal tract. She massaged the opening making tantalizing circles around the rim of my opening with her slippery pre cum coated finger; I could feel the tip of her finger occasionally invading the entrance to my anus. The intrusion sent shivers up my anal canal. As she massaged the puckered hole and hypersensitive skin that folded inward to my canal she became less reserved in her touch, which only served to deepen the waves of pleasure that were rippling up into my man cunt.
My hunger for penetration was intense. Laying on my back with my legs parted in the traditional female receiving posture for missionary position sex, my wife lewdly engaged in foreplay with my anus. I was suddenly propelled into the fantasy of being a woman waiting for the divine pleasure and deeply satisfying sensation of an instrument of pleasure being inserted into me.

When I am craving penetration my anus begins to tingle and feel a deep visceral need to be probed and filled. There is a very pleasant yet desperate arousal and a sensation of needing to feel my anal cavity being invaded by a long probing massager that grows inside my anus and quickens my heart beat. When I feel the cold hard intrusion of steel inside my anus the immediate sensation of chilling invasion induces a gag like reflex as if my anus is regurgitating, similar to what I would feel if I stuck a finger down my throat. The difference being a reverse peristaltic reflex in my anus transforms quickly to extremely pleasurable ripples up my anal cavity, triggering my prostate to swell and erect and start pulsing with expanding – throbbing bliss.
I love my Tempo, I brought it with me. It goes everywhere I go when I travel. So as I lay there panting to receive it, my wife took it from the nightstand and with great care and way too long of an effort she lubed it. Then after what seemed like an eternity she placed the ice cold steel head in the center of my anus. The sensation of its cold intention on the warm softness of my anus sent chills up my spine. My heart was racing as the desperation in me swelled in concert with the swelling of my prostate.

With agonizing care she teased my opening with the head of the Tempo. Its small size makes it an easy insertion, but she was exercising the slow deliberate patience of insertion as if it was a 12 inch cock. Pushing gently she gingerly maneuvered the head of the massager into the entrance of my anus. I gasped as I felt the invasion, eaven though only an inch or so was inside me. With the bulbous head into my opening I tried to angle my anus upwards to accept more of it in me. She teased me and accomodated my motion keeping the head exactly where it was with my puckered hole caressing the head.
The feeling of the head of the Tempo pressing against my anus, making my anus hold it made my cock quiver. Pressing a little harder and pushing the bulbous head gently it parted me and slipped inside my canal, the sensation of it sliding into me was exquisitely sensual. I savored each inch of the slow and agonizingly pleasurable penetration. My anus was already starting tell tale spasms.

My anal canal seemed to gulping to swallow it. As it sank into me chills went up my spine and my nipples hardened and erected in sympathy. Once seated deeply in my anus, I could feel the head gently pressing golden spot in my anal canal. The sensation made my prostate tighten reflexively; the familiar waves of pleasure radiating from my prostate and the delightful gagging sensation of my anal canal started making me gasp. I struggled to suppress the MMO that could have easily started right then and there; putting my legs down I savored the sensation of being fucked in the ass and tried to save the orgasm from starting to let it build for a bit.

Applying my best Zen mediation skills I tried to ignore the glowing well of pleasure in my anus that was ever so slowly filling me up. The agonizing bliss in my anus was pulsing gently threatening to explode into convulsive spasms of ecstasy any moment. I tried to minimize them and pretend I didn’t feel them as I breathed deep and full and focused on my nipples. But like high tide slowly and inexorably rising on a sandy beach the orgasmic tension was flowing into my anus around the insistent intruder that plugged my asshole and was gently pressing against my now rigid P spot. The pressure of the head of the massager on my aroused prostate was sending irrepressible ripples of sweet rapture over my skin and deep into my body.

Slowly I rolled over gently placing my aching cockhead on the mattress as my wife watched in rapt fascination. The pressure of my stomach on my cock shaft expressed a large wet drool of precum on the mattress; I felt its warmth spread under my belly. Angling my left shoulder up to provide her finger access to my nipple I grasped her hand and brought it to my erect nub. Needing no further instruction she began to toggle and tease my nipple sending an electric jolt of white hot pleasure shot from my rigid dark pink nipple straight to my prostate making it clench and radiate a wave of sheer ecstasy as it did. That spasm initiated a chain reaction of rhythmic pumping convulsive waves of pleasure that launched the session.

In a choreographed dance that was elegantly graceful and spellbinding the massager began to rock gently in my anus. As my anus held the base of the shaft tight in a clench of pleasure, involuntary orgasmic spasms began to slowly push and pull the extremely blissful foreign object that was lodged in my anus in and out of my hole as if it was a bow on a violin being drawn over the taut strings of my prostate. As my anus sucked and pulled on the massager the bulbous head deep inside me was gently stroking my very aroused and lust hardened gland. Each pulsing spasm that drew the head over my rigid prostate caused a chime of serene pleasure to reverberate inside of me. The vibration rippled down to my cock and perineum and made them both lurch and recoil in bliss. As I savored each sweet orgasmic echo inside of me another would start, then another and another. The spasms were quickening and growing in intensity as they did.

Breathing into the anguished ecstasy that was playing inside my anus I projected fantasies into my conscious mind and described those fantasies to the empty room. As she continued to tease my nipples I elongated the orgasmic spasms and changed their rhythm though my breathing and the pace and nature of the nipple stimulation I was getting. Then suddenly her fingers retreated and were replaced by her warm sucking lips and torturing tongue.
The massager was sucked suddenly and firmly into my anus with the oral assault on my nipple. The ball tipped P tab was pressing firmly on my golden spot as an explosive orgasmic spasm drew the massager deeply into my anal canal. The prostate pressure, the beguiling and highly erotic sucking of my nipple and my controlled breathing were making intensely pleasurable orgasmic waves roll inside of my anal cavity and making me moan and mewl in agonized rapture of the orgasm and her lips on my nipple sucked pre cum and ecstasy from me in equal measure.

The spasms grew stronger and faster as I struggled to cope with the resounding echoes of pleasure that were milking my prostate with a firm hard grip and making my penile bulb pump and shudder in sympathy as my cockslit oozed precum and prostatic fluid.

As the massager quickened its rocking penetration the pleasure became almost unbearable I began to verbalize the most lurid fantasies in my erotic repertoire. Admitting these hidden desires in front of her made them even more lurid. The result was a series or orgasmic spasms that were so deeply intense my whole body was trembling. I grunted a lewd description of what I was feeling. Verbalizing the sensations of the moment seemed to give the pleasure I was feeling a personal resonance and a depth that made it hard for me to breathe.

These orgasms were characteristically harder and more rugged than the massager less ones that I do. The chains of agonizing euphoria were relentless. I rode the pleasure waves up and down, twisting and moaning as each successive ones detonated inside my anal canal. My anus was opening and closing and flexing on the Tempo making it slide in and out of me in rhythmic choreography. I feared that I might be pushing my body too hard to continue this intense orgasmic session so I rolled on my back in an attempt to calm the spasms by eliminating any penile touch. Revealing my slimed penis to my wife was like revealing a precious gem or a lusted for object. She couldn’t resist. So as I lay there tensed be pummeled by ecstasy she reached to my lurching cock and placed her middle finger on the cleft under my cockhead and began to make tiny cicrcles in the slimy crevice.

The effect was of pouring gasoline on a fire. The orgasms chugging in my anus shrieked and quickened causing a flood of sheer white hot ecstasy to consume my body. I groaned, cursed and arched my back as pleasure tore through me. My nipples were electric and my cock and perineum were pumping furiously. My cock was like a steaming locomotive at full throttle and out of control. It flailed under her finger and slung precum as the machine gun like orgasms in my prostate tugged on my cock root.

She feared I might have a heart attack as she witnessed me in the most extreme orgasmic anguish she had ever seen. So after 10 minutes she stopped her taunting massage of my sulcus. I lay there for another five minutes relishing the divine convulsions that were still continuing inside me. Without any stimulation on my cockhead the pleasure concentrated deep inside my anus; I had a golden spike deep inside of me creating paroxysms of sheer sexual pleasure. With firm tugging the muscles in my anal opening clenched onto the massager and were taunted into tugging on the massager in my anus, sucking it like it was a gourmet lollipop. I became acutely aware of the presence of the cock like probe in my canal, my anal muscles clenching it like it was a precious jewel.

I knew the only way to stop the orgasmic waves was to remove the massager. So as my asshole gripped the massager tenaciously I pulled on it. The continuing spasms of ecstasy did not want to relinquish the source of their immobilizing rapture, but with persistence I prevailed and the massager came out with a wet sucking pop.

My anus trembled in the absence of the source of its euphoria. And like leaves fluttering to the ground in a fall wind, my orgasm collapsed around me in the bed. My semi erect cock began to hard to stone as it always does in the moments after a session is over.

Tomorrow was our day to depart from this wonderful place. In celebration we both crawled into bed and pulled the covers up to slide into quiet rest before the next step in this sexual journey. I wondered what would come next.