On the shelf – with nocternal relief

Last night while my wife was out late I decided to have a session. I was looking for a pretty quick fix, so I slid in my trusty blue progasm. Since its just plastic, no silicone, I used some silicone lube and it slid in nicely. I sat in the recliner for a while reading, but put my book aside as I was having too many delicious fantasies. I started my orgasmic climb, much like a fighter-interceptor jet seeking out an enemy bomber, but I reached a certain altitude, a certain plateau, my orgasmic ceiling, and couldn’t go higher – suspended in a delicious but frustrating zone. I needed to go to sleep, so I somewhat reluctantly removed my aneros. I came down rather rapidly and got ready for bed.

Around 4 am or so, I awoke, aware of a wetness in my pjs and aware that I had an erotic dream. I had just experienced a nocturnal emission. The dream was a nice one – in the dream my wife had finally agreed to try pegging and she had got really into it.

Yet another example of how prostate orgasms cannot be forced, and relaxation, rather than pressure or an anxiety to reach a goal, is key.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/on-the-shelf-with-nocternal-relief/