Chapter 4

By the time I cleaned up from the “orientation it was 9:30 PM. That hour would not ordinarily be late for me but after the drive up of several hours and the session in the woods ending with a thorough ball draining ejaculation, I was bushed. We walked back to the cottage in the dark using small flashlights that were provided with the check in materials. We really didn’t need the lights as there was a full moon that cast an eerie misty light in dark. The walk back itself seemed a lot quicker than the walk out. The night air was cool on my exposed skin, I chose to carry my robe rather than put it on. I was really getting into the forest bathing mode of thinking. Whether it was the nudity or the aroma of the woods or the cool mountain air or all of them together I was totally relaxed but totally turned on as well.

She returned me to my room, opening the door and laying her hand out indicating that I should enter; I did. As she stood outside she suggested that I take a shower and that she would be in to see me in 20 minutes. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of her comment, but I had learned quickly in this place to just go with the flow and it would not disappoint.

The shower felt great. I felt light and clean and very relaxed. I sat in one of the two chairs in the room and waited. Promptly 5 minutes later as promised there was a light rap on the door between our rooms, as there was no knob on my side of the door there was nothing I could do but say come in. In came Kera, my guide wearing panties and a tee shirt. As she entered and walked towards me the jiggle of her tits under the shirt and their repose made it very apparent that she had no bra on. There is something about a shapely woman in a tee shirt with no bra that I find incredibly sexy.

She gave me a broad smile and warm hug as I stood to greet her. I am just here to relax you she said, nothing more. I want you to get a good night sleep as it will be an early morning. I am all for a good night sleep I retorted. Ok then she said, take off your robe and get on your hands and knees on the bed at the edge of the bed. Getting naked in front of her was getting to be both very easy and very arousing, a strange combination.

So following instructions, I dropped the robe and turned to get on my hands and knees so that my ass was at the edge of the bed with my insteps of my feet hanging over the edge of the mattress. She stepped behind me and slipped her hands between my thighs and pushed them apart. Then retrieving a bottle of oil that was discretely placed next to the bed in my room she applied a liberal amount to her hands.

Taking great care not to touch my penis she wrapped both her hands around my balls and held them warming them in the heat of her grasp. As she did I could feel them releasing and dropping into her grip. She tenderly grasped my ball sack and began to gently tug on with one hand as she ran her other oiled thumb down my perineum from near my anus, along my perineum to the base of my balls and then jelked my balls as she moved the other hand to my anus and began the cycle all over again. It was the most exquisite perineal – testicle massage. Little did I know there would be more to follow this evening. My anus was trembling and my cock as drooling long strings of precum.

I sighed as her deft hands mesmerized me. I didn’t care that my anus was open and staring her in face. The vulgarity of the setting just added to the eroticism for me. She continued this beguiling regimen for 20 minutes until my entire perineum was engorged with blood and my cock was hard and dripping.
Despite my fatigue there was an undercurrent of erotic energy that was simmering just below the surface. I suspect that was the goal.

Suddenly she stopped and released my balls, shifting her hands to my ass cheeks. Pulling them apart I felt the cool air of the room on my warm opening. Then suddenly I felt her lips kiss my anus and lick it gingerly, then releasing them and saying good night That she would see me tomorrow. The anal kiss was so quick I almost didn’t have time to register what happened. My heart was racing and my mind was spinning.

With my cock standing at full attention I got off my knees and stood next to the bed. By the time I was upright she was at the door and was wishing me a good night as she slipped behind it and closed it with a gentle click behind her.

As I lay in bed I thought about my rewiring and the major step of today the latest chapter in my sexual story. It has been a whirlwind of discoveries involving my sexual response, the appreciation of sensuality and gaining insight into my erotic self. It has been an amazing trip. My attraction to women has intensified, I have come to be more sensually sensitive in my intimacy with women and I have become attracted to men. I have learned to experience multiple orgasms and I have become an erotically attuned man. My vision of eroticism has expanded exponentially and this place and the next few days will certainly amplify that quality in me.

Laying there in the dark quiet of this sex retreat cottage I thought about how it began. It really all started with my rewiring; in me rewiring reorganized my entire sexual perspective, reordered my erogenous zones, it linked my erogenous zones and my sexual apparatus in a unique way. It made me exponentially more sensual as a man. Key in the reordering my erogenous zones is the link that has been created between my nipples, my prostate, my anus, my perineum, the base of my cock, my cockhead and my mind.

I began to understand the landscape and responsiveness of my own genitals as I never had before. I learned how to make my cockhead and cleft respond to different stimuli. My sulcus (cock cleft) has become a quarterback of sorts; it is linked to my nipples, anus and prostate and the musculature under my perineum and to my cock root. Those muscles are the ones that tug at my cock if I contract them hands free and cause my cock to dance. The erotic sensitivity is enhanced by deep breathing. My balls were inert in the past, they are now erotic triggers.

One of the wonderful things about my sexual journey and the MMO discovery path I am on is that it is always revealing something new to me. The most significant discovery that has happened to me has been my fascination with erect sexy penises and witnessing ejaculation. I discovered that among straight guys I am not alone. In conversations with other men I discovered guys all along the continuum from curious but that’s all to ready to engage in sex with other men but haven’t yet.

The reactions I got from guys I talked to intrigued me. In my entire life I have never heard guys express this so openly before. Then I realized why guys are coming clean about their admiration for nice looking cocks. It is the internet. More appropriately, it is the anonymity of the internet. Because their identity is hidden, guys can be honest without fear of being stigmatized of being gay or weird. Indeed I have been amazed how open guys have been when I bring this up. Aneros was the other factor, it has taught me and other guys that our anuses and prostates are sex organs.

In my case a picture of a really sexy cock will get me erect just as fast as a picture of a beautifully sculpted vulva does. With my newly expanded sexuality I chatted with several guys about the arousal I feel and my lurid male fantasies. The reaction from all is that sexuality (both male and female) is a amazing and arousing thing. No one should feel shame for being aroused by sexuality regardless of who expresses it or who you are. So I feel no shame.

I lay there in that quiet room pondering the complexity of my sexuality and eventually I got so tired I couldn’t think anymore; I was too exhausted to think. I pulled the covers over my naked body and turned out the light. I was out cold in seconds.

I slept deep and hard,, so deep that time passed in a flash. I ordinarily wake up several times per night but this time I didn’t. Then suddenly at 4 AM I woke with a start as I felt the bed shifting under the weight of someone getting in it. The unexpected invasion of the sanctity of my bed shook all interest in sleep from my mind. I struggled to see in the blue haze of the moonlight shining in the window who it was or if I needed to be scared. In a hushed – concerned tone I uttered the only thing I could think of which was “ hello?”. It seemed stupid but at the spur of the moment coming out of sleep I was not primed for inquisitive conversation. I was dumbfounded.

My surprise was amplified when the response of reassurance came back to my inquiry was that of a male voice. I struggled to think of who it might be when suddenly I remembered it. It was the voice of the male guide that welcomed us when we first came in. He slid closer to me and turned to face me, continuing his reassuring as he reached to my crotch and caressed my penis. The tone of his voice, the warmth of his hand on my member transformed my thoughts and my organ. Slowly and inexorably as he assured me with his hand on my penis it elongated and hardened under his hand. In Jekyll and Hyde fashion it morphed from an innocuous penis to a sexy lewd cock.

In hushed tones he told me that they had reviewed my application summary to the program and had noted my comment about 4 AM being the optimum time for MMO sessions. He added that he was there to participate in a shared session.

With that he gave my balls a quick squeeze and rolled over on his side facing away from me. After he was situated he turned his head back to me and quietly asked me to dock in him the way I did with my wife. They had done their homework indeed. My heart skipped a beat and my now fully erect cock twitched.

I turned towards him and slid my body up against him so I was spooning him. This was only the second time in my life I spooned a man naked. However his toned body and tight muscular ass cheeks made this experience profoundly more erotic than any other male – male experience I had ever had; this was an incredibly sexy man. I reached around him and instinctively my fingers when to his nipples, they were already erect and tight. The skin on his chest was smooth and warm. Equally sultry and warm was the delicate skin of his derriere. Deftly I reached down and parted his ass cheeks with one hand making space for my erect penis. I gingerly slipped my cockhead between his cheeks, placing my penis deeply in the soft hot space between them. With my long cock nestled in his ass cheeks, I inched forward to lodge my cockhead against his anus. In response to the touch of the tip of my cockhead against his opening, his anus twitched closed as if it was giving the wetted tip of my manhood a warm kiss. I stroked his chest tenderly in response.

As I lay there with my cock swimming in the sensual heat of his sexy anus I reached down to his crotch with my left hand and fondled his loosely hanging balls. I hefted them in my hand relishing their fullness and the looseness of his ball sack. Then gripping his cock the same way I grip my own when I jerk off. I felt his cock filling, engorging with blood in response to my touch; his cock was getting hard in the warm tender caress of my hand. Fondling his soft balls and rigid cock filled my head with images of tender intimacy, vulnerability and hardened desire. This may be his job but he was clearly aroused and I was turned on by that.

The image in my mind as I lay there with my long hard cock nestled in his ass as I caressed his erect penis was of a surfer on a surf board waiting for the perfect wave. As I lay out there in the warm sea rising and falling on the swells of erotic energy that were welling up in my anus and prostate I felt the perfect wave arrive. It was his anal opening wrapping itself around my cockhead, lifting me up in a powerful tug and forcing me to slowly move forward as it sucked the orgasm from my quivering cock slit that it had trapped in its grip. I held his cock firmly as I got on my orgasmic wave.

The wave of pleasure now had me. As his anus sucked on my cockhead with gentle contractions it inspired my own anus to tremble and convulse as the agonizing ecstasy of orgasm built up and released. I savored the warm caress of his anus on my cock head; as it sucked the precum from my cock slit it was winding me up. I could feel the divine pleasure that only comes with anal orgasm rushing into my asshole in a torrent. The exquisite sensation on my cockhead spread and filled my anal tract making me hold his cock tightly as my anus pulsed and struggled to swallow as much of the excruciating pleasure as it could.

Then when my anal canal could hold no more pleasure the warm hands of pending orgasm reached under my perineum and caressed my balls and began to tighten. With my cock lodged in his asshole and his cockhead in the warm grasp of my palm the pumping of my anal tract detonated chains of powerful multiple orgasms. I felt the warm buzz in the core of my cock that told me I was drooling pre cum in a stream. I noticed that my hand was also getting slimy as he was drooling precum in my palm. I envisioned him admiring my dripping precum and I imagined that I was straddling his face with my cock inches from his eyes as he watched in aroused fascination as the clear sweet honey dripped from my pink cock slit. The sight of my liquid passion dripping would make his cock hard for me.

As the flames of pleasure in my anal tract licked at my prostate it was like a slab of bacon in a fire. It began to sizzle and release the warm wet drippings of my passion. Falling into cadence with the metronome like spasming of my asshole, my prostate began to pump in counterpoint to my anal opening. I gave myself over to the reality that I was laying with my erect penis in a sexy mans ass as I savored the hot male sensuality of his erect cock in my hands. The vulgar tenderness of homoerotic sex, cocks entwined and holes penetrated and nipples sucked flooded my mind.

As I savored the reality of this intensely erotic experience I was in, once more the pleasure wave picked me up and swaddled me in white hot sexual bliss and with the pulsing, pumping throb of agonizing ecstasy in my anal canal hurled me headlong into another chain of orgasms.

As I was tempest tossed in the throes of orgasmic torment embracing him our homoerotic liaison became more and more tawdry in my mind; the more illicit and vulgar it became the hotter it became. The thought of laying in bed with a man shamelessly experiencing sexual pleasure with my cock touching his anus, exposing our vulnerabilities to each other in an intimately tender way vaulted the orgasmic convulsions I was having to the highest levels of pleasure I have experienced for a long time. I was coating his anus with my precum, it was running down between his cheeks onto his leg.

He grasped my hands and unwrapped me as he dislodged my slimy cock from the equally slimy crevice between his ass cheeks. Getting up from the bed he went to the table across from the bed and turned on a small light that cast a dim glow through the room. He obviously wanted me to witness the sight of what we were about to do.

As powerful as physical stimulation might be, it pales when compared to the immeasurably greater psychological or mental high I get from getting a perineal massage; Kera had started one earlier that evening and he intended to start where she left off. Building up sexual fluids from erotic massage was clearly the agenda here.

The very notion of being placed naked in a vulgar exposed position where I couldn’t hide anything results in a powerful mental rush, for me. As a guy I am trained and programmed to control the sexual experience and to pursue orgasm both physically and mentally. This experience is different. I had to allow myself to be placed in an unaccustomed submissive role, and put orgasm out of my mind but focus on pure sensual pleasure instead as I offered myself to him.

I was laying there naked with my legs parted looking into his eyes as he gently began to massage around this intimate part of me. Suddenly I felt very intimately connected with him; a deep spirituality washed over me. It felt so exquisitely intimate, sensual and erotic.

He had me in my I preferred position, laid back reclining position with my back raised off the bed and supported by large firm pillows at about a 30 degree angle. My knees were up in the direction of my chest and angled with my legs outward. This position is very comfortable for me, as well as allowing him an unobstructed field of vision and unfettered access to my anus, perineum and penis. More over I had a full view of his body, especially his long elegant cock erected and cantilevered out 90 degrees from his body.

He began by massaging my abdomen, inner thighs and belly button. As much as I wanted to close my eyes and savor sensations instead I chose to keep them open so I could watch him and look into his eyes as he did me. I wanted to see him as he saw the expressions of rapture in my own eyes from his warm slippery hands working on my cock and balls. He found the wide cable like ligament going right up the middle of my perineum from just behind my balls and extends to deep under my perineum near my anus. He started by stroking that ligament from my anus to my balls pressing my perineum firmly.

He placed his fingers from both his hands on either side of this ligament gently touching each other. He then pressed gently and moved his fingers left to right over it. The skin moved with his fingers but the ligament just stretched in place. He alternated this with stroking that followed its ridge pressing in tenderly. I was breathing deeply and focusing on the gentle tugging sensation on my cock and anus that resulted.

As I was fully erect and dripping he very gently pressed and massaged me there with the pad of his thumb right in my “million dollar spot” on my perineum. I felt the zing go through my prostate, penis and anus.

He began to massage my perineum more diffusely extending the strokes to engage the base of my ball sack and the ring around my anus. I got a very pleasant sensation around and under my cockhead along my shaft and deep under my balls in my cock root as he did this. Soon I got the tingling – buzzing sensation in the core of my cock and deep in my anus that caused my pulse to quicken and my anus to clench. He continued this massage all the way up over my balls, caressing the length of my cock shaft, jelking it to just under my cockhead. My cock slid easily through the grip of his well oiled palms. I was streaming pre cum from the milking he was giving me; each upward stroke around my shaft forced a thick clear stream of my syrup to flow down my cock and all over his hand.

After 20 minutes of this exquisite torture he extended the massage to my anus, applying well lubricated firm pressure all around my opening. It is a sensation that can only be described as riveting. My opening was trembling and twitching to the delicate touch of his strong fingers, which also will make my cock lurch and spew more pre cum.

By then I had descended to a serene state of arousal. My heart was pounding but I was frozen in place, immobilized by the rapture that covered me like a great heavy erotic blanket.

My legs were now quivering. He poured a small quantity of cream on my balls. He then began in earnest to gently massage my balls, holding them in his hand and warming them, causing them to descend into his caress. He then gently stroked the back side of my ball sack and then fingered my seminal vesicles inside my sac on top of my balls. Ever so gently he stroke them with his middle finger while he held my balls in his hand to warm them and keep them descended. He was most definitely an expert on how to massage balls.

I was hypnotized by the sensation and sight of him tenderly massaging and cradling this very vulnerable and intimate part of me. As a guy I am supposed to be tough and macho, but this part of me is so tender and delicate it belies the rugged masculinity that I ret to project in my daily life. I gave him this vulnerable part of me to caress and adore with his warm hands. It was deeply spiritual.

He then massaged the area above the base of my cock, on my pubic bone at the same time he was cradling my balls. Just above my pubic bone he firmly pushed down on the soft tissue above the bone on my lower abdomen. This will put ever so slight pressure on my prostate deep inside me.

He then teased me by rubbing around the base of my cock and avoided touching my shaft. Then slowly he worked the underside of my cock shaft from my pubic bone up to my corona stopping just short of the cleft at the tip. He was taking his time as he languidly massaged my shaft varying the speed and pressure; gently he squeezed it at the base with his right hand, and pulled up stretching it up as he slid off the tip. He then alternated with his left hand, taking his time doing this, right, left, right, left, etc. I was now as hard as I could be.

This was indeed the most agonizing pleasurable sensation I ever had from a cock massage. I was mumbling, trembling and verbalizing things to him that I never even said to a women. I was exposing my most profound personal desires and forbidden thoughts. I was pledging myself to be his whore and I told him all the ways I would pleasure him. Relaxation at this point was impossible; all my energy was focused on the searing hot ecstasy that was holding onto my cock and boring into my asshole. Then once again suddenly everything stopped.

He kneeled by the side of me, still on the bed. Then leaning over me he pushed my legs together and straightened them out. Then hoisting his leg over my hip as if he was mounting a horse, he straddled my hips. His elegant cock was as straight and hard as an oak branch and it was suspended over my own cock. Then as I watched with my heart racing he lowered his body until first his balls rested on mine and then the full length of his cock laid on top of mine. The heat from his erected stem was searing. Beyond the heat of his member on mine was the sensation of smooth silky skin.

Then just as I was entranced watching his cock kissing mine, my view was obscured by his body. He laid his pelvis on mine and held his torso away from me like he was doing a modified push up on me. I caressed his ass cheeks as he mounted me and rasied my mouth to his nipples and alternately sucked on them. They were rigid and unbelievably had a sweet taste to them. Our cocks were pressed against each other cockhead to cockhead. He was very skilled at steering his penis as he began to hump me.. Slowly he began to hump me rubbing his cock against mine as I lay stationary. It was incredibly hard to lay still, but I had to. If I moved our cocks would disengage and I wanted nothing more to feel his penis rubbing against mine. His pelvic thrusts rubbed his cock mercilessly against meine. As he rutted me he grunted and groaned and cast of any sense of propriety or reservation as animal lust overpowered our rational human brains.

I lay there holding his ass cheeks, embracing them with my palms and holding his pelvis to mine. He was grinding our cocks together until he moaned. He then suddenly righted himself and as he straddled my hips he grasped his reddened cock held it against my cockhead. With a low throaty groan his cockhead swelled and his whole shaft lurched as he spewed a thick rope of his cream all over my cock.

Pouring his steaming cum on my cockhead pushed me over the edge. I released my own prodigious stream of semen to mingle with his. As I shot my load my anus flexed and spasms of relief echoed in my anal canal. My legs trembled as my opaque white essence combined with his to make a very sexy cocktail

So when it was all over, my cock was limp and slimy, my heart was racing and I was a sloppy mess; with great aplomb he got off of me and he was gone. All that was left was a pool of his semen on my belly and another memory for me.