(M)y solo anal adventure

My adventure

A couple weeks ago I bought an Aneros Vice (the vibrating one). I have used it a few times while driving to and from work without great results. It felt good, but I never had to pull over or anything because I was cumming.
I didn’t have the opportunity to use it again until today.
I have recently gotten into using my wife’s hitachi on my penis with phenomenal results. Absolutely amazing feeling.
Yesterday I returned home after a trip to an empty house while the wife and kids are still on vacation for a few more weeks.
We I was feeling ok after my long travel day I decided to relax with some porn and a nice hitachi session (the Aneros was at work). I got into it and started edging. Then after about 30 minutes or so decided to use my wife’s Lelo Ina 2 on my prostate. Insertion felt pretty good, but was nothing special. I put it in so the clit stimulator could go on my perenium and used it like an Aneros. I edged for about an hour more with the Lelo and Hitachi. I finally decided I was going to practice anal only stimulation and put the hitachi down.
With the Lelo only I started flexing and trying different positions to see what worked. After a bit I was laying on my back and putting my knees at a 45 degree angle and lifting my ass off the bed and contracting muscles. While that felt good, I wasn’t satisfied. I started fucking myself with the Lelo and pulling the handle down while in the same position. I started leaking small amounts of cum from my now soft cock. As I continued to do this my body tensed up and started shaking, feeling like I was right on the edge. I just couldn’t seem the get to the prostate only orgasm. I worked for about an hour, but every time I got to that point my body got tired and I had to stop and relax for a bit. Eventually I stopped and gave in and picked up the hitachi to finish me off. It was the biggest load I have ever had. It didn’t shoot but it sure spurted a little of that make sense. I ended my session and cleaned everything up.
A couple of hours later I had another hitachi only session. No edging or anything. Just straight to business and that was another large load. Top 5 in size I’d say.
As I lie here typing this all out I have the Aneros in. It has been in for about an hour. I started out doing some chores around the house and then the wife called. The connection was bad so I started typing this while we were trouble shooting. I haven’t been flexing much at all. If feels good when I do, but not great yet. It definitely feels more substantial than the Lelo. I am going to do a few more chores and then lay down and have a more focused session in a bit. I will post updates on a regular basis, almost daily for the next couple of weeks. We’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Uhhhhhhhh……

    This may be more appropriate for /r/prostateplay, but it’s cool though.

    You have a lot going on here

    – the lelo Ina is designed for g spots (female), though I’m sure it feels good, its shape is a little bit different than prostate (male) specific toys and may never give you exactly what you’re looking for.

    – don’t have a vice, but if you want to really see what an aneros can do you need to get a regular version like Helix, MGX or Progasm. The key is to relax and get a feedback loop of arousal going. I suspect that the vibrating interferes with the learning and re wiring process.

    – Wife and family away?, perfect time to get super relaxed and have a nice hour to hour and a half session undisturbed or distracted. Driving a car will never ever allow you the full relaxation necessary to have a prostate orgasm. Only saying because I’ve tried. Plus the aneros needs to be free to move around and is very inhibited by sitting postures. Honestly once you start being successful you’ll want to be comfortable as possible and you’ll understand.

    – just keep having fun. I think people can get way too easily frustrated about not immediately cumming from the prostate. It’s worth working towards, but can take a lot of practice. Truth be told just keep doing whatever sounds good. Hitachi edging sounds fantastic, wish I had one :). At the end of the day the extra extra awesome ejaculation you get after butt play is a beautiful thing on its own.

  2. Sorry for the lack of updates. I got a stomach bug (not from my play, others got sick first).
    Here’s how the rest of my night went though. I kept it in for about 4 hours. It was great. I had great pleasure. No big o, but I almost had a regular o. I was able to lie there, use my muscles and air hump to get the Vice to hit my prostate. Got pretty close. Hands free! Several times. Flaccid penis the entire time. When I wasn’t able to keep doing that I used the hitachi on my penis with the Vice in. I noticed my penis was extra unsensitive. That’s when I stopped, got cleaned up and went to sleep.
    My penis has been unsensitive since.
    Anyway, today I was able to eat part of a meal, so I’m thinking I won’t be ready for play until after family is back. Brutal. Just wanted to give you guys the heads up.

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