Is the progasm permanently going to stretch my sphincter? A little concerned.

So I moved up from a helix to a progasm. The first couple times were a little uncomfortable, but now it pops in quite easily. I’ve noticed that my sphincter is looser when soaping and whatnot in the shower.

I tried the helix again recently and it felt tiny!

Just wondering if anyone has had similar results.



  1. No. I’ve shat much larger poops than a Progasm and never have stayed stretched out. Everything should reset to normal between sessions. You may have just found that you like the fuller feeling and gravitate towards it once you tried it.

    If you get really good at it you’ll find the smaller sizes have a different effect because they are more *mobile*. A Helix can accomplish different subtle movements that a Progasm is too restricted to do.

    I’ve been really wanting to try the MGX or Eupho because I’ve heard, especially Eupho, can move around inside like crazy.

    I think your just more relaxed when it comes to soaping up in the shower etc. and insertions happen a lot easier. All this stuff is so mental it is crazy

  2. Nope! It becomes “stretchier” which means it can handle girth more easily, but this wont cause any problems. Its a muscle, after all, and stretching it actually exercises it which makes it stronger. It feels loose after the buttplay but that goes away quickly.

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