“Didn’t Know This Was Possible”

It started out so innocently……I was researching online whole-body orgasms for men. It seemed intriguing. I knew that this basically was what we Aneros guys call a “Super-O” and it seemed to be triggered down in the prostate, typically with our Aneros prostate stimulators. I had finished with my online “research” and decided to perform an experiment.

I got back into bed (it is very early AM) and decided to get in my favorite right-side position as if I was starting an Aneros session. I began to perform some light PC/anal contractions and didn’t think much about it. I thought I would just drift back to sleep. Then the most amazing thing happened!

I began to “visualize” the pleasure (P-waves) in my head and (within 10 minutes or so) believe it or not…..I started to feel them very strongly! Was this real or was it a dream? It was real! Before I knew it, the pleasure waves seemed to grow more intense and were concentrated within my anal/rectal area and probably my prostate. OMG! Suddenly, I am falling into a fantasy…… I am being penetrated anally and am beginning to thrust in the bed in sync with my breathing, which now has become much more pronounced and regular…I am starting to MOAN as if I may be headed for an orgasm! Then it happened!

I AM HAVING A SUPER-O ALESS! I am shaking and convulsing on the bed and I can’t stop it! This probably went on for at least a minute or two. The pleasure waves continued on and before long I am having another Super-O (although this one was not nearly as powerful as the first). I am breathless and still shaking my head…..Did this really happen? I didn’t know this was possible! Could I have yet another one? I felt like I could but decided that this was more than enough for now.


What I took away from this “session” —
I seemingly can trigger a Super-O with my mind! This is absolutely mind-blowing! Of course, I need to have the right mindset (receptive to whole-body arousal) in order to accomplish this, but I know it is indeed possible! This is the ultimate Aless experience! Can I do it again? I will continue the experiment and find out……

PS I got back into bed about an hour later……This time I got on my LEFT side (just to even-things-out!) Well, I started doing the light anal/PC contractions again and before long, I am feeling an overwhelmingly “sexy” feeling all over my body. I take off my PJ bottoms and almost immediately fall into a fantasy: (don’t get grossed-out!) I am experiencing a blow-job (male or female? I don’t know but I believe it was male) and I feel my penis getting very aroused by it. This went on for not too long and I was starting to build-up towards something (perhaps another Super-O?) But I didn’t have time to explore the feeling further. I realized that I indeed have the power to generate these amazing whole-body orgasms at will! I will save the next Super-O for another time!
I believe one factor at play here is the fact that I have drastically cut-back my ejaculatory frequency and it is making me more ‘horny’. I feel this horniness all throughout my body. I guess you can say it is almost an ‘orgasmic’ feeling. I love it!

Update: Brief encounter with my wife this AM. Ended with me ‘bating’ while she observed (what a turn on!) The E came quickly and was intense (quantity and force were phenomenal!) I suddenly don’t feel horny any more but feel very weak! This ‘infrequent’ E took a lot out of me!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/didnt-know-this-was-possible/