“How Can Such A Small Device Inflict So Much Pleasure?”

[Sorry but this episode does contain some necessary expletives]

I have been down this road before….I decided to do just a “quick” session with the Peridise (Small). I was aroused this AM, feeling very horny and needed to insert something to try to relieve this feeling. I again woke up with a full erection and heading towards a wet dream. I lubed-up the small Peridise and gently pulled it in. I intended to perform essentially a ‘do-nothing’ session with it. I should have known better…


Now I have experienced Peridise many times before, but this time it was different. To start, I felt an almost immediate ‘quivering’ as the Peridise began to move in and out on its own. This is how it is designed. As the feelings intensified, I began to moan and later on, cry (I really wanted to scream). If you have never experienced the Peridise before, let me say that it is a ‘hellish’ invention: it is almost impossible to describe the feelings which it can ‘inflict’ within your body (in particular your anus and rectum). Let me try a few words out: anal fuck, intense anal fuck, extreme anal fuck, spine-tingling anal fuck…..these are all too weak in my opinion! At one point, the Peridise moved out so much (due to peristalsis effect) that it was completely expelled from my rectum! OMG! This feeling blew my mind!

I am still at a loss for words on how to describe this pleasure. Yes it is a continuous ‘pleasure-wave’ centered within the anus. It inflicts so much pleasure that the brain is sexually overloaded. It is almost like a continuous anal orgasm that will not stop. You WANT it to stop but at the same time you are in such a euphoric state you DO NOT WANT it to stop! What a dilemma!

I know I have said this before but I’ll say it again…..how is it possible for the (male) body to hold so much fucking pleasure? It is mind-blowing! I really believe that the Peridise could be used as ‘torture’ device to get guys to reveal their innermost secrets. There is only so much that a male body can endure. How long could I endure it? I lasted 45 minutes. I could not take any fucking more!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/how-can-such-a-small-device-inflict-so-much-pleasure/