“Nocturnal Emission?…..Almost There!”

“Nocturnal emission: Spontaneous ejaculation, with orgasm, occurring during sleep, often at the climax of an erotic dream. The phenomenon is experienced from time to time by most males with restricted sexual opportunities who do not regularly masturbate.”

“Some men continue to have wet dreams well into adulthood.”


I am awakened this early AM with another extremely strong erection, one which had no signs of retreating anytime soon. I am laying on my stomach and, due to my tendency for erotic fantasies, I felt that I was 95% on my way towards a ‘wet dream’. I know that wet dreams usually occur during REM sleep and usually climax following an erotic dream. While on my stomach, I noticed that if I ‘move around’ (thrusting, etc.) ever-so-slightly on the bed at that time, I would put enough pressure and stimulation on my penis to actually trigger an ejaculation. I had the E ‘in the cross-hairs’! I can see that with just a little bit of ‘fantasy’ (which I could easily supply) combined with the stimulation of the underside of my penis, I would definitely achieve a wet dream! I turned on the light and took a look….sure enough, I had precum visible so I know I was definitely heading for it! Did I want to cum now? No! But every night that goes by without an ejaculation for me (and combined with the all-over male ‘horrniness’ I am experiencing lately (due to my reduced frequency of ejaculations)), only leads me to believe that I will wake up one morning and discover a puddle of semen on the bed! I would not be surprised in the least! The only unanswered question I have now: what will be the ‘fantasy’ that triggers it? I am intrigued……..

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/nocturnal-emission-almost-there/