“50 Ways to F*** You: A Powerful Fantasy”

[This fantasy sequence is somewhat graphic]

Background: I am awakened in the very early AM with a POWERFUL erection: so strong, in fact, I think I have been ‘drugged’ with Viagra! This erection lasted at least 30 minutes and would not subside. I went onto my PC as I usually do in the early AM and finished-up early. I decided to get back to bed and catch a few winks. Or so I thought…….

As before, I just did a ‘few’ anal/PC contractions since I remembered a previous Aless ‘session’ that produced a couple of Super-O’s! I just wanted to see if I could achieve that same result 24 hours later.

I began a few contractions to start (I am laying in my favorite right side position) and almost immediately, I began to convulse my body and I felt a quivering feeling in my prostate. I began moaning with every breath, which is now beginning to grow stronger with every inhalation. I have never fallen-into a fantasy as quickly as this one. I am again being anally penetrated by my male lover as he wraps his firm torso around mine. He glides his wet cock into me and starts with some light thrusts that become deeper and more forceful with every stroke, but extremely pleasurable for me. With every stroke, I contract my anal muscles in sync with his movements. I am feeling a pleasure in my anus and rectum that just can’t be described, only felt. I feel it from the tips of my fingers to the ends of my toes. I can’t hold back the stronger moans (and some expletives too). I want to scream. What happened next was truly mind-blowing:

We began to move-around on the bed and my lover stayed right with me. With every new position, he continued to thrust within me. I moved to my left side……I turned on my stomach…….I was ‘spread-eagle’ first on my stomach, then on my back…….we went ‘doggy-style’………he stayed right with me and continued his wonderful thrusting. I propped up my lower torso with a pillow…..I pulled both knees up to my chest….My fluttering prostate would not stop and neither would he! I lost count of the positions we tried…….


I believe this ‘fantasy’ went on for at least 20 minutes. It probably could have gone on for another hour; my lover didn’t want it to stop (and neither did I!). But we were interrupted by…the dogs! Well, I got up from bed feeling sexy and energized!


PS Following the powerful ejaculation I experienced two days ago, I am very horny and feeling an intense “male energy”. It is very hard to describe; it is almost like building-up to a ‘whole-body’ orgasm (not confined just to the penis). It is as if I feel I can achieve an orgasm in almost any part of my male body. For example, following a daily swim, in the shower, I just felt the bottom of my scrotum and perineum and…OMG!..I could have blasted-off into orgasmic orbit! I had to stop right away! I was developing a strong erection too so I had to cool-down before my shower ended. I did!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/50-ways-to-f-you-a-powerful-fantasy/