Am I using the prostate stimulator wrong?

So, I have been very intrigued by the idea of having an orgasm via prostate stimulation. So, I bought the Aneros Helix because I read everywhere online that it is great for beginners.
When I insert it, i don’t really feel anything. I have done what the guide says “tighten and release your muscles to move the stimulator in a back and forth motion.” And it does move in a back and forth motion, but i only feel the sensation when I tighten the muscles. I BARELY feel that “peeing” sensation that I’ve read about online. And as soon as i release the muscles the feeling goes away, & is difficult to get back.
I have tried using my hand to move the toy in & out as I tighten my muscles and this feels amazing, but as soon as I release the muscles, the feeling goes away quickly. I can’t keep my muscles tight forever. How will I ever reach an orgasm by using the Aneros Helix?



  1. Have you read the aneros wiki? Its in the sidebar and is an awesome beginners FAQs.

    Rewiring takes time. More girth is not likely the problem, although you may find you like bigger models or even non-aneros type toys better. Keep practicing for a while.

    Try a session where you’ve edged for a bit with normal maturation, then try inserting your Helix and see if you notice any new sensation.

  2. Can only speak for my self of course, but the journey towards a super o has been more about a state of mind, triggered and encouraged by prostate massaging, but in no way dependent on it.

    Some folks seem to be able to get there much easier than me, but for myself, it is probably 70 percent mental at least, 30 percent physical at most.

  3. I’ve been in the same boat for a long time. From what I understand, you can approach prostate massage from 2 perspectives. I think people are wired to one of them more depending on how they masturbated since their first time in childhood. If you would always clench ass during your orgasms, you’re more likely to associate it with pleasure, I think.

    So, first is what you described, clenching the pelvic floor muscles. Pleasure is in short, strong bursts. It gets even better if you sit on the edge of a chair and stretch your legs and hamstrings. Preferably after weeks of no fap to make it stronger. Second approach is relaxing it. The pleasure is weaker, but continuous and it builds up.

    The first method is like crude forcing and although incredible, I’m not entirely sure if it’s healthy. The second is more gentle, but more difficult, as it requires continuous mental arousal. Only the second method leads to true, amazing prostate orgasm.

    I don’t have much success with the second method and it makes me wonder if perhaps I’m somewhat more neurochemically desentesized than the guys who do manage it. Let me explain: From what I understand, to get into the slow subtle wave-“peeing”-build-up sensation, you’ve got to lightly press on prostate and hold mental arousal for at least 10 minutes straight. The pleasure can be felt at some point and starts to build up. But if you can’t make yourself turned on continuously for 10 minutes without penile stimulation, you’re going to lose it. So to achieve it one needs to have fresh neurotransmitters and hormones of horny 14 year old. I’m 23 with ordinary human fapping habits since about 14.

    I also think penis matters in all this. People say it shouldn’t be given attention because it draws blood flow and “nerves activity” from prostate, but in my case I cannot feel prostate unless I have a boner. If I have no boner, prostate becomes soft and disappears somewhere. Perhaps people who manage big O have the ability to make prostate hard while having soft dick?

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