1. I would think that a chastity device would isolate and dampen the penile sensations and leave anything else that is available to be experienced. I have no first hand experience with chastity so this may be more opinion than fact. Try checking in /r/chastity.

  2. I can speak from experience: a chastity device makes it wayyyy easier to focus on prostate sensations. To make it extra fun, find a way to make the keys secure so that you can’t unlock yourself in desperation. Maybe give to a friend, or as a compromise, freeze them in water. Giving yourself that “helpless” feeling, at least for me, super amplifies the whole experience. It’s *such* a turn-on.

  3. one thing it **definitely** helps with is avoiding fluids going everywhere. You can just put a condom over it to catch/contain every bit of fluid, without the condom feeling restrictive or anything because it pushes against a rigid material instead of you, so you dont even feel it. Plus it stays in place (which a condom on a limp dick probably wouldnt).

  4. I was the one that posted a while ago. I’ve been involved in chastity play for 4 years now, and anal play for about 3. During periods of denial when I’ve been locked, all I can think about is getting some sort of prostate sensation. It certainly makes it easier for me to enjoy anal play, and I would recommend it to everyone, whether you’re in to prostate playing or not. But I guess I am a little biased.

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