Alternative liquid lubricants

Hi guys,

I’m hoping you can help. I recently bought the Helix Syn and have been using unrefined Shea butter with it. However, I’m looking for a liquid alternative that I can use with it, preferably something discreet (as in not necessarily intended for this purpose, much like the Shea butter) that is available at a local grocery store / Amazon.

If anyone can share alternatives that have worked for them, I’d be very grateful!



  1. I bought a bottle of water based lube off Amazon and just took the label off of it. Cant really tell its lube, I also got a lube launcher. I squirt some into my ass then lube up the Aneros and I can go 3 hours easily. I used to use shea butter but this is way easier.

  2. I like the lube that is sold on the aneros website, called sessions. Kind of expensive so I buy in bulk, for a lower price.

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