“Helix, How High Can I Go?”

I was already greatly-aroused. Following a “tantric” cuddling session with my wife, I retired with a nice hard erection. I was awakened in the very early AM still aroused and checked-out some erotic music, sexual arousal hypnosis and binaural beats for about two hours. Guys, I was feeling it and was in desperate need of a session!


I quickly lubed-up the Helix (this is the one my body wanted) and took my time inserting it. I got it in only half-way and let my body take over the rest of the way. It took about 2 minutes overall (very nice!) I got onto my right side position and began very light contractions. Surprisingly, I did not have any auto-contractions this ride. However, I began to feel an almost immediate pleasure, almost like a “quiet ache” that seemed to intensify quickly. I began to practice a “new” technique for me which I don’t remember doing before: I did a fairly slow, strong contraction and HELD IT for an extended period (perhaps a minute or so) and slowly relaxed. As I did this, I began to experience some toe-curling feelings from my prostate. What happened next blew me away…….

I am experiencing a combination of whole-body convulsions, shaking, moaning and crying. I believe I am experiencing a Super-O or two (probably not the strongest but strong enough) as well as some Dry-O’s. I counted at least SEVEN separate occasions where I reached a peak and then began the downward descent again. This went on OVER and OVER and OVER again! I almost couldn’t take any more but it felt so good! At several points, I rolled-over onto my back and supported my lower back with my hands while I repeated the slow, strong, HELD contraction and,…..OMG!……I feel a combination of Dry-O along with an intense quivering that is moving the Helix in and out so that I can feel it distinctly in the P-Tab and downward to my perineum! Ohhhhh!


Now, I believe I could have extended this amazing Helix session much longer than I did. But I honestly felt that if I were to progress to another Super-O, I may not be able to contain my pleasure and I would probably wake up the entire household! So I decided to end this session quietly (and probably prematurely) but am savoring the post-session Aless sensations which are continuing! I have not ejaculated in about three days now so I will be quite horny today.

PS As I have discovered before, being aroused before a session seems to expand the sessions’ pleasure. For this session, I was GREATLY aroused so the pleasure was equally as great! How high could I have taken the arousal and the resulting pleasure? Intriguing question. I’ll have to explore this further in a future session!

PS I distinctly felt aroused in my penis! It did not remain flaccid but continued to feel semi-erect throughout this session.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/helix-how-high-can-i-go/