Lelo Loki wave followup, as requested.

So I got the wave after the previous post, mostly because of the coupon in the thread, and some of the stuff I read about it.

I’ll start by saying I’m a tall (6’5″) person who owns a Helix and Progasm, and has no comfort issues with the latter. Owned them since November of last year.
I have never had a super O, and only gotten the serious full body P waves once with the helix, but get a lot of pleasure, tingles,and leakage out of both models, so your mileage may vary here.

The thing is pretty fuckin awesome, to get to the point. Made as much time as possible to be able to get familiar with it in the short time I’ve had it. I’m still feeling out differences, and while I like the wave motion, it hasn’t triggered some new cascade effect or anything. The vibes on the other hand are a whole new thing for me. The first couple of times I started low and then probably got ahead of myself and went to blast mode, which felt super good, but was definitely not anything that was going to move me towards a super O (as far as I can tell, anyway). Side note, the regular O and aftershocks from finishing yourself off while the “Boom” pattern as I call it is going is pretty crazy. The pattern is a REALLY deep vibe hit that tapers off to nothing fairly quickly, and then a second or 2 later another boom.

Moved on to trying with lower intensity (but still pretty deep) vibes, and found some new and interesting experiences, some involuntary rhythmic light clenching as a result just like the aneros, but also a minor buildup and fullness that feels somewhat different than with the aneros.

Last couple times I used the helix for about and hour first, felt like I was getting a bit further than I was used to, and then when it tapered off after that, put the Wave in to see what happened. Last time it definitely felt like a buildup, probably got too excited for my own good and lost it. The O after was especially good again.

I’m going to try a Progasm session here in a few, but will be back to check on any followups.

Also someone else in the thread bought one, so if they wanna throw their personal experiences out in here, have at.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/4mvq7j/lelo_loki_wave_followup_as_requested/


  1. Do you have boner all the time throughout?

    I’m in this weird situation where I need a boner so that my prostate stays hard and sensitive, but I can’t have a boner and prostate orgasm at the same time. When the build up starts, penis shrinks. And some time after it shrinks, prostate shrinks too, as it’s connected to the dick. It’s a vicious loop

  2. Hey, I posted the original thread about the Loki Wave a week or so ago. Thank you for the followup!

    I still haven’t gotten one myself. I’m really torn between getting a Loki Wave or the original Loki, without the perineum extension. What was your opinion of it? Did it help, or just get in the way? Most of the feeling I get from p-waves or similar feelings is pretty deep, and I don’t see anything external helping a lot.

    I have had more success manually using toys besides the aneros, and can’t get the motion in the exact right spots without using my hands too, which is what I’d like to get past first. How well did this work hands free?

  3. Have you ever used the Nexus Revo toys? If so, could you compare them and give an idea which you prefer, between Revo and Loki Wave?

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