“What Is The Pinnacle Of Male Sexual Arousal?”

Well, I was unable to perform an Aneros session last night. In addition, my wife was not very receptive to my advances. So, where does that leave me? Horny! Penis horny and prostate horny! I am writing this entry because with recent developments, I believe I am ‘pushing’ my limit of sexual arousal beyond where it has been at any time in the past.

As my arousal grows with no release (ejaculation or prostate orgasm) on my part, I distinctly feel that male ‘energy’ starting to build-up in my body, like before. Only this time, it seems to be much stronger. Therefore, I ask the question:

What is the pinnacle of male sexual arousal? Obviously, it is different for every man.

In my case, there are several factors at play:

-My recent visit to urologist, and having my prostate ‘thoroughly examined’
-Taking Cialis for a couple of days with resulting effects, then having to give it up (withdrawal effect?)
-No ejaculations for about 5 days now
-Recent dosing sessions of binaural beats for sexual arousal
-Recent dosing of erotic hypnosis for ED
-Continuing to swim most days. This is a sexual turn-on in itself, not including the stimulating effect of the cool water

In essence, I can feel this sexual ‘energy’ building up in every part of my body and it is SCREAMING for release! I have a constant quivering in my anus and my prostate that will not stop now. I have a bulge in my perineum. I need to ejaculate!

But, there is a fine-line between what I am feeling and the real need to ejaculate. Sure, it would feel great to go-off. But does it feel even better to keep it in? This is a perplexing choice. The state of arousal for a male is an exquisitely “sexy” feeling. But what does that mean, really? I seem to have come full-circle on this topic. We males love the feeling of being turned-on and when we achieve the blissful release through ejaculation or orgasm, where does that leave us? Waiting for the next release of course! This is a never-ending cycle, but one of which we are never tired.

So, where does that leave me now? I am continuing to climb this ‘mountain’ of sexual arousal, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. How how will I go? Rather, HOW HIGH DO I WANT TO GO?


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/what-is-the-pinnacle-of-male-sexual-arousal/