6/15/16 Noon Session, Aneros & Aless Chi *

Hi guys,

I wanted a session first thing this morning, but couldn’t. I had to send out some e-mails, most of them with a large Presbyterian church library where I am volunteer here. While I was composing and sending these e-mails, I had surges of sweet Aless that wouldn’t quit.

My sessions and Aless in recent weeks have been very powerful ever since I discovered how wonderful Kegels and Reverse Kegels are when performed with my Aneros models. Fortunately outside of sessions, my Aless varies in intensity. It can be strong some moments and gentle and subtle other moments. Also I can even induce and control my Aless with the Kegels. It is so sweet. For example, around dawn this morning, I was lying in bed when Aless came upon me. I felt sweet energy some moments centered in my prostate, other moments in my anal musculature, and most of all, powerful, sweet energy at the root of my penis. Wow!

My morning of e-mail correspondence came it an end as noon arrived. I prepared my favorite Aneros tools, my futon, and pillows in short order. Now I insert each of my models. My body automatically takes over. The “do nothing” technique works well on my right side and on my back. It is the most natural thing in the world. I use the Kegels and Reverse Kegels almost as weight training sets, maybe five a set. But it is nice to let my body take over and let it savor in its own way such sets, or even a Kegel leisurely and slowly. Wow, what powerful, sweet sexual energy is produced. Almost like Albert Einstein’s E=mc^2!

Another thing about Aless, you can intensify it through gentle breathing exercises!

Take care!

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