“Short Refractory Period?”

Following just one day after my Super-T, I thought things would ‘settle-down’ for at least a couple of days. NOT! Things were hot and heavy with my wife this AM (quite unexpectedly but very intensely arousing). I didn’t climax but came really close. Following a nice swim, and entering this blog, I now have an amazingly STRONG anal/prostate pulsing which is blowing my mind! I thought there would at least be a refractory period during which time I would be at the ‘bottom’ of the arousal mountain! NOT AGAIN! I am actually going into erection mode just with some simple, easy kegels. What is going on here?

It is as if my body is in tune for a greater frequency of arousal and is rewarding me with unimaginable pleasures!

I realize now that this was a ‘tantric sex’ session without climax. It started slowly but continued to build. It could have gone on longer but we ran out of time after about an hour.

PS: Had to lie down. Still experiencing anal/prostate pulsing. OMG! Experiencing at least three Dry-O’s in succession (with moaning).


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/short-refractory-period/