“No Ejaculation For A Week: How Does That Feel?”

Well, I made it! It has been a full 7 days since my last ejaculation. Yes, I have had many erections and regular tantric sessions with my wife. But no climax. How do I feel? Let me try to describe it……

I am NOT:
– feeling horny all the time
– trying to suppress an erection during the day (they don’t seem to happen that often)
– thinking about penetration all the time
– developing a feeling of ‘blue balls’
– embarking on any Aneros sessions at least for the time being

– producing a lot of precum during tantric cuddling
– getting aroused with a rock-hard erection very quickly when I’m in bed next to my wife
– noticing my package is longer and fuller
– sure I will be heading towards a wet dream soon if I continue to abstain
– able to trigger a nice Aless feeling when I want it

Frankly, I am surprised that I am able to refrain from ejaculating for a full week. Where am I on the arousal ‘mountain’? Right now, I don’t think I’m too far up.


Conclusion: I was under the impression that I would ‘explode’ sexually after a week without ejaculation. However, that does not seem to be case, at least with me. Perhaps this is part of the re-wiring process? I guess the real ‘test’ will be when I reach the PONR and am ready to go-off. What will that erection feel like? How much ejaculate will I produce? What will that ejaculation feel like? Where will my cock be at the time (in or out?) Oh, the anticipation itself is very arousing!

PS Don’t get me wrong. I did not intend to go this long. It is just working out that way. is this part of the Aneros journey? I certainly am on a new pathway! Where will this lead me? I am intrigued to find out!


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