“Semen Retention: This Ain’t Easy, Guys!”

I kind-of stumbled onto semen retention due to several personal factors: my recent experience with DE, discovering tantric sex and just no ejaculations for a week. I am on a new pathway now. It is now eight days and I feel I can go farther. However, IT IS NOT EASY! Let me explain…….

First off, my body is ‘adjusting’ to this newfound absence from ejaculation. Yes, the tantric sex sessions are extremely stimulating but since there is no expectation of climax, there has to be a sense of orgasm without ejaculation. This would be similar to an Aneros session! Have I experienced an orgasm yet? I don’t know for sure….probably not.


Every day that passes now brings a new awareness of greater sexual stimulation (I’m climbing the mountain again and before long, I should be at the top, if I can hold-out until then!) Yes, there are some erections but not as many as you may think. I have done a fair amount of reading on the subject of semen retention over the past week and it definitely seems to “fit the bill” as far as my sexual progress is concerned. Some guys may be saying…..how can not ejaculating be considered progress? Well, it seems that the release of semen in males is draining in more than one way. By retaining semen, the energy is transferred or “transmuted” into other areas of the body. For example, it has been discovered that testosterone level increases, mental focus becomes sharper and sexual stamina is greatly increased since there is no ejaculation expected. At this point, however, I am making no advances toward experiencing multiple orgasms without ejaculation. That takes a great deal of control and I believe there are some risks involved. So for now, I’ll just stick with basic tantric cuddling which I like a lot. If I will happen to go-off during one of these sessions (through grinding or partial penetration) well, that will be it and I will start a new ‘clock’! I will not purposely ‘kill the mood’ in order not to ejaculate! I’m not that foolish!

I think the key to success here is being able to successfully transfer this sexual energy to other tasks. When I do this, it seems to transfer a new kind of ‘drive’ into whatever task I may be accomplishing. This makes some sense and appears logical. But nothing can take away from the fact that I have not ejaculated for over a week now and sometimes the temptation is EXTREME. I can read all I want about semen retention but, in the end, it is MY BODY and it will behave as it wants to (just like an Aneros session, you generally cannot force a prostate orgasm; your body has to be ready for one). Therefore, if my body is ready for a wet dream, it will have one! Simple as that!

How will I feel after 10 days, 15 days, 20 days, more? I believe I should be able to hold-out at least until a wet dream (I hope!) I have been dosing on some binaural beats for erotic dream generation so I should expect some results any night now! Until then, it takes some ‘meditation-like’ thought process in order to transfer (or transmute) this energy (which is building-up every day now) into another channel. Because if I don’t, before long, I will be stroking my package with or without my knowledge. (This may yet occur just prior to a wet dream).


One interesting thing I read is that, with semen retention, one ‘side-benefit’ seems to be that women can somehow sense the guys that are practicing it and can become very sexually aroused. How or why this occurs remains somewhat of a mystery but there are several theories: the males give off an invisible scent which women can subconsciously sense; there is a sexual ‘aura’ surrounding the men; the way the men look, talk, makes eye contact and act can instantly be sensed. This is intriguing and I am looking forward (?) to the attention! I’ll update this blog if and when it happens!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/semen-retention-this-aint-easy-guys/