Loki Wave vs Nexus Sparta vs Nexus Revo

I’m moving on from the Helix and see a lot of talk about the Wave, I’m wondering if people have experience with the Sparta http://www.nexusrange.com/product/sparta or even the Revo, which got a raving review here: https://thebiggayreview.com/nexus-revo-stealth-prostate-massager/

Also Loki has the Hugo? Looking for your input to make a good decision, thank you 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/4pflkx/loki_wave_vs_nexus_sparta_vs_nexus_revo/


  1. Shit just buy all of them, bu4 first go with the sparta, the revo seems too much with its vibrating and rotating

  2. I have the Revo 2, which is the Stealth minus the remote. It’s my favorite toy and I highly recommend it. The best thing is the rotating head, but the vibrator is also amazing since it’s super strong.

  3. Here’s my own experience.

    Lelo Loki Wave – No experience yet for me, but curious. This may or may not be my next purchase when I actually have the money and opportunity.

    Nexus Sparta – also curious, but have had a hell of a time finding reviews. Most reviews I could find are unimpressed with it. If you get it, I’d be interested in your impressions.

    Revo Stealth – This is an amazing toy that’s prone to breaking. I went through three of them in 9 months – each time it broke, Lovehoney would replace it, but the shipping on that was about a month each, so I only got 6 months out of that 9 in actual use. The last time it broke after less than 30 days of 2-3 time a week use, and I traded it in for a Hugo. The issue is that the part that rotates can break. The same failure happened with all of mine and you’ll find others mention that in reddit posts and elsewhere, though Nexus has never addressed the issue. Other people never have a problem. You may want to buy somewhere with a good replacement/return policy. However, when it works, it’s awesome. If I could be guaranteed one that wouldn’t break, I’d buy another one today.

    Lelo Hugo – If you like vibration, this is a great toy. Strong vibrations, good patterns. The remote is nice – partly it IS a gimmick as some claim, but it’s also useful because you can wiggle it in your hand for your own patterns, which has its own uses. However, if movement is your thing (like the revo or the loki wave or even the sparta), you’ll find it lacking, as it doesn’t move. But if you love vibration, then it’s gonna be your best friend.

  4. i bought the Revo 2 and returned it because it just gave me absolutely no sensations 🙁

    if you have experience with anal and anal toys it may not work for u

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