Prostate only feels good if I contract pelvic floor. Contractions eventually lead to standard penile ejaculation

I can feel prostate really well, but hitting a certain threshold always results in the onset of typical contractions that push the semen out in a few quick bursts. If I’m very lucky it starts as prostate orgasm and semen starts flowing out, but after few seconds my pelvic floor contracts on its own and it’s ruined.

Also, generally prostate only feels good if I contract pelvic floor during the session. Teasing prostate without contraction feels like nothing. Has anybody been where I am?

Because nerves of prostate are connected to penis, my penis is always hard during the stimulation, and ejaculates normally.

I go 1-2 months between the sessions.



  1. Ok here is my exp. Not contracting or preventing the contractions will result non-eventful, but I have learned that laying on my side watching something highly arousing without motionless for 5 to 10 mins, letting the anal area get comfortable withe the presence of the aneros will make more pleasurable the contractions, Yes the pelvic floor will “want” to contract involuntarily, which I help by contracting my core to pull in the pelvic floor towards the core then releasing while slightly pushing continously will give me the feeling of ejaculating each time leading into a major orgasmic sensation that would seem like ejaculation was involved but non the less there is no actual semen to behold but only precum.

  2. >I go 1-2 months between the sessions.

    I don’t know what kind of roadblocks you have but the more you play and the higher the frequency you do it REALLY helps the rewiring process.

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