Holy Shit, the world just changed for me! What a ride!

Okay, 50 yo M here. Mostly, I just have to write this experience out. As much for me as to share with others.

Read about prostate orgasms, toys to achieve it, etc. Thought I’d try. My married sex life has become routine. Dull. Love my wife but sex for both of us simply isn’t that much of a priority anymore. For me this was/is as much about experiencing it as enjoying it. I want a frame of reference sort of thing (welcome to my psyche!).

Got an Aneros Helix, finally. Wife was gone for a few days to a wedding so I decided to have some fun with myself.

I will say that I’m not unfamiliar with physical feelings of pleasure, or analyzing what is going on with myself. I’ve done hallucinogens far more times than I can count in my youth, been so incredibly high with pulsing body stones, or mental confusion, etc. I know how to mentally center in the midst of it and evaluate, etc. So, being such a ‘heady’ guy I think I might overthink this thing and miss the mark. I have always been a *very* heterosexual man. I have gay friends but the though of a dick, or man’s ass just does SFA for me sexually. I may as well be thinking of a pair of pliers, or how I should cut the grass for all the sexual arousal gay sex gives me. Zip!

I had been hitting the gym, doing squats, planking, and other ‘core exercises’ to stay in shape anyway, so I after reading, and reading, and reading, I incorporated doing kegels during the day since those muscles were full of blood anyway. Surprisingly, kegels became pleasurable simply flexing. Driving, sitting, whatever. It was distracting how they just felt good. Effort, but just a good feeling. A physical feeling much like one of those “orgasmic stretches” you get when you wake up on a day off sort of thing.

Then my Aneros arrived in the mail.

Couldn’t wait to try it. Didn’t actually do kegels that day as I was afraid to ‘wear those muscles out’. That was a worry I need not have it turns out.

I got *really* high with some med pot to facilitate the experience. Showered first in very hot water, putting in on my head, neck and back to really, REALLY relax me. Obviously been doing my research like the good Bobby that Long John Baldry sings about… Had some mellow music on. Etc.

First try was, short and mildly arousing. Generally a bunch of feel good anal feelings. Some mild leakage from my dick of fluid. After about an hour I stop thinking to myself, …how fucking *long* would this take to get to a point where it’s more pleasure than work? I was wondering if I wasted money on the whole Aneros thing, over-hyped? etc. So, made some dinner, etc. Tried again later that evening and this time went for about 90 minutes. The feeling *definitely* became more and more intense. I was experimenting with position (on my back, side, rocking my body, etc.). Admittedly it felt a little ‘gay’ but I let go of those worries to ‘try’. At one point I though to myself “Why should gay men have all the fun? Fuck this, I want a taste!”. I was using a tablet to browse porn while I worked the Aneros and that really helped to boost me to the beginning of each successive ‘wave’ of pleasure. Sadly, there was no ‘release’ with the pleasure. Just, …pleasure in itself. Nothing really mind-blowing just really nice to feel. I started to really understand how women must feel when they say, “No, I didn’t cum, but it was really nice anyway.” I had *lots* of this. I *did* get the shaking everyone talks about. I wouldn’t say it was ‘involuntary’ I was *definitely* volunteering to shake! It felt *good*! But some of it was shaking in the sense of “come on!” “Get there!” sort of thing. Moaning, etc. Yes, btw, LET yourself be vocal – it helps. After 90 minutes of wave, followed by losing it, followed 5 minutes later by another ‘wave’ of pleasurable physical feelings that never really fully released; I finally said fuck it and finished by touching my dick for the first time (soaked with clear fluid). I *really* had a good cum! I blew a great load all over. Basically lying on my back and I gave myself a facial. It was one helluva good orgasm! Worth it right there.

The next day, I decide to try again. My wife doesn’t go away very often so having the free time was in my mind precious to me to use it try on my own for things other than walking around the house with no pants on, drinking from the milk jug… You know!

Essentially it was a repeat of the day before. Didn’t get as baked this time with weed (just a little to relax). But relaxed with some tunes, a warm shower, etc. Put in the Aneros and started up again.

As I was perusing porn on the tablet and waves began, I started to realize this simply *must be* what women feel like with sex (good sex anyway). I found myself writhing, and moaning like I have/had seen them do so many times in the past (In my life I’ve slept with somewhere around 80-ish women so I have some experience watching *a good sample* of women cum and writhe in pleasure – times were different when I was 20 and before I got gray and old and fat). So I’m thinking, okay just go with it. As I’m working the Aneros with my pelvic muscles and this thing is sliding around in my ass by my own volition I decide to go with it (*not* gay, remember?). I am imagining and thinking to myself “I *get* women now and their orgasms!” (maybe, how would you truly know?). I find myself on the verge wanting to say “fuck my ass”. I decide, hmmm – maybe I’m fooling myself? Maybe I am a bit gay? I decide to explore the idea and start to think about a dick in my ass, gay sex sort of thing. Surprisingly I start to lose my ‘groove’ of pleasure. That’s actually turning me *off*! So, I look at the tablet at women playing with themselves (which I like) and the pleasure train starts moving again. Go figure. WTF? So, in a brief instant I make a realization. Not gay, but maybe, …my *feminine side*? Is that what I’m getting in touch with? Maybe, maybe not. Who cares. The waves are much better and each time it’s closer and closer – so frustratingly closer with no real “release” that would be by all definitions an orgasm. I do realize the rhythm I’m flexing with the Aneros is the *same* successful rhythm that a lot of women seem to like. Same rhythm, same waves of pleasure repeated, I think(?) I get it now?

With each wave, I’m vibrating and shaking all the way to my shoulders, hips off the bed, tight stomach, shoulder shaking, all the stuff we read about. I feel like I may have to shit (falsely). I feel like I need to pee. I stop go to the bathroom and stand there to pee. I relax myself and start to pee but stop! It’s not really pee, …sort of. I “pee” in my hand through my fingers and it feels strange, …I taste it. Yup! I quickly realize it’s about 80% clear fluid and only at most 20% pee. And it FEELS GOOD to release like that! I moaned like a bitch when I pee’d!

So, smoke some more weed and get back at it. I’m easy 90 minutes in by now (up to the peeing/moaning) and the waves come faster to me since I’m mostly there I think. Well, I get so frustrating close, and I’m shaking again and muscles are tight, I’m moaning like a woman in the throes and I need to pee again. This time I say fuck it! Pee! Just keep going. It’s not like I hadn’t had a woman pee on me years back – this is my pee! Fuck it I’ll wash the sheets after. This is just too good to stop! I can’t pee. I’m too tense and shaking. I mentally *force* myself to relax while I’m working the Aneros (which has been, amazingly non-stop flexing in my ass the whole time and I’m not worn out yet!). As I relax while I’m on top of the wave, It takes some force of will but I start to pee. I’m so on the verge I’m like “fuck the mess! I can clean it up for this kind of fun!”

It *ain’t* pee! Some of it probably. But I spray the fucking room with a shower of clear fluid (and my dick isn’t even hard!), and it is so utterly magnificent I am *trying* to spray the world with it! Is this what a salmon feels like when he sprays his milt during spawning? Crap! This is fucked up. I don’t care about the mess, I am releasing, relaxed and the most INTENSE orgasm I have ever felt in my life! I can’t begin to describe where I was with this orgasm. Moaning, sounds, almost spiritual. This is fucking INSANE! I could have shat myself in that very moment and rolled it in it, *with pleasure*! …glad I didn’t! Whatever it took to *bury myself* in that wave of (finally) release! Good fucking God that was better than a heroin rush (or comparable at least). I am utterly spent!

So I lie there. Post orgasmic bliss. Slowly, pretty casually *still* working the Helix in my ass. It’s hard to stop after 90 minutes of doing this non-stop basically. But as I’m casually doing this, I realize “fuck! I’m getting there again!” I do everything I can to replicate where I was the second before I let go and basically let myself ‘pee’ or whatever you’d call it. Sure enough, easier to achieve the second time around. A second explosion of indescribable joy! A second one! And Jesus fuck my ass if I didn’t *spray* fluid or pee or whatever *all over again* (and I mean ALL OVER!). Damn, how much fluid does my prostate hold anyway? Lean into this one as much as I can and it’s about 80-90% as intense as the first. I begin to feel like “This must be how women feel when they have multiple full orgasms from sex!” – and now I’m jealous of them!

I have to stop. I’ve been at it for over 2 fucking hours!

So I do.

I go make dinner for myself. As I’m making dinner, I’m still involuntarily flexing a bit (Aneros is out of my ass, cleaned and stored away now). Suddenly, I have a wave (but no release) and I’m leaning on the counter moaning like I’ve seen a woman or two do after I was able to really “fuck their brains out” in my youth. So *this* is what it’s like? I am so utterly in a state of bliss. I find myself saying things to myself that I’d heard women say after particularly satisfying sex from my past (wife include – just not recently). Yeah, if some partner did that to me? I’d cling to them as well and be labelled as “crazy”. Stuff makes sense now.

Oddly, about an hour later, I’m aroused again! WTF? I’m 50! I’m lucky if I can jerk it two days in a row lately! But I simply don’t have the stamina left to bother with the Aneros again, the mess, etc. Maybe tomorrow again? Just the dick for now I say. So I fire up some porn, and just jerk off instead. You know just a “lame dick orgasm” I’m thinking cause I JUST SAW GOD WHILE I PEED ON MYSELF, FOR FUCK’S SAKE! I’m sure that after those two prostate orgasms; they *must* be P.O.s! I don’t know how much more intense things could get short of a fucking heart attack. This will just pale in comparison, I’m sure but hey – quick jerk.

Buuuuuut nooooooooooo! My dick orgasm is fucking INTENSE and I’m *still* spraying a *ton* of fluid. God what a great dick orgasm! One of the best in my life as well! Dammit if this 50 year old man didn’t jerk again before going to bed with *another* really solid dick orgasm! And again this morning. I fucking came more times in a day than I’ve come in a month! And easily 3 of them were in the top 5 orgasms of my life!!! Hands down! (literally, cause don’t touch your dick, right?). Did I ‘break something’? Will I just keep feeling like this? GREAT! Just gonna be hard to jerk off every 2 hours at work, you know? I feel so utterly sexual right now. My libido has not been this raging since I was 30 years old.

Later, I went for a walk that evening and I felt like the Dalhi Fucking Lama I was so utterly relaxed, and at peace with myself. Just gliding. Happy. Relaxed. Spent!

I never thought at my age, I’d learn something new about sex. For that matter, something new about myself.

It has been quite a couple of days! And what do you know? *Still* …not gay.

Had to share.

TL;DR: Fuck WOW! What comes after this (pun)? Can’t summarize this, sorry.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/4qry2f/holy_shit_the_world_just_changed_for_me_what_a/


  1. Human sexuality really is a pretty wondrous thing. Welcome to a new world.

  2. Hello.

    It seems like you really enjoyed the experience. It’s cool that you found something new and pleasurable. Society has the absurd idea of relating anal play on men with homosexuality. This is an absurd idea, for we can enjoy anal stimulation by ourselves or with a woman (which is an heterosexual act, by definition) just as we can enjoy penetrating a woman or jacking off. I’m heterosexual and I think that we should not miss the opportunity to enjoy anal play because of this unfounded social concept towards anal play.

    Do you know about pegging?. You can find information in /r/pegging_unkinked. You can pratice pegging with your wife, especially to do something new, given that you mention that your sex life with her has become rotine. Also, if you’d like to watch porn or have something to fantazise about that you can relate to anal play, try pegging porn. Again there is good porn in /r/pegging_unkinked, /r/prostatemassage2, /r/GirlsRimGuys and maybe /r/GirlsFistingGuys.

    These are my favorite pegging videos:

    * https://www.reddit.com/r/pegging_unkinked/comments/44nl1h/pegging_and_cumkiss_russian_style_she_is_really/ (I don’t know the name of the girl; she is beautiful IMO)
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/pegging_unkinked/comments/4f4zh1/pegging_my_boyfrend_amateur_hd_porn_video_e8/ (the girl is [AJ Jupiter](http://aj-jupiter.com/), very sexy, but not a gorgeous beauty like the Russian girl above)


    * https://www.reddit.com/r/SEXONDRUGS/comments/4f56u7/drug_like_mdma_for_prostate_orgasms/d2evsdn (/u/asks_about_sounding is a previous account of me). Full text of the study mentioned: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/293195654_Multiple_Orgasms_in_Men-What_We_Know_So_Far.
    * /r/prostateplay (it’s linked in the side bar)

  3. Nice, glad to hear the aneros had such great results for you! Now if only I cold have a fraction of that success over the last *several years* of use!

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