“Semen Retention: An Update”

I thought I would update my progress. Two things of note:

First, there is something to the ‘extra attention from women’ thing. I don’t know what is going on, whether it is my attitude towards women or something else. But I have noticed recently that I am able to “connect” with women more easily. I have not had any sexual advances (nor do I expect to) but things are definitely not as they were before starting the semen retention regimen. I suppose I need more time to make an assessment.

Second, and I think this is significant, is that I am getting hornier and more aroused even with sporadic ejaculations while practicing semen retention. It seems that my (sexual) body is again being ‘programmed’ much as it was when I embarked on the Aneros journey. This may seem trite, but I am noticing women’s bodies more than before; all women! I am feeling a horniness especially in my prostate. Realize, however, that I have not had regular Aneros ‘sessions’ in a while so this may be a part of it. Sometimes my prostate horniness seems to be screaming for a session! Perhaps this is the sexual ‘aura’ which is discussed with reference to semen retention. We’ll see!

PS This semen retention is a ‘tap-dance’. On one hand, being horny usually leads to an arousal and ejaculation. But that is contrary to what I am trying to accomplish. Hence, I am dancing-around the ejaculation! Oh, it’s not easy being a guy!

PS Please pardon the expletive but I am fucking horny! Just had a spontaneous erection and I feel that a slight amount of rubbing beneath my jeans will be enough to get me off! What do I do? I need to divert attention away from my penis. I would welcome a wet dream tonight! Perhaps I should start fantasizing now.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/semen-retention-an-update/