“A 20-Minute Anal F**k”

Sorry again for the vernacular, but that is exactly how this felt. I think it is well over a month since my last Aneros session and I felt like I was long overdue. I was not very aroused in the early AM but I felt the need for a Peridise adventure. So I grabbed the smaller version and began the session. It lasted about 40 minutes. I am always amazed at the level of anal stimulation which can be achieved with this small device. I could sense it moving slowly in and out as it should do. After the 40-minutes were up, I felt better but still needed something more. So I decided between PS-NEW and Helix Classic and the Helix won!


I continued with Boy Butter since I was already lubed-up. The Helix went in so easily and—-OMG!—went to work immediately on my prostate. I had the feeling of a Dry-O (or two or three) IMMEDIATELY and I felt the need to muffle my moans (and quiet screams) almost from the start. I have the unmistakable feeling of a prostate ‘warmth’ and tension that comes with an orgasm. But my penis remained flaccid. It was literally non-stop for 20 minutes. It felt like an anal fuck. I felt the need to do some STRONG contractions. When I did these, and released, I had the auto-fuck contractions take over. OMG! The Helix is fucking me non-stop and is blowing my mind! (No exaggeration: I am feeling like I am being fucked out of my mind!) Sorry again for the expletives, but that is how I felt.

After about 20 minutes, I felt that this “fuck” was over and so I slowly removed the Helix; I feel energized and ready to take-on the day! Since I have not ejaculated in three days, I expect to be horny today. To use a ‘well-worn’ expression, I feel ‘well-fucked’!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-20-minute-anal-fuck/