“Ride-Em Cowboy”

Following my AM session with Peridise and Helix, I still did not feel satisfied. Well, the stars aligned this morning. My wife was out of the house, I just cleaned-out my bowels as much as possible and felt ready for another session. I felt the need for something large and decided (WTF) to try Progasm Jr. I didn’t have too much success in some recent rides with it, and realize that it has been a full 3 MONTHS since I last rode it.

I felt ready and decided on Slippery Stuff Gel as the lube. I laid over, lubed-up the Progasm Jr and started the perilous journey in. Much to my surprise, it went in extremely easily and I felt it pull-in almost like it was being guided in by an unknown force. It went all the way in and stayed in! Saying that it felt good is a gross understatement! My prostate never felt any better!

O—M—G! My penis went to full salute immediately. What a full-pressure feeling against my prostate! I am starting to moan loudly (since there was no one in the house except for the dogs and they won’t tell on me!) I forgot how f*****g good the P Jr feels! I must have been ready because I had a fairly large amount of precum in a short while and actually felt like I could be headed for a HFWO if I continued this longer. Since I couldn’t risk being caught ‘in the act’, I decided to end this amazing session at about 40 minutes, giving me plenty of time to clean-up and recover. I now feel very sated and fulfilled. I still did not ejaculate but that was not my intention as of this morning. My wife gave me a nod this morning so I will need to save it up for her! I can’t wait until tonight!
PS I often wondered why some Aneros guys use multiple devices. I think I know now. The sequence that I used: Peridise, Helix, Progasm Jr was in increasing size and it felt like my prostate was being progressively “squeezed”. It feels as good as I think it will get today!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/ride-em-cowboy/