“A Down-And-Dirty Session”

Nice session with my wife last night. Another long handjob that blew me away! I had to tell her to stop (I was in f*****g agony!) But (deja vu) no ejaculation. Even I failed!

Fast-forward a few hours…… I am up in the middle of the night. Still need to get some sleep but just had the urge for a session. I still feel very aroused from the previous night’s activities. This ‘down-and-dirty’ session (in my own bedroom) seemed to be over before it started but I liked it that way! Here is how it went —–

Eupho Classic – about 20 minutes. Great-feeling but really not enough time for intense pleasure
PS-NEW – about 20 minutes. Like the feeling; a lot of precum in a short time
Silicone Anal Beads – only about 5 minutes. Really “fills-me-up”. Went in so easily (since I was already greatly lubed-up!). I could have kept them in for a long time (maybe next time?)
Great ejaculation – no problem this time! Ahh! Relief!

As I said, this session was ‘down-and-dirty’!


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