“Unexpected Erotic Bliss”

While not strictly an Aneros session, or even an Aless session, this ‘session’ was for me one of the most erotically-charged ones I have had in a long time! Let me explain how this happened…….

I was up not too early in the AM and ‘dosed’ on some binaurals like I usually do. Following those, I searched for some relaxing music and found one about an hour long called ‘Erotic Chill Music For Sensual Seduction’ and started listening. It was very relaxing but not too stimulating (or so I thought!) Well, what happened next sent me into ecstatic orbit! Here is what happened…….

While listening for about 10-15 minutes, I suddenly got the urge to ‘cup’ my package, specifically my scrotum. I took my left hand and firmed-up the skin. With my right hand, I began just the slightest ‘touches’ on it and all over it. I could feel the hairs on my scrotum. I continued to ‘explore’ my package, but ever so SLOWLY. Slight touches, slight strokes, ‘whisper’ strokes, and so on…… I can’t really describe the feelings as I continued to do this only to say that it probably was the most sexually and erotically-charged sensation I have ever felt. Nothing like I felt in any masturbation session or even during intercourse. It took me to a private place where I wanted to be forever. I had shivers all throughout my body……My mind is almost in a stupor-like state but in a good way…….Can’t really adequately describe this feeling, it just had to be FELT! It was SEX in its most basic, primitive form.

OMG! I could keep this scrotal stim going forever! How did I find this pleasure? Was my body ‘directing’ me towards the pleasure? I am intrigued now, wondering to what other male ‘pleasures’ my body will lead me. Oh the mysterious pathways to erotic bliss!………

PS I am thinking: How was I able to achieve these blissful feelings? The answer: I was born a male! Then, it dawned on me: Females should have this same level of bliss! Of course, I’ll never know female bliss! Neither will they know male bliss! Then: What is conjugal bliss? Fireworks!

PS Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, it makes sense that this same technique could apply to many other body parts: eg, nipples, underarms, even feet! Got to try it sometimes!

Let’s take this one step further: Our entire bodies (inside and out) can be sexually stimulated! Don’t tell me that you’re not sexy! You are!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/unexpected-erotic-bliss/