“(Almost) HFWO With Peridise”

[Sorry, this blog is a day-late due to Aneros website issues]

Well, it was a new 5 days for semen retention. My wife gave me a great handjob a couple of days ago. One problem: due to my
DE, I was unable to ejaculate. I tried after ‘our’ session for about 5 minutes but, alas, no-go! To top-off everything, I have been horny all week.

This morning, I was up REALLY EARLY and decided that I was going ‘off’ one way or another and in style! I set myself up to dose on an orgy of binaural beats: prostate health, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation (two), male orgasm, erotic lounge music; you name it, I did it! I had my tissues nearby since I really thought I would need them. But, alas, still no-go!

After about 4 hours with no ejaculation, I am feeling a little sleepy so I retired to my (private) bedroom and decided to finish-myself-off with a Peridise (Large) session. I used Slippery Stuff Gel since I used it recently and liked it. I inserted it most of the way, rolled-over on my side and relaxed……

I a little while, the Peridise started its magic. I am feeling very horny with a very erect penis and sensitive balls. I roll over on my other side and continued. Eventually, the Peridise started to take over on its own as it usually does. I did one thing differently this time: I got flat on my back and decided to “bottom-out” the Peridise. When I did this I began to rock my upper body slowly, almost like doing sit-ups. OMG! With each stroke, the Peridise is stroking my anal cavity and I feel myself ‘inching’ closer and closer to a HFWO! I only was able to keep this up for about 10 minutes (I was running out of time) so this HFWO was a no-go! But I definitely thought that with this much pre-stimulation and a lot of precum to boot, I would be able to achieve that elusive HFWO at the end of this amazing journey. Perhaps next time!

Well, I was ‘go’ for launch! It felt amazingly good with a LOT of semen. My hands didn’t work hard at all! Actually, with the Peridise still inserted, this became a Super-T!



Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/almost-hfwo-with-peridise/