Semi-noob questions.

I tried the aneros about a decade ago in my 20s & things didn’t go great, but now that I’m in my 30s, I decided to give anal stimulation another try.

Long story short, I got another & had a successful prostate orgasm [I believe]. I felt a wave wash over my entire body followed by what felt like a 2 minute orgasm followed by ejaculation.

The ejaculation was different than normal. It looked like it was mostly precum [clear mostly]. Was it? Are multiple orgasms possible?

I’m very glad to have given it another shot. Any insights that might makes things more enjoyable?


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  1. Male multiple orgasms are definitely possible. In order to have them you can’t touch your penis and ejaculating will end your session. I think you’re getting a positive response. The description of a wave washing over your body is a good sign.

    There is never a guarantee you will have a prostate orgasm or multiple orgasms as some people try for years and never seem to get there. You seem to have attempted long ago and are re-visiting things. Even though there’s no guarantees, I feel like you can do a number of things to improve your chances. Even if you start to figure out how to do this you’ll have mediocre sessions some days and better sessions others and even OMGWTF mindblowing days. The only things that truly matter are to let go of expectations and try to have fun with this.

    Even if you never have a prostate orgasm, but you have a really powerful ejaculatory orgasms afterwards this is a sign you’re doing it right.

    Try out this sequence of techniques a few sessions in a row. Frequency can make a difference, so keep that in mind.

    1) Make sure your lube game is on point
    – either put a thin layer of vaseline over the aneros followed by fingering yourself with regular water based lube and putting more on the aneros before insertion or try using coconut oil. Not enough lube or drying up lube is going to greatly hinder success

    2)insert your aneros and relax, taking deep breaths for 10-20 min
    – Don’t do contractions yet. This time allows your body to adjust and allows you time to relax. Relaxation is very beneficial. Take long slow deep breaths such as like 5 count in, hold for 2, 5 count exhale. I like to put a rain sounds app on my phone because the sound of rain helps me relax further.

    3) Start contracting anal sphincter in rhythm with the breath 40-50x
    – Use the same deep breathing as before, but now you contract your anal sphincter muscles on the inhale and release/relax fully on the exhales. You can totally do this same routine with the PC muscles (kegal/pee holding muscles), but it gets a little bit different results. You actually have rectal muscles (pushing out) too! Once you’ve practiced more you can learn to mix and match different muscles groups, but for now just stick to anal sphincter contractions. The reason for this is because I think that it focuses more on stimulating your prostate than the other contractions.

    4) Now hold a 1/4 strength contraction
    – Simple as it sounds. Try your best to hold a 1/4 strength of full contraction as best you can. You can even go for less than that as this is just a roundabouts figure. Trick is to try and hold a light contraction continuously to try and get your muscles to spasm and quiver. Quiver is good…… you like quivers.

    5) Arousal amplifiers
    – sky is the limit really. I highly recommend some audio porn such as /r/gonewildaudio . Most aneros veterans will agree that video porn can distract you from feeling your bodily sensations and hinder your progress. I also think it helps a lot to touch other erogenous zones other than your penis. Graze your inner thighs, around your penis etc. Don’t forget your nipples, its a little weird, but I’ve learned to love playing with my nipples.

    [video breakdown](

    That is a cross post from over at /r/prostatemassage2 but has pretty good information. Again, don’t overthink this, but I think you may see things in a different light if you try this sequence of steps a few sessions in a row.

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