A Binaural “Surprise” Session

One interesting thing about listening to binaural audio particularly on YouTube: when a selected track is completed, frequently the next audio queues up automatically. This happened to me today……

I was up not too early but had some time to dose on some binaural beats. I selected a couple for male arousal (I felt the need) and was really starting to relax and get-into-it. Before I knew it the track was over. Rather than get up and select something else, I just relaxed and let the next track start. Little did I know that the next track was entitled ‘Euphoria and Bliss’. OMG! I started to get a strange sensation mid-way into it and before I knew it I was deep into an orgasm! It felt amazing!

One interesting thing about this process: you really don’t know what is coming up in terms of expected response. Usually, the next audio in sequence is similar to the one just played. It’s just that you don’t know EXACTLY what it is going to be. It is somewhat mysterious!

I let this track play-out and (guess what?) I let the next track play. it turned-out that that the next track was called ‘Euphoria and Orgasm’. I didn’t know it at the time but it was really meant for female orgasms (but males can experience this as well). This one was fairly long (1 Hr 15 Min) and I didn’t have time to listen completely. But it certainly felt a little different from the “usual’ male erection and orgasm doses. As I said, I really didn’t know what I was to expect. This is an intriguing way to ‘dose’ on binaural beats (if you are so inclined!). I’ll certainly do it again!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-binaural-surprise-session/