Involuntaries only happy to certain people?

I just spoke with someone at Aneros who said that not all people get the involuntary contractions, which I thought were imperative to achieving a MMO state. Have some of you had a prostate orgasm using the Aneros, but never have had involuntary contractions?

Also, I keep hearing people say you’re supposed to voluntarily contract your sphincter muscles, and others say you’re suppose to contract your PC muscles (to get things going in there). Which is it? Some people refer to the “do nothing” method, which is nice for a little bit, but then things just sort of die down. I’ve been going at this regularly for a year now and am fighting with impatience.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



  1. Maybe take a break for a little bit, because impatience will never help you in the Super-O journey. You still are in the process of finding what you your body requires to have a super o. I personally have had more success with the do nothing method, albeit I usually hold a very light contraction. I’ve never had a super O yet but I have had dry anal orgasms and they feel amazing man. You’ll get there – I’m a believer that all men can have a super o if they practice and put their mind to it.

    Don’t put too much emphasis on what is and isn’t a contraction, go with the pleasure, and generally the involuntaries will come.

    I have had the most success with doing EXTREMELY small contractions and utilizing different anal muscles, and figuring out which one feels best.

    Straight up, if it feels good, keep doing it. Just like when they say you’re trying to pleasure a girl, when they say “that feels good!!” DO NOT CHANGE what you’re doing, just keep doing it.

    Also maybe get into some meditation, that may help with your mind-state going into sessions.

  2. I don’t really have an answer to your first question. I personally feel like everyone can have involuntary contractions, maybe they just aren’t adept at achieving and inducing them. My reasoning is that contractions are part of normal sexual function. Girl or guy, we all contract somewhat during orgasm. Que /r/orgasmiccontractions 🙂

    As for the other questions…. I think that sphincter contractions focus a little more pressure on the prostate than PC or rectal (pushing out contractions). That’s why I would recommend sphincter as a starting place over the other two. You can always mix and match explore different amounts of both. With experience you’ll be able to isolate each better. At first any sort of contraction will have some degree of the other. One thing to try is to lightly “hug” your aneros with all the contractions simultaneously.

    I think you have to go for a progression and go through your paces before you try the do nothing approach. Start out just relaxing, then move into contractions timed with your breath, followed by holding a very light contraction (this is where involuntaries would typically start) and lastly go with more of a do nothing approach. I go into a little more detail in [THIS]( thread.

    Once you have had a little more success and had sessions with orgasms you can not only try the “do nothing”, but the “try *not* to orgasm* technique. This can help get you from mini-orgasms into super territory.

    Overall BitchMob speaks the truth. Maybe take a break for a while to stave the frustration your feeling. Do you find you have stronger ejaculatory orgasms after a session? If so this is a great sign you’re making strides.

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