Ordering through Amazon. Live with 2 other people. Ordering multiple (unrelated) items. How to ensure the packaging doesn’t say “BUTT BOY” in capital letters?

How can I ensure it has discrete packaging? I would hope that ordering multiple items means they would all be put in the same box. The cart says its sold by Health and Active, so I assume that’s the worst it will say…

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/4sk6d9/ordering_through_amazon_live_with_2_other_people/


  1. They don’t list the items on the packaging label, only on the order slip which is inside the box.

  2. I’ve never known anything from Amazon to ship in a form that indicates what might be inside, aside from which 3rd party seller it sold from.

  3. What about shipping to an Amazon Locker? That way you could just pick it up at your leisure then put it in a backpack or something to bring home?

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