“Non-Aless Bliss”

I thought I should put a few things down…..

Since yesterday, I am feeling an incredible “Non-Aless” prostate pulsing and I think I know why. First off, I am continuing my practice of semen retention. Typically, I am going in 4-5 day ejaculation intervals. That in itself seems to increase the arousal factor. But there is more going on that that….
I had another visit with my urologist yesterday. I was nervous all week because I had a PSA blood test a couple of weeks ago. With all the prostate stimulation I do, I was afraid that the number would be elevated and that I may be headed for more testing. Was I surprised when I found out my number: 2.4! That is lower than the average for a man my age (65) which is 4! Healthy men under 50 should have a PSA under 2.5 so I couldn’t be happier! I believe this fact now is starting to reflect in the way I am feeling. But that is not the end of this story…..
I had taken some Cialis 5 mg a month ago but had to stop it after only 2 doses due to some side-effect issues. Well, my doctor and I talked and he told me that the side effect (dehydration) was not caused by the Cialis rather my lifestyle. I have since modified my fluid intake and regularly drink 10-12 cups of water daily. But he wants me to take only 2.5 mg (I may split the pills) and take it only once every 3 days or more, as needed. Wow! Remembering what the 5 mg did for my sex life, the anticipation of a ‘repeat performance’ is probably too much for my prostate to comprehend. Maybe that is why it is pulsing. I would be too knowing what pleasures are in store for me!


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