Novice user, wow. Need some more tips

Hi, bit of background, I’m a straight male but have always had an interest in the male g spot. Have experimented in the past and realised it wasn’t for me. Tried again about a year or so ago, bought a cheap aneros type toy and had no luck. Came across a video of a guy having a super o and figured I’d try again.

Bought the mgx classic and it arrived today, tried earlier on not long after it arrived, guess i was too impatient and gave up. Couldn’t sleep so on a whim thought I’d try again while I’m relaxed and in bed. Listened to a binaural video and followed the rhythm. I definitely started feeling something after about 10 minutes or so. Always thought it was a load of rubbish, but I was being proven wrong. It felt great, I was going along with the video, lying on my front, i could feel my ass shake and I had no control every time I pulled in. My breath got a bit louder and slower.

Continued on my back and it felt great, but I was flaccid the whole time with a bit of precum seeping out. While I was contacting in it felt great and my hip and upper thighs were properly shaking but there was nothing else. No rock solid erection, no involuntary contractions or anything.

Is this just the first step, will it need a bit of practice and perseverance, doing similar routines every few days for the feelings to get stronger and start getting involuntary shaking and contraction etc? Is there any thing else I can do, like movements of any kind or is it best to lie still on my back/front? Thanks


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  1. Just do what feels good, once you find a rythem that makes you feel good keep it up even if you cumming coming just keep it up, speeding up and focusing on cumming or what you are going to feel if you do something else just doesn’t ever help. Just stay completely relaxed and focus on the current sensation instead of future feelings like orgasm. Think of it like an actual massage you just enjoy the feel of the muscles being squished just right you don’t lay there anticipating how you will feel afterwards. Also do not even think about the state of your pens it just doesn’t matter weather it’s hard or soft or dripping or whatever, so long as you feel pleasure.

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