1. I would recommend the Peridise or vise. They don’t have large tabs or tails that will provide discomfort when sitting and not pressing too hard on your prostate will allow you to safely wear it throughout the day without beating up your insides. They could possibly generate a nice internal “hum” that you could then capitalize on once home.

  2. I have found that the DeVice is perfect for this. Since it’s made of silicone and has the K-Tab, it’s more discreet and comfortable to sit on. I have a desk job so being comfortable while I sit is a must. It adds an exciting distraction to my work day. Once I leave my house for the day, I am forced to be pleasurably stimulated all day long.

    Of course, to make sure that it doesn’t slip out as I go about my day, I wear a special jockstrap-thong (PPU-1302) which is extremely comfortable and adds the excitement. You can find it easily on Amazon. I also wear regular underwear on top as an added layer of protection from the persistent slow drip of precum.

    By the time I get home, I’m usually so turned on and exhausted that I head straight to bed where I have my lengthiest and best sessions. It’s during these sessions that I fall into a perpetual semi-conscious state and experience ceaseless waves of orgasms.

    On a less frequent basis I’ll find myself experiencing a hands-free Traditional-O which completely wipes me out and I fall asleep in a blissful euphoria. Now having slept with it in, I will find myself waking the next morning exhausted, clean up, and go right back to bed.

    Would I suggest this practice? Most, definitely! These are personally my best and longest sessions I have ever experienced. Just make sure you don’t have any obligations the next day. I will typically do this only one Friday a month, followed by a week long break before any smaller aneros sessions.

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