Frustrating lack of involuntaries

When my partner first started using his MGX, he inserted it, thought about something really sexy, and the device basically started doing its thing. Many different muscle groups started to contract in a rhythmic motion, and to this day, all he has to do is think about something sexy, and they will start without anything inserted.

I’ve been using several models for about a year, and the only involuntaries I get are within my sphincter (in a subtle swooshing, circular pattern), which slow down once my body gets used to the foreign object within. What happens next is that my PC muscle will contract in a manner that’s not abrupt, but slowly. Through time, the PC muscle contraction has been increasing slightly in intensity, but I’ve only experienced a p-wave maybe twice, and a build-up once.

I wish there was an x-ray or something whereas I could see if these devices are hitting my prostate properly. It’s getting frustrating, which is counter-productive, so I’m trying to curb that.

I just wish there was a way I could get my insides to involuntarily contract in a manner that would spawn something else. I hope this doesn’t take 30 years to accomplish. *sigh*

ANY advice would be appreciated in getting these involuntary contractions to start.



  1. My first p-gasm happened when I had a session two days in a row followed by a day of rest and then trying again on the fourth day after getting home from work. I didn’t have normal ejaculations at the end of these sessions, just kept letting it build. It was almost painful blue balls at times, but I did not give in. When it happened it almost came out of no where. It was as if my body was trying to ejaculate, but the aneros was pinching off the tubes and thrusting inside me with every contraction. I had a really hard erection even though this is no longer the case. I was just kinda feeling sensations not trying to do anything special. I used Helix Syn the first two times and had switched to the Progasm the last session after a day break.

    I think it’s probably harder for you because by seeing your partner you know how amazing and intense this can be. I wish I had the magic formula that would unlock everything for you, but I do not. I hope this helps a little even. I know the aneros site has a chat room where people may be able to offer more help. Have you tried taking like two weeks away? I’m positive you’d wind up with quite a yearning to get some prostate rubbing after that long a hiatus. The aneros website claims that it can take people a long time to re wire themselves. Why not just be content that everything is coming in its time and your already on the path you need to be on and doing the right things to get you where you want. I’ve had another reddit user try to semi-argue with me once that I was not offering the right steps or formula to help his journey. I can’t stress enough how important it is to let go and not care so much about the outcome of this session or that session. It’s a little wishy washy philosophical certainly, but heck I’ve had times where stress in my life got in the way and I went from having the craziest super o’s to having mediocre or even lame sessions for a couple of months until I was able to re ground myself. Once I got my groove back I realised I was not doing anything wrong during that time and the same basic advise/ techniques still applied. Relax and just enjoy where your at and know that soon you’ll be rocking your prostate like a mad man.

  2. > I wish there was an x-ray or something whereas I could see if these devices are hitting my prostate properly.

    Yeah this would be brilliant. Even seeing a scan of *someone else* using it would be fascinating.

    > I just wish there was a way I could get my insides to involuntarily contract in a manner that would spawn something else.

    Maybe this is what’s throwing you off… that you think of the involuntaries as “a thing that starts another thing”. I’ve struggled with a lack of involuntaries too, and my thinking on it, is that it’s not as cause-and-effect as it seems, and not all involuntaries are made equal. A thing I noticed is that there are contractions/twitches that feel good, and ones that don’t. I can encourage the ones that don’t bring pleasure, but the pleasurable ones feel like they come from somewhere else in my brain.

    A desire for more contractions causes me to concentrate on muscle movement, when what I should really be concentrating on is pleasure, and let the involuntaries take care of themselves. It’s as if a nice contraction happens, and I like it so much, I want to create more of them. And since I visualize the contraction as having *caused* the pleasure, I think I only need to encourage that muscle to fire-off again. But I think this doesn’t work, because my encouragement wasn’t what caused the initial good feeling contraction in the first place, it was something else.

    I think the best pleasure-with-contractions I’ve gotten was mentally committing to the idea that I had no control or influence over the contractions. That my only job was to listen for pleasure in the right places. And even fetishizing the idea that this thing is going to tease and fuck me at its own pace.

    Maybe you can get something from that, I don’t know.

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