“The Art of Self-Tantra: Way Beyond Masturbation”

I stumbled upon this “session” quite by accident. Here are the details as I remember them…….

Background: As I usually do, I dosed on some binaurals early this AM. I had already ejaculated about 2 days ago, so I was not looking for anything too stimulating. I tried several ‘benign’ doses but none seemed to be appropriate. So I settled on one which I have listened to before. This one was for arousal and ejaculation but I thought I could ‘tough it out’ and not ejaculate. Ha! I became so aroused and so easily that I knew about mid-way that I was heading for a PONR. It took almost the entire 30 minutes but, yes, I did come. But this is only half of the story. Here is the rest……
A little while later, I decided to lay-down once again. But this time, there were no headphones and no binaural beats. Instead, I got the urge to strip everything off and just lay there. When I did this, I began to “explore” my body, tantric–style. OMG! I kept doing this and, little-by-little, began to explore EVERY INCH of my body! There are only a few spots which I missed, mostly in the upper and middle back. But for the most part, every square inch of my male body was teased, caressed and pampered by my fingertips. It felt absolutely amazing! I couldn’t stop! What I discovered was there were two areas on my body which were most receptive to touch: the scrotum (obviously!) and the lower part of my butt-cheeks (this was a surprise!) These seemed to generate the most pleasurable sensations. Then, I thought later, why not COMBINE these two and see what develops? Another OMG! When I did this, it was almost like a sensory overload. I began to feel a tingle all up and down my spine, my breathing became stronger and I began to shake. I think I was also starting to moan!
One interesting thing about this entire “session” was that since I had already ejaculated, I did not achieve another erection nor did I want to. But the pleasures nonetheless existed, with or without the “sexual stimulation”. This only strengthens my belief that we males are sexual beings, yes, but there is much more to our sexual existence than our genitals! And this amazing session proved it! I am looking forward to another exploratory “expedition!”


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/the-art-of-self-tantra-way-beyond-masturbation-4/