Couple of Questions

1. I’m going to be on vacation and won’t have loads of time to use the Aneros. Is just using it for 10-15 minutes every few days enough to keep my progress I’ve made with it?

2. I’ve noticed that since I’ve made more and more progress that I’ll have really great rushes of pleasure all of a sudden without the Aneros in. It happens mainly where walking where it will almost knock the wind out of me, but it feels insanely good like I just had an Orgasm. Does this sound normal? It’s not painful in the slightest.



  1. From what I understand, #2 is completely normal. I have been at my desk at work, when suddenly, I’ll feel my pelvic floor contract, sending a very warm tingle throughout my body. My prostate will then swell up to the point of feeling like I just had a really hard ejaculation.
    As far as #1, that will definitely be enough to keep your progress. How long have you been using your Aneros(es)?

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