“Self-Tantra: Erotic Transformation”

OMG! What an erotically-supercharged session! I am eager to put this into words. [But I must caution in advance: this is going to get very graphic]….

This session began with some erotic music which I discovered on YouTube: “musica romantica erotica, compilation rilassante”. Very soothing and it seemed to put me in the right mood. To further accentuate the mood, coincidentally, a thunderstorm was approaching! Well, I decided that this ‘session’ was to concentrate only on my scrotum since it was clear from a previous session that I could experience more pleasure from that part of my body. I began to perform very slight touches, strokes, all-over and under. This continued for I don’t know how long. After a long while, I somehow began to move lower down the scrotum, towards the perineum and continued the touching and light ‘massage’ there. This kept up for a while and I began to feel a distinct bulge in my prostate. OMG! It is feeling amazingly good! …..

Some time passes and I find myself ‘fingering’ near and around my anal opening. Ohhhh! This is an area which I neglected in a previous self-tantric massage. Soo soothing and erotically-charged! I obviously continued this and I began to experience a strange feeling. My middle finger began to circle slowly around my anus. it slightly pushes in and out, circles around ever-so slowly. At some point, it has transformed into my lover’s penis. I am transported into a fantasy and I can’t stop it at this point. His cock is slowly teasing at my anus and I am captivated by the erotic feeling. But he doesn’t stop there! Before long, I feel the head of his rigid cock moving all over my body, even circling around my erect nipples. He takes his hands and moves them all over my own muscular body and I curl-up while he contorts his body very close to mine. I am being transported into a fantasy which I can seldom doubt is true. I am in a place I have never been before. Yes, it is just a fantasy BUT IT WAS SO REAL! During the ‘peak’ I know I was moaning with pleasure and was getting an erection for the first time in this session! I can’t experience an erotic ‘rainbow’ more intense than this one!

PS As I am typing this, I am still listening to the ending tracks of this amazing musical session. This ‘session’ is one for the record!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/self-tantra-erotic-transformation/