“Tantra: Fantasy With A Stranger”

An amazing, amazing session! But, I decided that this blog will not be a “kiss and tell” narrative. Most of the details will remain private. However, here is the background……

I am in a bar just having a drink and chilling, when I meet a beautiful blonde. Well, we get to talking and we are really hitting it off! Somehow, we get on the subject of tantra and massage. I told her that I have some experience with self-tantra. Before too long, she invites me to her apartment where she can do a tantric massage on me “the right way”. She apparently has extensive experience with tantra so I eagerly said “yes”. She said, though, that there would be some ground-rules. First, she would be in control of me and all the details of the tantric massage. I was to remain completely passive. And second, only she would be in control of my ejaculation (if there was to be one). Not knowing what I was in for, I reluctantly agreed, and then we left the bar for her apartment. It was quite early in the morning……


As I said, I will not include the details of the tantric massage as they will remain private. I will say that this was the most relaxing, sensual, thought-provoking tantric massage I have ever received (in fantasy) or given myself. It contained a number of “new” elements which I have not experienced before in a massage. Here are some of the elements as I recall them:

-A 3-hour long soundtrack for erotic “chillout” mood
-Ice on my perineum (to induce an erection) and on my nipples. The cold wetness of the fabric was a turn-on!
-gel lube on my scrotum and perineum (to stimulate the prostate)
-unusually long and sensual anal massage
-penis massage unlike any I have known. A distinctive ‘kneading’ technique on the head and the frenulum.

I was allowed to take a ‘break’ after about an hour and then after an hour-and-a-half (nature called!)


Finally, after about 2 hours, she had made sure that I was sufficiently aroused by discreetly checking for precum. When she was satisfied, she quickly finished-me-off (she knew I was ready). I have never felt this way during a tantric massage. She had me squirming, moaning and sighing. The girl was a pro!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/tantra-fantasy-with-a-stranger/