Beginning The Journey!

Hiya Aneroists!

I am new to “this world” of prostate health. I had purchased the Euphos a few months back yet did not take the whole thing seriously. (read: I didn’t get any earth-shattering results…I only did a few sessions. —___— .)

After reading a testimony from a user about how the Aneros opened up new possibilities for him especially dealing with erections. (He stated that he was rock hard now). I decided to give this another go.

I am a beginner.

I did have a session yesterday for 30 minutes which was both fantastic and a learning experience. I used sensual audio to get me turned on as well as subliminal audio. I concluded that the sensual audio was a crutch and rather use the amazing imagination God has given me.

Learning from the comments regarding the cleaning aspect of Euphos Syn (see Topic: “Smells Like Teen Spirit…NOT!), I put a condom over the Syn. This has made a huge difference in combating fecal matter and smell.

For today’s training, I only used subliminal audio and watched a massage video to get aroused so I could have easy entry. I entered too fast and had to relax to have the Syn fit. (I was pressed for time too).

I laid on my stomach and did kegels…then switched to right side + kegels…elevated position + kegels…some yoga stretches + kegels.

When I added nipple play, I felt waves of pleasure. I rode the energy and focused on moving the energy around. The energy was trapped in my head for some odd reason. Oh well…

Overall…good training this week.

Thanks for reading!