“Intimate Encounter”

An interesting session! Here are the elements…..

Background: I was up VERY EARLY in the AM and decided to ‘dose’ on something. I wanted something different so I decided on “5 Hour Night Long Wet Lucid Dream #2 Binaural Beats”. Yes, I know it was 5 hours, but as it turned out, I only did about 1.5 hours of it. Then, I listened for a while to some erotic romantic lounge music. Wow! I was getting in the mood. Interesting thought, I really did not experience an erection during the entire time. Anyway, I felt ‘ready’ for a session and decided to retreat to my own bedroom to select an Aneros. I decided on Eupho (with Boy Butter) and I decided in advance (or so I thought) that this was only to be a do-nothing session.

I quickly started the session and the Eupho found its ‘home’ very quickly. It felt so good! I laid on my side and just began the ‘do-nothing’ session. After about 5-10 minutes, however, things began to change. I don’t know how it happened, but I am knee-deep in a very realistic fantasy. I am not ‘out-of-it’ as in other fantasies. This was almost like an awake dream-like state where I remember everything. Well, here is the fantasy. [I believe that some of this will necessarily become somewhat graphic].


I am in bed with another woman (not my wife!) and she is very aware of my DE ‘problem’ Now realize that I did NOT experience an erection during any part of this fantasy but that did not stop it from feeling real. Anyway, she is aware of my issue and she wants to make it clear to me that her vagina is mine for the evening. My penis can make a home there for as long as it wants! OMG! With this scenario, I began thrusting my hips ever so slowly and beginning to feel the urge deep within my groin and in my prostate. I feel the warmth of her vagina on my penis (I swear!) and it has never felt so good! I felt things building-up probably to the Dry-O level several times. I re-positioned my self with her several times and she moved right with me. At one point, I am flat on my back and so she straddles me in the ‘top’ position! Never does my penis droop or come out. It stays right where it belonged!

This amazing ‘ride’ was over in about 45 minutes, although I feel I could have gone on much longer. But why spoil a good thing and an especially-good feeling. The amazing part of this experience and this fantasy is that I felt all the emotions of sex without ever being erect! This is mind-blowing!


Following this session, I retired once again to my favorite couch and decided to dose again on some of the remainder of the lucid wet dream audio. I selected to start from hour 3 and dosed for about another 30 minutes. Afterwards, I stopped and just laid back down for a rest. I must have fallen into a dream pretty quickly and I believe it was lucid because I remember some of the details even now. Sadly, I don’t think there were any sexual elements to this part but I distinctly remember hearing the phone ring once! That kind of woke me up! I believe that came near the end of this amazing session!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/intimate-encounter/