First Session

Excited to find my Helix was delivered when I got home from work. Husband is out of town, decided to try it out.

Showered, Put on soothing new-age music. Insertion was easy. Not much happened at first. This seems a lot like yoga (which I have taken up recently).. Seems like one Has to try to clear the mind and focus on the body. Started in the suggested position at first. Found squeezing – holding – releasing with measured breaths frlt nice.

Re-lubed after 30 minutes, and rolled over to my back. Played with my nipples a lot (something I usually don’t enjoy, so thats a surprise). Had a wave of pleasure which subsided. Watched some porn. Relubed again after an hour, rolled to side again, then onto my belly but with one leg to the side so my cock wasn’t grinding into the mattress. Found this position felt good snd continued the squeezing / releasing. Suddenly felt close and added some hip pumping, but trying not to press my cock into the mattress. There was a little friction. This probably contributed to my ejaculation, which happened with my touching my cock.

A fairly intense cum. I have felt hypersexual since then (2 days ago). Looking forwad to second session later tonight.