Major breakthrough! With or without Aneros?

Lately, I have been practicing semen retention (18 days now) without any blue balls effect; in fact, it’s been much easier than I thought. I’m doing it simply because ejaculation, however good it has become, is a drain on my system and sets me back as far as mood to explore is concerned. I have also been trying to practice transferring my sexual energy from my genitals to the rest of my body as described by some Taoists in the book ‘Multi-Orgasm Man’.
I have been working my PC muscle pretty hard and regularly. I have been practicing edging and towel bouncing with surprisingly good results.
Last night, I prepared for a session with my Progasm Ice. During my session, while doing light PC contractions and with slow, deep lower abdomen breaths, I experienced some feelings in my penis. These feelings are located just under the cap of the penis, just under the V section where my penis hot-pot is. At this point, instead of trying to grow them (pushing for results) I tried to draw those feelings and transfer them through different parts of my body. I did that by pulling in my perineum and then concentrate on transferring them to, first, my lower body and then up my spine. All this was done with my deep breathing coupled with light contractions while of course fantasizing. I had some level of success in decentralizing some of the sensations as I started feeling twinges in my balls and then lower abdomen and belly.
Unfortunately, time was progressing and I had to call it a night. The feeling were so good, I could’ve stayed all night.

The story does not end with the session! In the early hours of the morning, I woke up with an erection which I have been getting plenty of in the last few months. I decided to throw in a few strong contractions to wake up feeling and the sensation at the sweet spot of my penis returned with a vengeance. At that point, I reduced my contractions to a light level and again tried to pull the sex energy to my abdomen, spine and upper body. I worked a lot better than it did during my earlier session. Not only did the sensations traveled through my lower body but the multiplied to a level I never experienced before. Unlike orgasm with ejaculation, the sensation did not peak and dive, it rose slowly at first, then higher and quicker and stayed at peak level for several minutes. What a great feeling!

After enjoying this part for several minutes and feeling some pre-cum flowing, I forced it stopped not to awaken my wife beside me (she is not aware of my curricular activities). Doing some contractions during those nightly erections was not new to me but trying to de-centralize the sensation was. I’m not ready call this an Aless Super-O but it was certainly an on-going Aless Dry-O with ambition to go to the end.
Imagine this! Achieving Aless success before achieving it with the toy inserted. All day, my prostate has eager to get more attention and I’m anxious to get into another tonight.
Life is wonderful!